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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Are you an artist? 

Do you create any kind of art featuring lgbt+ characters and/or focused on lgbt+ positivity/lgbt+ rights? (Yes, creative writing counts as art as well!) 

Do you want to be featured on this blog? If so, i want to hear from you! 

I want to make a post featuring some lgbt+ artists. If you would like to be included, please message me via tumblr messenger and send me a short introduction. You can include whatever you want my readers to know about yourself and your art. Please make sure to include where we can find your art! 

Here’s a sample you can use but feel free to use your own words*: 

“I am (name or alias), i identify as (labels), I (create this kind of art and it’s about this topic) and you can find it at (this tag on my blog/my ao3 link/my website etc.), (here’s an optional sentence about me or my art)” 

I’m excited to hear from you! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

* Please do not feel forced to disclose anything that you don’t want to share! There’s no pressure to include your labels or your real name etc.

Please try to keep your introduction short, so the post doesn’t get too long. Thankyou! 

If i get a lot of entries, i may not include every entry in the post. I may make multiple posts if i get enough entries. If you are not featured in the first post, please do not take it as negative criticism of your art: I want to shine a spotlight on lgbt+ artists and i fear that in a super long post, most people would only read the first two or three introductions and scroll past the rest. 

anonymous asked:

hi jasmine, just wanted to say I appreciate all the time you take out of your day to run this blog. I love seeing your responses to different posts and you are by far my favourite blog on this website (and you seem like an awesome person too) ily friend 💕

u r so sweet <3 thank u soososo much

So i don’t know if anyone on here reads my blog…but does anyone keep up with any other blogs? What are your favorite things to see and read about on a blog? More personal things like writings and photography? Or recipes or day-to-day things? Something else? (blog meaning like my website…not tumblr)

i hate how this site shames girls for enjoying anything & everything . you like pastel colors n shit? fuck you. plants&succulents? animals? stereotypical tumblr girl.  non-feminine stuff? hairdye? stop being edgy. fandoms? bands? cringe!! etc etc.. like, can we please be nice to girls in 2017? can yall just let them like what they want as long as it doesnt hurt anybody, for once??

Hope you have an awesome day/night everyone, please do take care and always think of positive side of things. Even the world is as cruel as it is now, always remember that you are strong and you are not alone, and everyone loves you for who you are. 

anonymous asked:

How do you dodge discourse (tm) so well?

whenever there’s something going on i usually just avoid going in tags and go to other blogs i follow to reblog content! :o normally though the only time i hear about it is if i go into the overwatch tag and see something or if someone mentions it to me via an ask!! honestly, sometimes it’s just better to not get involved at all…

(not-so-) complete list of s4 fuckery

-brushoff of the water imagery in T6T as related to Sherlock’s childhood even though HE DIDN’T KNOW/REMEMBER HOW VICTOR TREVOR DIED

-inconsistency/unrealism in “sherlock dives into work” scenes at start of T6T

-john fake-typing a blog post that takes place AFTER mary gives birth when SHE IS STILL PREGNANT and IT ISN’T EVEN AN ACTUAL BLOGGING WEBSITE BUT AN IMAGE ON HIS IMAGE VIEWER (??????)

-the glowing/really glowing/dark skull picture throughout s4

-mary’s unrealistic death (which the show TOLD US was unrealistic per HLV)

-lamp hell

-never saw the “other version” of mary giving birth as confirmed by setlock

-Sherlock never reads contents of John’s note from the end of T6T

-double scenes in T6T that don’t quite match

-Using “T6T” even though it was used as the name for an entirely different case on John’s blog already (you can’t tell me they couldn’t have come up with something else unless this was intentional)

-barely seeing Rosie/not seeing her at all in TLD

-nurse in TLD looks like Mary

-Sherlock’s injection marks on the opposite arm from where they should be given his handedness/in the same location as the IV drips of TD-12

-John beating the absolute crap out of Sherlock, and we’re supposed to think that’s okay due to his sorrow for a wife with whom we never saw him share a genuinely tender moment

