klingh0ffer’s follow forever 2012 (in no order)

sorry if i forgot anyone
conversations between me and shakira
  • shakira: hey though
  • me: hey
  • shakira: but dude what's up
  • me: idk man not a thing
  • shakira: i skated
  • me: dude yes
  • shakira: i know. also, pringles
  • me: you know i see you like this little sister i never had and you mean a lot to me and i want you to be really happy and your family doesn't get it and they're totally lame because they don't know how awesome and great you are so let me be the first to be like 'hey you are really a great person.' yeah
  • shakira: that makes me feel potatoes
  • me: i like potatoes.
  • shakira: me too