blond misha

Things that will make you go blind

Misha Taking off his shirt:

Misha with long blonde hair

Misha having hips that don’t fucking lie

Misha being inappropriate in public

Misha Collins being inappropriate on screen

Jogging booty

Misha Collins wearing this outfit

And this one

Castiel being a cute, untrusting, squinty angel butt

Misha Collins shipping it so fucking hard

And having the bluest blue to ever blue

Basically don’t ever look at Misha Collins. It’s a trap.

Drama nerd needs you

Full Disclosure… Trying to find a gisholarship for a 16 year old musical theater actor/nerd. He is a good kid without a Chip on His Shoulder. This guy has been trying to Wait For It w/ GISHWHES for Years and now it’s his only chance. Don’t let him Throw Away His Shot! A Single Man Tear is already running down his face… Don’t leave him Helpless, don’t Say No To This, please let him become Satisfied.

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