omg my banner looks so childish but that’s aight lol. This is my first botm :D

How to enter

¥ Must be following me tokyotic ! This is for my followers 
¥ Must reblog this post! Can like but you won’t be able to enter that way! (sorry!!) 
¥ Do not unfollow after!! this will cause you to be blocked because that is very rude.
¥ Can be a… 

Pink blog
anime blog
Pale aesthetic blog
poetry blog

¥ Do not unfollow after!! this will cause you to be blocked and removed (fi you are a winner) because that is very rude. 


¥ Will get a spot on my blog main page from Mid February till Mid March :)
¥ Will be a part of my “BOTM” Page for life or however long I have this blog
¥ A follow from me, if not already!
¥ Friendship? if you want that is :)
¥ Two joint promos during their reign and 2 single promos of their choice!
¥ Runner up’s will be promoted in lists + 2 promos of their choice + 1 joint promo any time! (not just during the botm thing)

How to get noticed

¥ Become one of my biggest fans! :)
¥ Reblog my edits or fashion posts! 
¥ Check out my network posts! One punch net and Spilled some Ink
¥ Buy something from Harajuku fashion or fashion store using my code “tokyo” for 10% off your purchase and message me!!
Send me nice messages/talk to me literally about anything.
¥ follow my instagram http_nyan and send me your username so i’ll know :)
¥ Be a nice person :)
¥ Follow any one of my side blogs ( 1 | 2 | 3


¥ Will be choosing 2-3 winners (depending on notes)
¥ Will be choosing 1-2 runner ups for each category 
¥ Reblogging multiple times doesn’t help your chances.
¥ Let me know if you reblog it to a side blog in your tags or else I’ll never know!!

Thank you and good luck! thank’s for participating <3