So Excited!!!!!!!

Ok so I am planning my itinerary for New York.  Only have 6 days there and lots we want to do, lots on our New York “Bucket List”.  AND………….things keep coming up!!!  Like today…I am surfing blogs and come across something that mentions the NY TopShop store.  !!!!!!!!!!!!! What?????!!!!  There is a TOPSHOP on this side of the pond??????  I had no idea!!  So glad I found out NOW and not when we got back, when it would have been to late!!! And the great thing is that it is close to our hotel, The Carlton on Madison avenue.  AND…it’s just down the street from a Bloomingdales and SCOOP.  Another two amazing shops!!  Oh my goodness!!!  I can’t wait!!!!! What other shopping could I be missing???  Better go do more research…….