as u may know im a huge sucker for the “ragtag bunch of misfits become a family” trope so i rly like the idea of lamia getting over her fears of attachment/commitment later in life and forming a sort of coven as an adult. like not necessarily witches but just other supernaturals/cryptids

i love him so much. i never expected to find someone so wonderful to spend my life with when i came down to florida for this internship. all sorts of random chance events lead up to me meeting my love. but let’s be honest: if it meant me finding him, it wasn’t chance, but fate. i was wondering when my prince (or princess or any royalty tbh i wasn’t picky) would come! he’s a little smaller than i expected but that doesn’t mean anything to me. he’s perfect in every single way. mahal kita, francis. 2560 miles means nothing in the face of true love like ours.

a subplot in this grey’s episode involved the reveal that like. like the patient was sawed almost in half by accident by her magician husband but it turns out that she and the other assistant chick were in love and after the shock he was like, fair enough i’ve been a substandard husband