By treating access to audiences as social currency, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and just about any widely used social media platform, are designed to incubate cultures of competition. … People start treating each other like ruthless transactions, carcasses to step over rather than human beings actively engaged in dialogue or disagreement. After a while it can feel like survival of the fittest. Sometimes it is. Just as billionaires have enormous resources at their disposal to manipulate the flow of power and preserve market dominance, social currency enables popular web-based activists to maintain dominance over online discourses. So while the visibility social media enables can be a valuable tool for the proliferation of alternative media, marginalized voices, and radical re-education, how that visibility is obtained and maintained can be painfully problematic.

[Slavoj Zizek] Ideology [/Slavoj Zizek voice] aside, has anyone else noticed what a pathetic Mickey Mouse operation Everyday Feminism is just, like, stylistically? At best they churn out modular, paint-by-numbers thinkpieces barely structured by a coherent argument and, at worst, sub-Buzzfeed listicles made up entirely of talking points. All in all the quality of writing is somewhere between “Slogans meant to be chanted rhythmically at a rally” and “verbal brain noise.” I may no longer agree with much of the feminist blogosphere but at least a place like, say, Tiger Beatdown had thoughtful and well-written content.

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At what point in history was /pol/ not Stormfront 2.0? The alt-righters didn't invade it, they CREATED the alt-righters by seizing on shit like #Gulliver'sGoat to convert impressionable neckbeards into an army of rightist culture warriors (scions of the pre-existing "formal" fringe right like Milo and Adam Baldwin helped speed this process along dramatically). Even before #GG and Trump they did shit like this (c.f. Ebola-chan), now they're just more numerous and quasi-organized

Like even within 4chan the Stormfriends have been gradually trying to annex other boards for years (see /tv/ for one place where they unequivocally succeeded). Even the term “alt-right” emerged from the racist blogosphere - overlapping heavily with SF and the core /pol/ userbase - in the late 2000s, and was used by /pol/ users to describe themselves years before it became a household term. /pol/ was the “alt-right” before it ever had a name, and it’s always been incurably infected with Nazis.

Yes, you are correct as far as I’m aware: /pol/ itself was never not some variety of right wing. I allowed myself what was at best an ahistorical crudity because I was too lazy to clarify the actual process by which 4chan got the way it is today. I might have said /b/ instead of /pol/, but that would only be slightly more accurate due to the complicated development of that culture which made it possible for later developments to occur, which was broader than even /b/ as I understand it.

Thank you for sending this ask, because the type of error I willingly included in my tags is the kind of error that I do not respect in others. The history of 4chan is fascinating and deserves to be properly understood, but for a variety of reasons most posts about the topic paint a picture which is misleading at best. Please forgive me.

(re: my offhand tag comments on this post)

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not to start shit but relevant, some months ago (maybe 7?) tumblr user edw*d reblogged a post condemning p*dophlic thoughts or impulses being called mental illness, and ed**d replied to the post, assumably defending self, to derail it that "lots of people" actually do have those urges but it's just like intrusive thoughts right like ocd? and it was like never addressed within the leftist™ blogosphere ever and it never sat right with me lmao? just goes to show the popular tumblr Funnies are shite

“not to start shit but-”

*proceeds to spend a paragraph talking to me about irrelevant drama*

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Hi Lou- Cindy- there is a lot of conjecture today around the Olicity blogosphere that MG may have released 5.20 spoilers because he did not want to lose a significant portion of audience from 5.16-19. There may be some semblance of truth to this. For me, I am here for the show. But if I were honest with myself, it is more for the wonderful fandom community here. I feel a sense of comfort an

People always go on with this kind of thing. 

And bottom line, people know squat about why MG does anything. Unless one of those people talking is actually MG, then it’s all just wild conjecture and assumptions based on very limited information and understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. 

Here’s the thing - everyone associated with Arrow wants us to watch it. Spoilers are meant to entice us to watch. This has always been how it’s been. 

Here’s the other thing - unrelentingly bad things has always happened on Arrow and they usually get more intense as we hurtle towards the end of the season. This has always been a thing. 

If people want to say there is a link there, okay, they can. All I know it’s always like this every year. It’s all anxieties and what ifs and then we get flashes of the end in sight. Same old same old. :)

But yes, I’m like you, Cindy, I’m just here to watch the show. The show which I KNOW is going to throw angst and drama at me for 98% of its 23 episode season, and then give me 2%, scattered throughout the season, to catch my breath. People saying, oh no, bad things must be coming because we’re getting a nice spoiler or a good interview.. umm, yes, it’s Arrow. Bad things are always coming. That’s the show. That’s always been the show. 

And it’s not the way to look at things, IMO. 

I’m in this to find out what happens to these characters I love. I accept there will be bad and good things happening to them. I know that when I get bad things, good things are coming. I also know that when I have good things, bad things are just around the corner. Personally, I always prefer to be in bad things and heading towards the good rather than being in good things heading towards the bad. That’s just my personality type. That’s why I really wasn’t a fan of 4A. I knew we were going to pay for all that cute stuff, and we did. >.< 

So, yeah, I just go with the flow. I accept that bad things and good things will happen to these characters and I will have to pay for the good times when bad things happen, and I’ll be rewarded for the bad times by the good times rolling around. I tend to look at stories as being cyclical and never ending, rather than getting past one point and we never go back. I think it makes it easier to just sit back and relax into the journey, knowing and accepting that good and bad things are always going to be a part of the package. :D 


Rosie: Start applauding.
Crowd: *cheers*
Rosie: That was weak! Do it again!
Sufjan: Actually, shh. I need to tune. Shut the hell up.
Rosie: Shut your mouths!

Right now, the only things keeping me anchored in what passes for reality are like. My mom. My good good friends who i text constantly. Y’all out here in the blogosphere. and uh. Youtube. Podcasts. People who I know are real? I know they’re real. I can’t touch them. But they’re real to me. It’s not fake. My mom’s not fake. Y’all aren’t fake. Jess and Tay aren’t fake. Jack and Matt and Mark and the grumps aren’t fake. The mcelroys aren’t fake. I don’t need to touch them to know. I just need to hear their voices. Read their words. That’s enough. And if I keep putting my writing out there, my voice, then that’s proof that I’m real too. Real like them. Real like you.