I know monthly challenges don’t fix anything but I really enjoy doing them as I feel a great sense of accomplishment once I finish and even if I don’t get to do a proper workout on certain days I still feel like I’ve achieved something, this month I’ve chosen a few different ones ^ plus of course the 30 day abs and 30 day squats beginner level 2
wish me luck and feel free to join me!


New Video! So excited to announce my very first Baking Line with @WiltonCakes  The full line comes out later this year. l’ll keep you updated!

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm not sure if this is really what this blog is for, but I'm a young girl and I'm struggling a LOT with body image issues. My family hasn't been much help, making fat jokes about others. I'm looking at other girls around me to see that I'm doing fine, but they're all skinnier and stronger than I am. I've recently been not eating(just a few meals here and there, I'm trying to keep it under control) and I'm just worried. Are there any safe ways to lose weight and gain muscle? Please help!

Omg hi!!! I’m a certified personal trainer and a body-positive feminist who wants more than anything to help other women and girls love themselves so I really appreciate you asking for my advice on this!!

First of all:

Body image issues are never just about your body. Everyone has insecurities, and our culture teaches women and girls to project all those insecurities onto their own bodies. How many huge companies would go out of business immediately if all women decided they loved their bodies? Exactly.

You’re a smart, strong, creative, beautiful person, too smart to let patriarchy ruin the most sacred relationship you have - your relationship with your body.

And also, I know loving your body is so much easier said than done. Because the insecurities hiding behind body hatred are real. You might be feeling insecure about your place in the world (sooooooo many people feel this way too), and/or specifically insecure about your social experiences (also very common)… Whatever your true insecurities are, I promise so many other people are struggling with the exact same feelings. You are not alone. If there is an adult you can talk to, it can really help. At the very least, take some time to yourself, listen to music you like, and journal about your feelings and where they could be coming from… Also, just journaling in general can be so healing and helpful. You are not body insecurities. You are so much more. Get to know all those parts of yourself.

As for your family members making nasty comments… People who look down on other people do that because they feel so insecure and awful they feel they need to put others down to feel better. It’s really hard to grow up with that negativity, but remember that you have the potential to be stronger, wiser, kinder, and happier. You can be happier than your family members. You can be happier than the people you’re currently surrounded by. Because all you need to feel peaceful happiness is self-love. And the fact that you’re messaging me now about this indicates to me that you’re ready to start loving yourself.

As for the cutting back on meals, I want so badly to give you a massive hug, and then magically telepathically communicate to you how important it is for your growing body to get enough calories and nutrients. I promise you that eating less is absolutely not the answer. Starting to eat less at the age you are will only lead down 1 path, a path full of sadness and pain. It is so important that you understand this, so I’m repeating it: Eating less is not the answer.

Health, and body-love/self-love, is connected to eating nutritious food (lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, and whole grains like whole wheat bread and brown rice) and moving your body in ways you enjoy.

Happiness is not in numbers. There is no number great enough to give you happiness. You have to make happiness for yourself, by loving yourself. And your body is part of you

As for getting stronger, I love working out at home and there are 2 instructors on Youtube who are absolute amazeballs:

Yoga With Adriene - the sweetest and most knowledgeable yoga instructor I’ve ever seen

Blogilates - literally if a Disney princess was a pilates instructor

Their videos are beautiful and lovely and really fun to do and they seriously work. They’re basically my favorite way to get stronger for free.

I really hope you’re able to see this post and that it helps you on your self-love journey


So I successfully completed blogilates 28 day reset- no added sugar, no dairy, no processed food, no alcohol and no gluten on Jan 28. Because of the great improvements I’m seeing: face clearing and weight dropped I have continued with a slight modification. I will have a yolo meal/ treat once for the week.

Gym is going great. Consistently working out at least 5 times for the week. Cutting fat, gaining muscle and shaping out! All good stuff ☺️

Love life- I’ve met someone, actually from December. No intimacy, which I think is great because we are both operating objectively and really learning about the other. We are getting along quite well, had one disagreement but that was resolved by the next day. He seems so decent and sweet. Crossing my fingers on this one.

Work is going good. Really hectic now because I’m in trial court and will be til the end of the month but I am finding balance.