-the disappearing blood in the morgue scene

-blog fuckery during the hospital scene (why do characters who like the blog have any issue realizing it’s John’s blog?  that’s never been a problem in the past, for instance, THoB w/Dr. Frankland)

-dark sex parallels in the Culverton-suffocates-Sherlock scene

-HUGE exchange about the importance of romance just…not developed any further

-fade out/establishing shot after John and Sherlock hug


-”love” mattering so much this episode…and not being followed up in the last episode

-Eurus shooting John…then that non-tranquilizer gun is suddenly a tranquilizer gun and John’s A-OK…????

-jumping out the windows of 221B and being JUST FINE, I SUPPOSE

-the entire horror-movie fuckery of almost the entirety of TFP…I mean, REALLY?  This just isn’t anything like what this show has ever been before, and not in a good way

-Sherlock ignoring Vatican Cameos (while we’re supposed to think John and Sherlock’s relationship is healed by the end of the episode)

-Eurus making weird observations about her BROTHER’S sexual history…and even if this is a poor-taste attempt to tell us something about Sherlock’s sexuality, once again, IT IS IGNORED.

-Eurus being glossed over as a terrifying violent rapist

-garridebs.  ugh.  i can’t.


-blatantly using the “I love you” in the trailer to make the audience believe Sherlock was going to make a real love confession (even without canon Johnlock, I’d have swallowed this better if he was being sincere to SOMEONE, even though John is the only character who would make sense in that context)

-making the best villain of the show (Moriarty) watered down by having been a weird little Eurus-puppet

-Moriarty coming to Sherrinford just to record reaction gifs

-Mycroft’s inconsistent characterization 

-complete cluelessness by old Mr. and Mrs. Holmes…and calling Sherlock “the adult”, and their parental negligence…all of this is really encompassed by the sheer unlikelihood of Eurus being what she is depicted to be

-Eurus’ magical powers that make literally no sense

-The dog bowl for a dog that isn’t a dog, but a boy

-The well that only Eurus knows about (??????)

-Sherlock ignoring John in the well to play with his sister and try to make up for a childhood slight 

-John suddenly being free of his well-chains

-Mycroft being shooed away offscreen

-Mary’s second beyond-the-grave video recording and voiceover…UGH, YOU VILLAIN, THEY ARE NOT YOUR BOYS.

-never got that “29 pages” scene

-never got that “Martin’s emotional filmed-alone scene”

-lots of sets shown to us where no scenes we’ve seen so far were shot (i.e. John’s bedsit from s1)

-recycled soundtrack in TFP


That’s…not even close to everything. We were told.  We listened.  Then, they retconned everything we were told and made the world a shittier place in the process.  I DO NOT understand, and I feel so bad for everyone who was so depending on this turning out differently.  I truly believed it would; I really thought they were better than this.


Deepika Padukone HOT Dance on Shahrukh Khan Lungi Dance

excuse my ugly banner :~) ive never done this before but i reached my january goal of fifteen (15) followers so i figured it was time to Give Back to this community that has raised me, watered my plants , seasoned my chicken etc etc tldr, here are my favourite blogs & three things that i associate with themmm 

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School master-post:

get started:

  • prepare your self
  • block sites that could distract you here or here
  • background music

Essay help:

  • free microsoft word
  • PRETEND to type an essay uhum that’s right
  • forgot an essay? buy yourself more time
  • how to write an essay you’re wondering? this could also help
  • written? kitten!
  • word on the tip of your tongue

Study Help:

  • how to organize yourself and study
  • learn how to study
  • and now study skills
  • also how to memorize
  • need help with a subject? don’t worry, they’ve got your back
  • learn some shit outside school
  • help beat world hunger while studying

Homework help:

  • solve any math problems
  • conversion perversion (get it?)
  • if your physics teacher sucks
  • learn geography
  • free books? more free books?

Research help:

  • is it a research? aw shit:
  • how to read and research
  • how to google
  • find books for your research
  • free bibliography
  • understand how stuff works (great for work reference too)

Finals Week?

