Oh, Pippy...

'Billy the Kid’ (or as I see it, Pippy):Julia Zimmer
Behind the lense: Robert Bellamy
Styling Savant: Anne Sophie Thomas

In their October issue, Jalouse Magazine (who, by the way, get a shot of tequila for their editorial bravura) have re-written the rules of Fall/Winter 13/14.
Boho chic is alive and well and East London grunge is it’s new best friend.
When I first flicked through the editorial - masculine and elegantly ‘I don’t give a fuck’ - I got a strong Pippy-Long-Stalkings-goes-farming-in-Saint-Laurent vibe from the styling. GENIUS. 

I also thought “holy shit - it’s Pippy Long Stalkings”  and “why didn’t i think of this!!”…but my previous reaction makes me seem respectful and mildly knowledgable.


 Lotsa plaid, lotsa layers and LOTS of tights combos (as well as thight combos), this editorial is full of warm ideas for cold weather. This whole ‘i hate the cold’ thing is getting old, isn’t it… well, on another note, I really think we should invest in some thigh high socks. 

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Drop it like it's...


No matter where you are in the world, winter’s-a-comin (except for our hemispheric counterparts who’ve just got life aaaall figured out) bringing with it such pleasures as the uninterrupted, unwavering runny nose, the omnipresence of quasi- frost bitten extremities and, of course, the unflattering curse that is a negative-degrees wardrobe. The dilemma - everlasting and unbroken - is the choice one must make between looking mildly decent and not going numb from the cold. Here’s some streetspiration in the hopes of keeping us hot(ish) inside and out.

Now, about that last one - shall we all collectively run to our closets and attempt to stuff a crew neck underneath every dress we own? I think we should. On the count of 3…