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Since Sean is online, I want to take the opportunity to say that even though I’m terrified and really tired (since I live in the UK it’s after 2am here), this is incredibly fun and I love seeing the community come together like this. This is why I love Anti appearances so much

But serious question now…
Do you know what hiatus means? It means to take a break from something, not start another community fire. Now you see why we shouldn’t trust you


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Nunca retes a Aries, Leo y Sagitario porque perderás.

Nunca mientas a Tauro, Virgo y Capricornio porque tarde o temprano te descubrirán.

Nunca engañes a Géminis, Libra y Acuario porque jamás los volverás a mirar en tu vida.

Nunca lastimes a Cáncer, Escorpio y Piscis porque te arrepentirás de haber nacido.


Los signos como otros signos

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Aries: un Tauro, pero más rápido.

Tauro: un Leo obstinado.

Géminis: un Acuario, pero más emocionante.

Cáncer: un Piscis, pero más irritable.

Leo: un Virgo, pero flamante.

Virgo: un Capricornio hipster y elegante.

Libra: un Cáncer pasivo-agresivo.

Escorpio: un Aries, pero más serio.

Sagitario: un Escorpio poliamoroso.

Capricornio: un Sagitario aburrido.

Acuario: un Géminis misterioso.

Piscis: un Libra, pero genuinamente amable.

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-Luis. (publicación traducida del blog @softandfulloflove)


  • Having the emotional intelligence of a rock
  • Being CLUELESS in romance
  • Zoning out in awkward places
  • Always having to find alone time (to stop ourselves going insane)
  • Not being very good at sentimental advice
  • Usually not being very attached to the outside world (I blame inferior Se)
  • Sometimes you’ll just be walking around, being really invested in your thoughts and then BAM! A random object appears right in front of you and you’ve just bumped into it!
  • Having to explain that not all INTJs are heartless sociopaths
  • Sometimes a tiny interruption in your schedule can ruin your whole day
  • Being perceived as cruel when you’re not a bad person at all
  • Being INCREDIBLY misunderstood
  • Having difficulty making friends and trusting people

(Does not apply to all INTJs. Feel free to add your own thoughts.)