  • how to pull an all nighter (only use in extreme cases! don’t make it a habit)
  • finals survival guide
  • when should i sleep?
  • productive study break
  • for when you get really tired and overwhelmed

Helpful tips:

  • the best school masterpost EVER
  • another school masterpost hell yeah
  • educational websites
  • how to survive in college


  • science translated to english
  • a site that explains literally everything
  • study skills
  • learn geography
  • finals guide
  • get motivated to study
  • tips for a productive study break
  • when should I go to bed?
  • microsoft word equivalent
  • can’t do your homework?
  • “no homework” excuses
  • make flash cards
  • math problem solver (2)
  • online ruler
  • pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
  • a whole blog dedicated to study motivation, tips, and advice!
  • techniques for studying and learning
  • time management
  • help on reading and research
  • help with memorizing and testing
  • ultimate educational website
  • Thinking & Memorizing Tips
  • Research & Reading Tips
  • Finals Help Guide
  • Homework Help
  • Math Help


  • Writing Masterpost
  • A website for big words
  • alternatives to “said”
  • alternatives to “whispered”
  • ultimate writers resources masterpost
  • tip of my tongue
  • writing fantasy stories
  • Masterpost of writing software
  • character flaws
  • writing a death scene
  • bio help
  • degrees of emotions
  • writing ref
  • Fictional Character Name Generator
  • Fictional Character Name AND Personality Generator
  • you’re a writer? here’s a whole bunch of writing-related blogs
  • read/post fanfiction
  • read/post stories

Learning languages:

  • Learn terms and glossary in Quizlet.
  • Learn a language for free on Duolingo.
  • Learn a language for free on Busuu.
  • Oxford Dictionaries.
  • Games and fun activities for English learners.
  • Irregular English verbs.

Do your research:

  • Google scholar.
  • Scholarpedia.
  • You can learn anything (KhanAcademy).
  • Didn´t listen in class? (Crash Course).
  • Simple Wikipedia.
  • Learn littérature without having to read it(SparkNotes).
  • Wolfram Alpha.
  • TED.
  • Open 2 study. (Online studying)
  • Free college courses.

Amazing tips on writing:

  • 10 practical tips for writing better exam essays.
  • Writing an essay.
  • Harvard writing resources.
  • Writing application essays.
  • Writing a personal statement.
  • Genre characteristics.
  • Writing a literary analysis essay.
  • Answering essay questions.
  • Get feedback.
  • Bibliography maker.
  • What is the word you´re looking for?

Reading <3

  • 8 tips to remember what you read.
  • How to read Shakespeare.
  • Effective reading and note-taking.
  • How to take notes while reading.
  • Note taking tips.
  • 170 free textbooks.
  • 1000 free textbooks.

Studying & organization

  • Time Management
  • Get your school life in order with organization.
  • Reach your goals.
  • Goals worksheet.
  • Finding information on the internet.
  • Using sources.
  • Get a hold on mind mapping.
  • How do you learn best?
  • Sound without music (Such as cafes).
  • Make flashcards.

 Stress and anxiety management

  • Coping strategies.
  • Stress reduction tips.
  • Stress relief for students.
  • Managing test anxiety.
  • Dealing with test anxiety.
  • Self help: Keeping calm.
  • Introverts in college.
  • Coping and calming down. N.1
  • Coping and calming down. N.2
  • Do nothing for two minutes.

Test help:

  • Study skills for test taking.
  • Study tips for finals.
  • Multiple choice exams guide.
  • The seven days study plan.
  • 15 steps to success.
  • How to prepare for a test.
  • Checklist for essay tests.

 Classroom participation

  • Active listening.
  • Classroom discussions.
  • Presenting projects in the classroom.
  • Preparation before class.
  • Participating tips.

Software and pages:

  • Openoffice and Libreoffice.
  • Dropnote.
  • Google docs.
  • EverNote.
  • Prezi (For presentations.)
  • Calculator.
  • Grade calculator.
  • Grammar check.
  • Staying focused for Mac, Chrome and Firefox.
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Best apps for students masterpost.
  • Homework help.

