Hi guys!! I wanna start expanding my leytonpee.blogspot.com account and post pictures of cool rooms and spaces (rooms, dorms, your own apartment, etc)!! Ive always been a bit interested in interiors and id love to showcase all of the hard work youve put into your room on this blog and on my blogspot!! I’ll probably post 5+ photos of your room on my blog but if you want your room to be featured, post 1+ really good pictures on your tumblr of your room and then tag “thatsmoderatelyraven” so i can check it out!! this is an on-going thing so if you decide in a few months that you wanna share your space then feel free!! 

ill let you know by messaging you if i want you to send me more pictures that i can feature on my blog!! of course i will link the post to your tumblr account and whatever other social media you choose!

extra points go to rooms with a lot of plants because im obsessed recently

[Trans]ient Thoughts
I desperately needed a place to publish my opinions for all to see because I know my own mind, I love to write, and I can be a little vain sometimes.

I set up a blog for my writing! Check it out, and feel free to sign up for email updates if you want to keep up with what I have to say.

Quite a lot of it is about transgender issues, but I have also touched on other aspects of the queer community as well as existentialism and satire. I’ll basically just be posting anything I write that I feel strongly about.

Skin Product Review: T Zone Rapid Action Spot Zapping Gel.

Hello, you gorgeous people!

Need some new products for your acne or just occasional break out?

Well check out my review fr this product which is actually pretty decent.

Thankyou so much if you do!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a great day. x


Monday’s post is up! it’s a head to toe haul 💁🏾 http://saabirahlawrence.blogspot.com/2016/05/hair-skincare-beauty-haul.html

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Alright guys, this is the last time I’m letting tumblr fuck up my masterpost. I’m now posting every download link on this blog. I’ll still post the albums here, but the download links will redirect to this new blog. 

The new blog also has a search box, and each artist will be an individual post. I basically have to completely redo everything I’ve done for the past 3 years, so stick with me while I’m transitioning over to this site. 

Once again, requests/asks will be off until I get myself caught up on this new blog, but if you REALLY need something, tag @father-punk in a post and I’ll get back to you.

I gave my Tumblelog a new background graphic and made some changes to it’s HTML. It had been a while ago when I worked on CSS codes. My brain became really tired from that. I’m getting old. ^^
This here is now my ‘main blog’. I used to blog on Blogger, but my blog over there is not active anymore (you can still check it out here - the header art work is, in my opinion, my prettiest work and I’ll maybe use it as a “garden” version someday ;)).