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finn is the foil to kylo ren, not rey. finn was taken from his family against his will into the first order and realized on his own that murder was wrong. conversely, kylo willingly went away from his family into the first order and consciously uses murder to gain power. as kylo kills his father, finn becomes a resistance hero. their storylines and development are inversely proportional to each other- when finn moves toward the light, kylo falls further toward darkness.



Playtime with Daddy 2 (Part 2)

Daddy sits on the bed and motions me towards his lap. I do as I’m told while continuing to keep my wet panties in my mouth. I crawl over daddy’s lap lower my head and lift my butt up. Daddy rubs my bottom slow and gentle in little circular motions, then without warning spanks me hard. I yelp through my panties but don’t move away, I know daddy will punish me if I do. He repeats the same motions, gently rubbing and then spanking me, with every smack, I can feel myself getting increasingly wet to the point of practically dripping on his bed. Daddy continues until my butt is nice and red.
He reaches over to my mouth with his palm spread. I do what daddy wants and drop my panties into his hand.
“How’s my little girl doing?”
I wiggle my bum with enthusiasm. “I’m good daddy hehe”
Daddy reaches down and feels me, I’m dripping on his fingers.
“I’d say so. That’s my good girl” I’m overjoyed. Being daddy’s good girl is all that matters to me.
“I think you deserve a reward don’t you?”
“Yes please daddy!!” I say enthusiastically.
“Come here baby, come ride daddy”
I crawl on top of daddy and feel his big cock with my hand, stroking it briefly. Daddy knows I love to ride because I can control the pace and daddy won’t tease me. I ease on top, feeling daddy’s tip slowly stretching me as I make my way down his shaft. I exhale a moan as daddy’s cock fills my pussy. It feels so good. I begin bouncing on daddy’s cock picking up pace as quickly as possibly. Feeling the pressure build inside me.
“Fuck daddy”
I continue bouncing
“It feels so good!”
I continue picking up pace
I’m riding daddy as hard and fast as my little body can take, daddy’s cock feels amazing inside me.
“Little girl” daddy moans sternly
I reluctantly slow down
“Yes daddy?” I say innocently
“What do you think your doing?”
“Nothing daddy”
“Trying to finish daddy early??”
“No daddy! I swear!” Uh oh I’m in trouble.
“Mhm hands and knees baby”
“But daddy!!” Daddy gives me a stern look as if to say not go test him. I reluctantly climb off daddy’s cock and do as I’m told. Daddy goes and grabs something then comes up behind me.
“Put this back on your clit baby.”
“Yes daddy” it’s my clit stimulator I put it back on. I hear daddy squirt something from a bottle. My heart sinks. Uh oh, daddy’s going to play with my button again.
“This is only going to hurt for a bit, but daddy loves you and he promised it will get better, understand?”
I hesitate.
“Baby girl?”
I sigh, I wanna please daddy. “Yes daddy I understand.”
Good girl. I feel daddy’s tip, up against my button, I try my best to relax and not clench. Daddy’s done this only a couple times and I learned very quickly I have to relax and just let it happen. Daddy slowly begins pushing forward. My button slowly begins to feel like its on fire.
“No moving” daddy warns
I try my best to remain still and calm. Daddy continues to fill my behind with his cock. I wince in pain but remain as still as possible. Daddy’s cock is halfway in.
“Fuck baby girl, that’s my good fucking girl, so tight for her daddy”
Daddy pushes his cock forward and is balls deep in my button. I let out a small scream but manage to stay mostly still.
“You’re okay baby” daddy tells me and he begins to thrust slowly. In and out. The pain is still there but it slowly begins to lessen just as daddy promised, I begin to focus on the feeling of the clit stimulator as daddy begins to pick up pace. I let out a moan, this makes daddy go even faster. Now daddy’s pounding my ass while my clit is stimulated by my toy. It begins to feel like heaven. I start to feel the pressure build inside me again. I begin to squirm a bit. Daddy grabs me and holds me still.
“Don’t even think about it until you have permission baby.” I can only cum if daddy says so. Daddy’s going faster and faster dominating my ass, his property. I’m straining myself trying not to cum.
“Fuck daddddy” I moan in desperation. “Please let me cum daddy”
“You know the rules baby” daddy always cums before me. “Almost there baby girl this may hurt a little” I feel daddy ram me harder then before, daddy’s right it does hurt. He does it hard and fast that it causes tears to form in my eyes a bit. Daddy keeps going and going and going and suddenly I feel my ass being filled with something besides his cock. Daddy blows his entire load in my ass as he continues to fuck me and it feels amazing I can’t help it anymore.
“Okay baby you can cum for daddy”
Instantly I finish letting out the loudest moan. My entire body feels stimulated.I’m breathless. Daddy pulls his cock out of me and with it his cum. I fall to the bed exhausted. I always get sleepy after I cum. Daddy caresses my hair and kisses my forward, as I snuggle up to him.
“Thank you daddy”