Self care tips:

  • 100 000 stars.
  • Workout masterpost.
  • Movie masterpost of masterposts.
  • Self-help masterpost.
  • 8Tracks.
  • Learn and do yoga.
  • Voulenteer.
  • Learn to play guitar.
  • The thoughts room.
  • Disney games because hell yeah.

College needs:

  • Advice on college
  • Alternatives to buying expensive textbooks
  • AP Cram Packets
  • Cheat sheet for becoming an adult
  • Dorm room survival
  • Free online college classes
  • How to survive college masterpost

Helpful sites:

  • Challenge your brain
  • Feed the hungry while using your vocabulary
  • Free online textbooks
  • Grade calculator
  • Quizlet
  • Rape Escape
  • Whole page dedicated to studying/organizing

High school needs:

  • For Juniors or Seniors With Low Income Families Looking For Scholarships
  • How to survive freshman year

Mental health resources:

  • a website that is always relevant.
  • falling asleep tips
  • How long to sleep
  • how to talk to and help an anxiety-ridden friend
  • how to wake up in the morning
  • keep taking your mind off of it
  • mental illness recovery tips
  • need a motivational speech? i like this one for myself.
  • not having a good day? :c
  • picking up a hobby can relax you during the school year!!
  • seriously just please try to relax ily
  • take your mind off of it
  • tips on self-love
  • when to go to sleep/wake up
  • working out is a total stress-buster.

Misc resources:

  • download free books
  • express yourself with make-up
  • Hobbies masterpost
  • I fucking love to study to this.
  • please remember this.
  • Sick ass movie list I have more but, this is a school one so message me for more.
  • Sites to help you not get distracted with other sites. (Mac)(PC)
  • Various ways to where a scarf
  • What’s the fucking weather


  • earn a cute kitten picture after writing
  • how to get motivated
  • Procrastinator?


  • calm/nature sounds
  • chill playlist
  • coffee shop blues
  • coffee shop sounds
  • concentration playlist
  • relaxation
  • study playlist
  • 4hours of classical music

School resources:

  • An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms. TO KIND OF HELP)
  • bibliography maker
  • educational links fucking galore
  • my favorite tutoring website
  • online ruler
  • pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
  • Social media citing
  • study like a college kid
  • Time Management
  • Psychology Lectures by a Professor from Yale University

Stress relief:

  • Calm
  • compliments generator
  • how long to nap
  • go to a quiet place
  • learn more about anxiety.
  • panic and anxiety information masterpost
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress Analyst
  • the thoughts room
  • take a guided relaxation
  • yoga poses

Studying/school help:

  • Best place to get help for English
  • essay structure guide
  • essay writing help
  • free microsoft word alternative
  • Grammar and spell checker
  • Graphic Essay Organizer
  • Help on reading/researching
  • Make a kick ass essay
  • Masterpost of writing software
  • microsoft word equivalent
  • more essay writing help
  • On books you you don’t want to read
  • Tip of my tongue

Foreign Languages:

  • Learn, Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, German, Italian


  • learn geography


  • calculators (includes graphing, geometric, stats etc)
  • College/high school Chemistry notes
  • math problem solver (2)
  • Periodic Table
  • Thinking/memorizing
  • This is the math god

Study Needs:

  • Answers to the textbook
  • Beneficial studying tips
  • Crash course in any subject with John Green
  • Free Educational resources for anyone and everyone
  • help in a ton of subjects
  • Helps you in any subject
  • homework help
  • how to google
  • how to study, Study guide
  • finals survival guide
  • improve your studying skills
  • Learning Websites Masterpage
  • Looking for a word
  • make flash cards
  • One of the best learning websites
  • Scholarpedia
  • Tips before/during an exam
  • Tips on Exams

I know that school can get hard at times and sometimes it may feel like you’re trapped. I hope these links can help at least one person out. I know that they’ve helped me. (: