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What hair colors do you think compliment the members skin tones best?


Reddish shades of brown like he has had several times - Admin Gloss

I personally prefer shades of brown on him - Admin Matte

the current warm brown he has and black - admin cherry


I’m not one to talk tbh but black really really REALLY works for him, other than than I think dark brown and the pink he had for hyyh1 are probably the best colors for him - Admin Gloss

Pink and black are my faves - Admin Matte

black! and i liked the mint/blue too - admin cherry


Black, browns and reddish tones like the one he had for War of Hormone - Admin Gloss

Black - Admin Matte

black, orange, the pink he had in wings era + that dark pink he had for two seconds lol - admin cherry


Ash blonde  works well for him - Admin Gloss

Ash blonde - Admin Matte

^^ also the purple - admin cherry


Black, lighter shades of brown and going from brown to blonde as well - Admin Gloss

^^^ - Admin Matte

BLACK and i also liked the silver - admin cherry


I like him with pinkish and purple colors the best, like the ones he had for OHRUL82 and War of Hormone - Admin Gloss

Brown or reddish tones - Admin Matte

i loved the red hair also dark browns - admin cherry


Dark or warm browns - Admin Gloss

Browns or purples - Admin Matte

i enjoyed the strawberry blond/light brown - admin cherry

List of people who should have played Grindelwald

-Colin Farell
- the guy who played him in deathly hallows
- a mop
- tom hiddleson
- daniel Radcliffe in a blonde wig
- tom Felton
- matt smith
- David Tennant
- the kid from home alone
- a snake
- a shadow from a subway sub
- Judy Dench
- the ghost of Shakespeare
- me in a blonde wig


palmetto state foxes →  the upperclassmen

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Matty had a girl??? and he ate her??

Omggg yess he did.. sweet baby Bethanyyyy with her mouth corners. Lmao she was actually a bitch and everyone hated her. 

He dated her for a few months.. long story short she wasn’t very nice to Zero which didn’t sit well with Matt and so he went into the relationship with ulterior motives. He made sure he was the perfect boyfriend and did all the things she asked to the point where she fell in love with him and that’s when he went in for the kill. To everyone else (even Jaide and Zero) it looked like they were really happy and that he loved her back but he was wearing a mask the entire time.

It was wild because at that time Matt was really transitioning through becoming a Wendigo and was completely unhinged. Like he barely has self-control now but it was really bad that first month. He wasn’t telling anyone what was happening to him and instead would run off and disappear into the woods to deal with it alone. So when Jaide came home to see Bethany in a dismantled mess with Matt nowhere to be found she screamed her head off because it was like??????? She searched everywhere and when she found him bloody and unconscious not too far off campus she had to drag him back home before anyone could notice. Lol a lot of people went missing that month ;-;

But Dupree had always sensed something was off about Matt and so she tried to keep him on a tight leash but it never worked. Through all of that Jaide had to cover Matt’s ass countless times and basically became his babysitter.