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So, challenge accepted! Name top 10 movies of all time and your impressions of them

Okay ten movies challenge accepted!

  • Ostrov

An absolutely amazing film that captures a very deep essence of Orthodoxy. To be quite honest it’s a film that inspires me to this day and I cannot help but be in awe.

  • Passion of the Christ

Mel Gibson did an extremely good job with this one and it’s one of the only films that has brought me to tears. It does a tremendous job of encompassing the horror of Christ’s sacrifice, but also its beauty. A Christian who watches this cannot help but feel its relevance and its full reality. It is a film that portrays the most important event in all of human history, whether you think it really happened or not.

  • Lord of the Rings

I loved these films ever since I was a child. They put you in a new, different world and completely take over your imagination. There is a reason that this is a series of films that hasn’t received anger from the book-readers, simply because I feel that it has captured Tolkien’s essence. Unfortunately, the prequels did not do as well. 

  • Andrei Rublev

Solemn, melancholic, but hopeful, and beautiful. I’m sorry but this film has embodied Tarkovsky’s character as a director, and it explores so many of the deeper, less understood themes of human life. Suffering, guilt, innocence, envy, and a wide manner of other things are explored, and the film just left me sitting in my chair for quite some time wondering and pondering what had just happened.

  • Midnight in Paris

I suffer from the “golden age” fallacy and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Although I appreciate the premise of the film, the whole idea of jumping into and feeling the past is something that is attractive to me.

  • Blood Diamond

One of the first more serious films I’ve watched, and it is the film that sparked my interest in horrible things that happen around the world. I think that the performances here were great, and don’t get me started on character development. Leo needs his damn Oscar.

  • Seventh Seal

This is something I was exposed to recently and it made me appreciate Ingmar Bergman quite a bit. It almost reminds me of many of the things Tarkovsky tried to explore in Andrei Rublev, but using a completely different character to deliver those themes. The dynamic of human interaction is different but the message, which is melancholic but hopeful at the same time, is deep, and this is another one of those movies that left me in my chair unable to stop thinking about it.

  • There Will Be Blood

Daniel Day Lewis is one of the greatest actors in the history of the bloody industry, and his ability to portray a nihilistic but ambitious man such as Daniel Plainview has been majestic. Though writing about this one, it certainly left me with less of a happy, peaceful end than the others did, but I suppose that’s the very intention of the film

  • Gladiator

Amazing soundtrack, amazing battle scenes, amazing action, and wonderful storyline. This thing plays around with your emotions like hell and makes you want to appreciate everything about Rome, even the very nasty bits which are very apparent in the film.

  • 12 (Mikhalkov)

Things are not as obvious as they seem, and everyone is connected in some way. Everyone can related to each other and apply some kind of experience or emotion to something. The film basically demonstrates human empathy and depth taken to some of its deepest levels, as well as the belief of human responsibility towards one another which we sometimes take for granted or take too loosely. This is one of those films that allows me to still really appreciate Mikhalkov despite his political stances.

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Hello! Do you like movies and books with dystopian themes?

I love the concept of Dystopian movies and books. I haven’t watched or read too much stuff, but for books I certainly enjoyed 1984 and Brave New World, (I read Anthem but I really don’t like Ayn Rand, so).

As for films, 1984, Matrix, Children of Men, and Clockwork Orange certainly make the list.