My Workout Checklist Calendar :D

So I’m giving myself 5 different options, 

Squats: Christmas Booty workout, the number of squats to do that day is circled.
Tumblr: Any workout of my choice from the ones on the Workouts page on my Tumblr.
30 Day Shred: Self explanatory, do whichever level that date falls on (2-11 is Level 1, 12-21 is Level 2, and 22-31 is Level 3)
TIU: Tone It Up workouts/challenges for December (I filled in some of the blanks.)
B: Blogilates, I have to do the Blogilates Calendar workouts for that day. All of them.
RUN: Self Explanatory.
DANCE: 30 minutes of Blue Devils dance basics/combos.

I must do AT LEAST 3 of these choices every day and it MUST include the Blogilates calendar workout (Yes I changed my mind about the 30DS). 

Hitting it hard in December to finish out 2012 strong! :D

Also the boyfriend is coming home for Christmas and I want to look good! ;)

Day 1: COMPLETE!!! <3