I’ve decided to do a blog of the month again! expect this time in a different way than before! 

anyway so if you don’t know what blog of the month means i hope this helps you understand?

choosing in two days from now

want to become my blog of the month?

  • must reblog this (likes don’t count)
  • must be active
  • you don't have to be a humor blog but it does help because i’m a humor blog and my followers are mostly humor 
  • you don’t have to be following me 

what you’ll get

  • you can have a link on my blog for a month
  • you can join my network
  • you can request any type of promo etc
  • you can become my friend? (if you want ofc)
  • and more

you can reblog as many times as you want ! i’ll pick a blog at random so i’m not going to be favoring anyone everyone has the same chance!

good luck friends! 


Hey lovelies,
Welcome to my first BOTM! It’s finally summer & I thought it would be the perfect time. Re blogging ends June 30th. I will be checking out everyone & will then select my 5 favorites. From there I will narrow it down to my July botm. Winner will be announced July 1st.
**please do not delete the text. It will not show on your blog**

•must be following me (pinkglitterr-xo)
•reblog this post as many times as you want; likes also count
•feel free to send me a message of why you want to be my botm (this will most likely increase your chances)
•any blog can reblog but girly/fashion blogs have a higher chance

•a follow from me if I’m not already
•up to 3 promos per week during July (:
• you’ll gain my followers
•a permanent place on my FAQ page under favorite blogs
•will be my new BFF
•advice (on your blog or jus anything) if you want; HTML help if I can!
•runner ups will receive 2 promos during July & a follow from me

That’s it loves. Get blogging & good luck everyone. Love Bri



To be in a chance of being my botm please follow these rules:

  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this, no likes!
  • Reblog no more than 5 times (to get your blog noticed)

The winner will get:

  • A link on my blog for a month
  • Unlimited promos whenever they want
  • A follow back (if i don’t follow already)
  • Narnia theme
  • Any help with votes/likes
  • Banner made

I will be choosing around 5 - 7 blogs to be put in a poll on the 22nd of July!

Any other questions, feel free to ask me here! Get reblogging & good luck!!

[please don’t delete the text it shouldn’t show up unless you really want it to]

It’s time for another darling to be chosen as my BOTM!

I really wanted to give back to my darlings so I’ve decided to make this a thing. You will be promoted over x,xxx active dashes for a whole month.



  • must follow me
  • reblog this post  
  • likes don’t count, but you can use them as a bookmark
  • any blog type is good
  • ends march 31st at 11:59pm EST
  • must reach at least 20 notes
  • winner will be chosen by me 

What I’m looking for

  • nice theme (basically if i can navigate easily it’s a plus )
  • organization 
  • kindness (i’m sure all of you have this anyways)
  • you can tag a post w/ ‘novltea’ and tell me more about yourself and your blog or interact with me (i don’t bite i swear) for a better chance.

If you win

  • your link will be on my blog
  • promos whenever i do them + whenever you want
  • follow from me if I don’t follow you already
  • if you want a fan sign, header, or playlist just ask
  • a closer bond with me

Happy reblogging and good luck!

I hope you end up liking this. I really love you darlings and I’m grateful for every one of you!

[Message me if you have any questions!]

Lots of love, Taylor

Want to be my August BOTM? Reblog/Like this and 6 lucky blogs will be chosen to enter my poll! Whoever gets the most votes will then be my botm :)


✘MBF me and my current botm


✘You will get promoted to my 2k+ followers

✘I will be your friend :)

✘A follow if I’m not following you back

✘Any sort of promo you would like at any time 

I know it’s early, I just want to give yall enough time to get as many votes as possible before August 1st when I choose my botm :)

I will choose the 6 blogs to enter in the poll when this post gets a decent number of notes but I will message all the winners so you know!

Good luck xx

hey everybody!

decided to start up blog of the month again as i am very bored at the moment and need to find some people to follow. rules are as follows:

- reblog to enter (likes don’t count)

- must be following me

- i will chose 10 of my favourites to be in the final, which will come down to a vote

- you have until sunday the 23th of feb to reblog this and the poll will be up on monday the 24th

- the winner will be chosen on the 1st march


what if you win?

- a screenshot and archive promo weekly during march to 11k+

- a link in my bio

- any codes/help etc

- be followed by everyone that wants to take part in april’s blog of the month

- a permanent spot on my ‘blog of the months’ page

- a new friend!


get reblogging peeps! love you all


I have decided to create a BLOG OF THE MONTH

To be considered, please reblog/like this post. I will be checking them all.

The only rules are you must be following me and post SOME Disney. 

The winner will get a link and weekly promo on my blog for the duration of the month. After, I’ll add them to my Blogs of the month page. 

Blogs will be chosen on October 20th

Thanks you guys! 


hi guys! we’re doing our first blog of the moth! if you want to be a part of it then like this post by thursday febuary 21st at 12pm (central time). MBF oceandancing. this post must reach at least 10 likes in order fo this contest to happen. we’ll put the top five blogs that we like in a poll for a week. for a better chance of making it into our top five send us a message on why you think you should be picked. whoever gets the most votes will get:

-a link on our blog for a month

-a follow from us (if we aren’t already following you)

-any kind of promo you’d like

-a blog rate

good luck babes!

December Blog of the Month!!

I will be creating a new Blog of the Month for December! To be considered, reblog or like this post! The only rules are that you must be following me and post Disney often (doesn’t have to be 100% Disney).

The winner will get a link on my page for a month and a permanent spot in my previous Blog of the Month winners. 4 nominees will be chosen on the 17th.

Thanks and follow my current blog of the month, undertheseaatdisney!

Reblog away!