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look, i’ve been unremittingly negative so far about the crossover, and have about 20 posts as to why that is. it’s gotten to the point where my headspace about it became really toxic even within myself because i was delving into the worst aspects of something i disagreed with from the start, and a constantly negative internal space can really wear on a person. my emotional energy started to spill over into this entire thing in ways i lost control of.

but the truth is also that all media is flawed. the media on the CW is often especially flawed because the go for maximum drama because of the audience demographics they target. the truth is that the intent was no doubt good even though the premise was bad, and the delivery will probably be incredibly flawed and these shows have had and do have a terrible track record on issues of racism, sexism / misogyny, ableism, antisemitism, and a lot more. it’s a theme for them. and it’s a particularly bad premise and idea this time, and we can and should criticize it. 

but the truth is also i’ve made myself crazy over this thing in the past week and it’s not helping anything or anyone at this point, i don’t think.

so. i also want to add to everything else i’ve said so far:

i love these characters and their stories. i love westallen and i’m excited for them to get married. i think it’s monumental. i love cisco and think he looks fantastic in the shots of the wedding. i miss leonard snart like air and i’m frustrated he’s back as a hero but still aching to see him on my screen again and i’m probably going to scream when i do. i’m excited for sara and alex to meet. i can’t believe mick got sat next to singh and i 100% now believe that barry did that just to spite david over the fact that he got suspending for stalking clifford and marlize devoe. 

i haven’t even watched any of the promos yet because some of the gifs from them get my back up but if i did, i might find other small things that i would be excited about. 

i wasn’t going to talk about any of this because i didn’t want to promote the crossover. a friend pointed out that discussing the controversy and sharing about it does more to promote it than almost anything else i could have done. i’ve already shot myself in the foot if that was ever my intent.

i’m not excited for any of the nazi bullshit and i still wish they’d done this crossover differently, with an evil elseworld that wasn’t in any way related to nazism. i won’t be reblogging any gifs or images that invoke any nazi symbolism, or any images of the evil heroes in any capacity.

but what i’ll be doing is most likely reblogging gifs some of my favorite heroes, and of leonard. they’ll all be tagged with the usual tags “the crossover clusterfuck” “crossover episodes” and “crisis on earth x” and the individual episode numbers so anyone who doesn’t want to see any of that can blacklist.

i probably won’t write meta about any of it, though i suppose it remains to be seen. i feel like anything i could write would likely spiral me into a negative space if i tried, so i’ll probably just leave it. 

i’ll continue to be critical, but i’m only one person, and there’s only so much i can say, or do. so i’m going to suck the poison out of my own perspective here, and move on toward focusing my emotional energy into more productive things.

and at the end of the day, i know some people are boycotting, some are quitting the shows (all of them have numerous problems, do what’s right for you), some are watching, some are reblogging, some are excited for some parts of it (e.g., the wedding), some are not. everyone has to figure out for themselves how to interact with any given media and what that’s going to mean to them.

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(sakamaki boyz) what would happen to a prey tht pulls out their glock @ the first sign of danger & wont freaking hesitate

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Well, it started with The Adventure Zone…

Now of course I’ve worked my way through a solid amount of Monster Factory, Peacecraft, Awful Squad, and a random collection of other Polygon stuff, and… Well, now I’ve finally started MBMBaM.

So, you know, all hope is lost, basically. I’m getting deep in it.

u ppl really need to stop just making up japanese names and thinking ur good to fuckin go

  • Professor McGonagall: Especially you Mr. Potter, I expect more from you.
  • Sirus: What, you don't expect more from me?
  • Professor McGonagall: All I'm hoping out of you is a haircut.
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you’re sat next to the girl you’ve been crushing on, she looks cute and you’ve been making out at this picnic all afternoon. you’re baking in the august heat haze and your lips are sticky from candy and fruit juice. You don’t know where your relationship is going but you know you’re having fun. you feel like you’re in a Hayley Kiyoko music video.

you and your best friend of many years are lying on the sofa eating snacks, legs tangled. you were gonna watch a movie but you got caught up in just talking about nothing and forgot to press play. you’re suddenly struck by how much you’ve been through together, how happy you both are now, and how much you love them. your heart feels very full. you laugh at their lame joke.

it’s 3am and you’re walking back from a party, still a little drunk but sobering fast. the streetlights and the familiar sounds of your hometown make you feel very melancholy. you find yourself sat on a bench, staring at the sky and filled with an indefinable ache in your soul. you think maybe you’re homesick for somewhere you haven’t been yet and missing people you don’t know.


“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” 

- George Orwell, 1984