blond jonghyun

You know what’s nice?

Jonghyun with blond hair

You know what else is nice?

Jonghyun with black hair

You know what’s also nice?

Jonghyun with brown hair

You might can guess it already…but do you know what else is nice?

Jonghyun with brightly colored hair.

You know what’s very beautiful?

Jonghyun wearing heavy eye makeup

You know what else is very beautiful?

Jonghyun wearing zero make up

You know what’s cute?

Jonghyun with clothes off

You know what else is cute?

Jonghyun with clothes on…

…also with clothes halfway on…

You know what’s wholesome?

Jonghyun with Roo

You know what else is wholesome?

Seeing Jonghyun together with the rest of SHINee

You know who deserves all the good things on this planet and no hate?

Yeah, you guessed right…this guy


(171218) kavemall_jpn:
-  JJ社長とKAVE社員及びバイト全体ミーティング。 昨日、閉店の時間に合わせて全体ミーティングにJJ社長も参加して頂きありがとうございました! 一緒に食事しながら積極的に社員一人一人に声かけてくださったり、励ましてくださったり本当に優しくて最高の社長さんでした(笑) また、KAVE発展の為、色々良い話してくださって本当に素敵な時間でした!! ジェジュン社長!楽しい時間を作ってくださってホントにありがとうございました! また忘年会も楽しみにしています(笑)