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anonymous asked:

i love your blog it's freaking amazing i spent all night looking at all your post when i should be studying lol XD but anyways can i request bts reaction to the boys finding out their s/o is going into labor i really liked your last reaction with them finding out about the pregnancy so could be like a pt.2 or something?

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Giving Birth Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I’m just going to pick with gender it is, based on what I think their first child would be and what gender they probably prefer(note not saying the other gender is any less of a preference since they would love their baby endlessly regardless of gender)


When he had found out you were going into labor he would stop everything he was doing to go see you. At first he was a little bit nervous to see you, but pushing it aside he’d go in and he was glad that he did, because the moment he had saw you and his child in your arms he cried tears of joy he was so happy. “You did amazing jagiya, I’m so happy/proud of you” he’d just want to stay in that moment enjoying  this beautiful life the two of you had made together.


He still wasn’t prepared even though it had been months living with your pregnant self he still held mixed emotions, but these were a little different from the mix emotions he had first got when you told him you were pregnant. Even though he still didn’t feel like he was ready, he stood by your side the whole time through the labor. “You’re so amazing jagiya, I can’t- I’m so happy” he’d be at a  lost for words, the moment he saw his child, tears would just be coming down even if he tried to mask it.

Rap Monster:

He was busy with work at the time when he had received a call saying you were about to go into labor, like jin he had stopped everything he was doing and went to see you because work wasn’t nearly as important as you and his child he was about to see soon. He’d be very helpful during your delivery, letting you squeeze his hand as hard as you wanted “you’re doing great jagiya, just a little more” upon hearing the first cry of you guys child it’d truly hit him that he was a father and he couldn’t be happier.


He was waiting for this moment, he had prepared and read almost every single parenthood book there was. Even though he was scared about the labor process, he buckled up and held your hand tight, he wanted to be brave for you in hopes that’d ease your nervousness and to assure you that he was here and he wasn’t going anywhere. He would be so excited to see you guys baby and when he did he would fanboy about how tiny she was “her hands are so little” he’d laugh.


Though he was ready, to be a dad, and much like jhope had read a lot into parenting books, he did feel a little anxious, because this would be his first time ever experiencing something like this. Nonetheless though he’d be confident and that was important because it wouldn’t help if he was nervous, for then you would be even more nervous. “Just one more jagiya, you can do it”. When he was able to see his little boy, he would tear up and laugh a little since he was so small “he’s so little, his hand is even smaller than mine, hehe that’s so cute”


He was ready and waiting, he really wanted to see what his child would look like. Would they have your eyes and his nose? Or perhaps his eyes and your cute smile. Though he was excited he made sure to turn down a few levels, since you must have been nervous, he wanted to support you and make you feel at ease. When they had bought out the baby, he’d smile so big and give you so many kisses “you were beyond amazing jagiya, the proof is our child, aww look at her she’s so cute”

He was nervous when he had heard that you were going into labor, and though he was nervous he decide to stay in the room with you and try to be strong/brave, rather than stay outside and have you feel even more nervous that he wasn’t  there with you. “That was stunning jagiya, you truly are amazing”. He’s nerves had died down, but only a little because when you had asked him if he’d like to hold the baby, he looked shook “oh, no you should hold him jagi, I don’t wanna break him or anything” even with parenting books he was still unsure. It would take some getting used to.