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It can take a long time to really understand a zodiac sign, especially if you don’t have it in your own chart and have a hard time relating to its principle.
A good way to put yourself in the position of a sign and experience their drives and motivations is to think in terms of energy.
We know now that everything is energy.
Even matter is merely very slow energy, vibrating at a very low frequency, giving the illusion of solidity.
Even stones “flow”, but so slowly that we can’t see it within our lifetime.
Each zodiac signs energy is made up of two parts: An element and a quality.

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Astrology Marina: Don't know thyself ?

Good evening everyone!
I know the title is a bit weird, but hear me out:

Schopenhauer believed that one’s character will not be revealed by introspection, but only by one’s actions - that what somebody thinks or says might have very little to do with someone’s true character, because it only shows in what somebody actually does.
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Hey Tumblr Family,

As some of you may know, I recently went public with my blog. It is mostly reflective entries about self- improvement, life, love, relationships, weight loss, etc. Below is a link to my most recent blog post, I would love it if y’all would check it out and tell me what you think. Thank you for the support in advance

- Tailah

christmas blog posts!

i have a series of christmas blog posts on my blog woop woop

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call me when you’re sober.

I was 142 days sober…
So I figured I could take a sip and there would be no repercussions

But…that’s the funny thing about addictions.

“I love you.”

You had me tipsy with that mention of our history. Swallowing big gulps based on an ever-fading memory.

But it didn’t burn.

“I miss you.”

I miss me too, boo! I couldn’t mutter the words back
Because the reality is that I don’t like the me I am when I’m with you.

Guys, let’s take shots.

Avoidance is key.  Ignoring what happened to us has meant absolutely everything
Because maybe…if we pretend it didn’t happen, it will go away.
Vomiting on toilet seats of public restrooms,
Trying to regurgitate something we never should have had in the first place.
But it’s cool though,
Because the morning after we were right back at it, trying to force together pieces of a jigsaw that never fit.
Permanence based on temporary circumstances, holding hands and love romances

We were young and stupid.

I’ve been…sedated on pain pills to help me keep up,
The up keep on my tolerance has been ridiculous since we’ve been speaking…
I’m numb.
I feel nothing anymore.
That sensation needed to be tapped

Loving you was…walking into oncoming traffic during rush hour and not looking both ways before crossing the street
I just wanted to feel…something
Even if it hurt like hell.
Are my addiction and you had me under some sort of spell
But I was yours too.

It’s 3 a.m. and… I’m trying to get you off my mind…
but you’re laying right next to me.

“I miss you”

and I missed you.
and ever since I stopped drinking, I stopped feeling.

Today, I start again.
Erasing the last 142 days when nothing could permeate through me but the liquor.
The funny thing about addictions…you know my every habit, what I’ll do, and what I won’t
So call me when you’re sober…or better yet…


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Some time ago I asked you if you were interested in reading some of my writing - on a regular basis - as in, reading a regularly updated blog with personal stories and thoughts.

Lots of people responded and told me they were interested, so I created a blog I’ll start posting on soon.

I just wanted to check up on you and ask if you’re still up? I’ll need your support to get this thing going!

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Growing up - Blogpost

I really like Joseph Campbell’s idea that being neurotic simply means you couldn’t cross the threshold between childhood and adulthood completely, leaving you in the dilemma of “Where’s mommy? Oh, I am mommy!”

Joseph Campbell also mentioned (in his book Pathways to Bliss) that there’s certain rites of passage in other cultures but we don’t really have such a thing in the modern West.
As soon as you hit eighteen or your early twenties, you’re supposed to suddenly switch from obeying authorities to being one.

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