SHINee Gif Reaction- You Follow Your Boyfriend On Tumblr

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I think that Onew would not be very frequent on tumblr and visits his blog only once in a while. His blog would not have a lot of content, perhaps a few pictures of the places he has visited, some pictures of chicken and recipes with it and a few recordings of him singing song that has been in his head recently. 

He would think to himself ‘What does this mean?’ ‘Is she trying to tell me something?’ ‘Does this change our relationship?’. He’d be surprised as out of nowhere you had started to follow him. He didn’t even know you had tumblr so he wouldn’t really know what to do from there. I think he would not mention it as it wasn’t a massive deal but every time he went on his blog, he would be more aware about what he posts on it. He would find himself having a habit of re-blogging mushy, romantic song lyrics to impress you when it came up on your dash.


I think Jonghyun’s blog would contain a few pictures of him shirtless and he would re-blog anything really from art, landscapes, tattoo’s and song lyrics. 

He would notice the small notification that tells him ‘your blog name’ has followed him. He would think it was quite amusing that you are dating for a while and you have only just followed him on tumblr. He would be giggly and snoop your blog to see if you have said anything about him on it. He would definitely tell the other members about it, kind of bragging that you re-blog his shirtless pics. I see you eventually becoming a tumblr couple.


Key would get quite sassy with you, his diva side coming out. Not only did you not follow him until now but you have the courage to say that you “weren’t driven to follow him on a blog that literally just reviews skin care products and re-blogs Beyoncé pictures and performances”. He would probably end up not following you back and say that until you take it back, you were at ‘social networking war’. But this does not affect your real life relationship, it’s just on social network as a bit of fun. However, that don’t mean he won’t take it seriously.


Minho would end up dedicating his blog to sports by re-blogging pictures and clips of athletes and footballers. He would also post selca’s of you two on it quite a lot. There may also be a tutorial or two. 

If you followed him, he would not make a big deal of it. It would just pop up in one of your conversations like “By the way, since when did you have tumblr?” and that would be the end of it. Although, after you have followed him, he will add little messages on the selca’s he posts like ‘I love you’ or ‘Why do you have to be so cute?’ for you to see on your dash. I see you guys being a tumblr couple too because of all the selca’s you take together, people will think they are cute and like them.


Now I think our maknae would have a blog dedicated to dance and choreograph. He would be re-blogging pop songs that he likes to dance to, post some clips of a dance he has choreographed and you’ll see some stuff on their about Kai too. Some nice messages aimed at him and some pictures of them together.

He would think you following him is cute and he would admit that it surprised him at first seeing as it was out of the blue after you had been dating for a while without mentioning tumblr. But then after that he would end up always checking your blog and take notice of all the stuff you post and re-blog. He would end up finding some very old pictures of him in his bowl haircut days and a few nice pictures of you two together that someone else took. 

Ganster AU (I still suck at titles)

Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:4377
Warning: Nothing detailed but you know random people being killed.

Hey look iloveleejinki123I wrote something else of that ganster AU. I have to admit that it got a lot more serious and angsty than I thought but I mean thereโ€™s a blowjob so thereโ€™s that lol btw this is highly unbetaed

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Visual of The Moment: January 2014: Male:

SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun - 

Ice white hair, eyes and lips defined with make-up in smoky black and shades of pink, multiple silver ear piercings (inculding a heavy and eye-catching plug). Jonghyun’s recent beauty and image choices compliment his large and attention-grabbing features perfectly. His face itself is moderately small, but his large nose and big, soft eyes come together to make the perfect male model. Each and every one of Jonghyun’s features is conscious and noticeable and is set off by his strong jawline. Of course, K-Pop is known for it’s stacks of handsome men and beautiful women, but also for it’s ‘alien beauties’ - people with that perfect whisper of another world about their face… Whenever he is photographed for a fashion magazine, his natural talent for modelling blows me away. If I were creative director of a fashion house, in Korea or overseas, Kim Jonghyun would be the male model of my dreams. A truly dazzling aesthetic. 

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