pyeongchon lotte department store fansign - 150526

jonghyun was eating honey butter chips (throughout the fansign). when he was eating them he was like “nyam nyam nyam tasty.

the boys asked the fans where they should go to eat (after the fansign) and a fan said “let’s eat together” then onew said he had to go exercise because he’s on a diet so fans shouted “don’t lose weight, don’t lose weight!” so he said that he’ll make a body like jonghyun’s. (via realyoonji99)

jonghyun caressed a fan’s hair. (via jjong_dam)

fan: hi.
jonghyun: hi~.
fan: remember me?
jonghyun: yes, i remember you! oh, you put (on) musk perfume?
fan: yes, because you like it.
jonghyun: yes~.
fan: oppa, write here please. (points to a her poster)
jonghyun made eye contact with the fan and told her something “sweet” about her eyes.
fan: oppa, today is my graduation presentation but i came here.
jonghyun: (conflicted) oh…, what to do?
fan: no…, so, what to do. (via real040800) (source: haejinki)