blond jonghyun

Im gnna stand outside sm w a sign that says 'jonghyuns blonde hair was fun for a while but its been 1000 years'

why have dark hair jonghyun WHEN YOU HAVE BLOND JONGHYUN like. why. why change it. its a thing. i want it to stay this way forever. stop turning old jonghyun. stop.

jjonqtae asked:

god bless whoever came up with that idea and god bless whoever suggested a repeat with blonde!jonghyun + black-haired!taemin. oh wow. that performance was so overwhelming istg ugh now i want to read some jongtae :((

yaaas those hair colors suit them so much! taemin looks so good with black hair and jjong is born to be blonde!

ok why are we so thirsty and not even just for one person, but for otps lmao