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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but like why was Ginny depicted the way she was in the harry potter films why did they take away her funny personality and her ability to stand up for herself why does she randomly tie harry's shoe why is she not humorous and funny and witty in the movies and what is up with that kiss in the room of requirement that's not how it's supposed to happen that's a stupid way for them to get together why does she not tease harry why are her accomplishments pushed aside why is she not the strong ginny from the books why did they take that away from her why does she hardly say anything in the movies like after the second one she gets over harry and starts talking to him like it was never about her being shy or weak like the girl was possessed by voldemort and survived and didn't lose her wit or humor or strenght why does this movie ginny exist why are things they way they are why anything

What aziraphale means by “the arrangement”: I’ve been low key dating a demon for several thousand years, nbd

What crowley means by “the arrangement”: My angel friend & I have formed a mutually beneficial partnership, hope he doesn’t notice the huge crush I have on him

“How did you know you when you loved him?”

“I have this thing where I ask myself how long it would take me to get over a person if they left me in that moment. And usually it’s a month, maybe two. But with him it was like, if he disappeared right now? Years. I wouldn’t be the same, ever. I already feel like a piece of my life is missing just thinking about it.”

S.A // Conversations About Love #9

Many people - not just bookworms- have at least one book that they will say has had a profound influence on them or has changed their life for the better.

Why do so many of those same people have such trouble believing that a book can have an opposite effect and harm someone in a very real way. Why?

And if you can go out of your way to recommend your favorite book to someone, why is warning people away from a book that harmed them suddenly considered ‘censorship’?

I would give you my eyes if I could, to show you all the ways in which I love you.
—  S.A // Love Is Definitely Not Blind
  • me last year: oh boy, i’m so excited for phase 4! i can’t wait to hype it up!!
  • gorillaz:
  • me this summer: oh boy, i have so much spare time!! i would love some new content, or even the album!!
  • gorillaz:
  • me now: i’m studying for finals and don’t have time to talk about gorillaz
We talked again yesterday. Suddenly my feelings for you came flooding back. God, I miss you so much. I want you to come back and be with me. We can finally be together. You and I. Me and you. Together.
—  together // 1:00pm
  • things you should not come to me about: how much you hate ron weasley and his fans and how he's not that great
  • things you can always come to me about: how much you love ron weasley and the books and to complain about the movies