As for my goals for this year! I’m in the process, still can’t split but I am consistently practicing my stretches, in the process of acquiring another asset. I will need to check my goal list to see what else I have in store. I hope by the end of March to strike off at least 3 goals!

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Let's do this.

So I talked to a friend of mine who lost like over 20+ pounds within 6 months and then has been building muscles for the past two years on how he did it.
You can already tell I guess how I asked him.. “HOW THE HELL WHAT HOW WHEN BUT HOWWW? ” …ahem.

Anyway he told me that he:
•ate A LOT on breakfast (as long as it’s just one plate)
•ate salad with grilled chicken or meat or fish on lunch.
•snacks such as yogurt, fruits, etc.
•4-5 liters of water a day
•exercised a lot.
•5 cups of green tea a day
• and didn’t eat or drink ANYTHING but water after 5pm

I thought it was a bit extreme and he would be starving and how could he even do it, but then I was soo soo not happy with my body so I decided to try it.

Let me tell you that I know a lot of people might think this is WAY too extreme but I ate ALOT on breakfast and I ate a piece of fruit as snacks in school( and I don’t even like to eat in school). My water bottle was always in my hand cause I always drank water and exercised to Blogilates beginner 2.0 calendar for 2016 with walking/jogging everyday. And had a cheat day on Saturdays because I love those late night snacks.

Anyways I did that for a week and now I lost 4.5 pounds !!

I was 192 and now I’m 188 and I don’t, nor have I felt weak or tired throughout the week because I ate breakfast at 7. Snack at 12, with water in between the two meals. Lunch at 3 and then exercised for an hour everyday (20 minutes Blogilates and the rest is walking/jogging/dancing).and I sleep usually at 8/9pm

So I just wanted to share this with you guys because it really did help me a lot. And I’m not a trainer nor do I know anything about health yet. I’m just a girl who is fighting the demon inside of her and wants to lose weight and feel good. But what I did didn’t make me feel worst and actually made me feel better about myself.

Love ya. Xx

Favourite Health/Fitness/Natural Beauty Youtubers:

They vary a lot in style and content but hope you like them! Feel free to suggest any other bloggers you think I might like, especially British ones!


Left (2013. I started my journey with Blogilates Feb 2014) - 106kgs / 233lbs
Right (today, January 2016) - 69kgs / 152lbs

Highest weight - 110kgs / 242lbs
Goal weight - 64kgs / 141lbs
Height - 166cm

I started and quit and started and quit over and over. I was working with my friend who was a PT at the end of 2013 but wasn’t fully dedicated until I moved out of home, changed my eating, and started following Blogilates in 2014. I cannot stress enough that your diet plays a bigger part than working out!!! Fix your eating habits before anything and then it will fall into place when you create a healthy balance between the two.

I’m happy to answer any questions and help anyone who needs some motivation or someone to talk to :) xx

Don’t let the smile fool you my abs and arms are dead 😅 I did the Blogilates Victoria Secret Arms video again but I felt like I need to do some ab stuff, so I did 10 Min Fix for Abs from 21 Day Fix and I only lasted 5 mins 🙈 it was insane!!
I’ve been telling people at work that I’ve hit the 20 pound mark and then they’re like “oh you look so good!!” And I’m like, do I really though? 🤔 but I’ll take the compliments 💃🏻
I’m gonna be extra dead tomorrow 😣

my “last week before holidays” workout plan

1st day:

15 Minute Morning Yoga to Wake Up

Blogilates! Lower Belly Flattener

5 Minute Beautiful Booty

2nd day:

Power Yoga - with Adriene

Intense INNER THIGH Challenge

3rd day:

Bikini Yoga Flow

5 Best THIGH SLIMMING Exercises

4th day:

Jumping - I absolutely abhore cardio and this is the only way I can do it - trampolines and foam pits are so much fun!

5th day:

Yoga For Weight Loss/ Strengthen and Lengthen

5 Minute Flat Abs!

6th day:

15 Minute Yoga for the Low Back & Legs

8 min bikini butt workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series

Back on Fire | POP Pilates

7th day:

6 Min to Sexy Thighs

5 Best Exercises to Flatten your Lower Belly