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sorry if i forgot anyone

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Hurnuh, Jams-runfree, Juliancasablancasdoesthings, Klingh0ffer,


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conversations between me and shakira
  • shakira:hey though
  • me:hey
  • shakira:but dude what's up
  • me:idk man not a thing
  • shakira:i skated
  • me:dude yes
  • shakira:i know. also, pringles
  • me:you know i see you like this little sister i never had and you mean a lot to me and i want you to be really happy and your family doesn't get it and they're totally lame because they don't know how awesome and great you are so let me be the first to be like 'hey you are really a great person.' yeah
  • shakira:that makes me feel potatoes
  • me:i like potatoes.
  • shakira:me too

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1. coffee or tea? coffee but only latte i am a weak bitch
2. top 10 albums of all time? GOD WHY

okay in no specific order uhm

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips

Bossanova - The Pixies

Yield - Pearl Jam

Nevermind - Nirvana

Machina II - Smashing Pumpkins

BadMotorFinger - Soundgarden

Reveal - R.E.M.

Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters

Animals - Pink Floyd

Daydream Nation - Sonic Youth

3. if you could relive any one event of your life, which would it be and why?

Road trips to the beach with my cousins when i was three omg i dont think i need to explain
4. favorite book? WHY i guess one of those Goosebumps things i remember there was a Hannah and ghosts it was surreal sorry
5. top 5 favorite bands?


Sonic Youth

Pink Floyd

Green Day

Smashing Pumpkins

6. would you rather spend money on concert tickets or music/merch? Music merch it’s a lot cheaper most times and i can be alone
7.  what is one goal you have for 2013? BUY MY BASS
8. play any instruments? the Guitar yeh i virtually play bass 2
9. hidden talents? i can be even funnier than cancer
10. what was the first album you ever bought? Foo Fighters’ first
11. if you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why? IDK i think somewhere in the Us uhm i was thinking of moving to Chicago or Seattle or Boston when i grow up im not sure if i want to live in london anymore ok Seattle ftm


1. do you like cats if u dont like cats imma stab u

2. have you ever masturbated to pictures of decapitated pigs you bloodmouth

3. do you glamorise cigarrettes

4. what is your favourite number

5. do you like Walruses

6. what does the number 6 make you feel

7. if you could be transported to any possible situation and i know you want one what would it be (bonus points if it is unprobable and illogical)

8. your favourite single cover art

9. a song that describes your crazy love for rocks

10. do you like pudding because i dont

11. what is love to your dog