anonymous asked:

Do you know what happened to 'bobbycaputo'? He hasn't posted in a while.

I really wish I did. I reached out to him last week but he didn’t provide any information. I really hope he’s okay. There was this post from last week, and this was his last post.

I’m really hoping that he’s just stepped away from Tumblr for a little while and that he’s okay. I think of him frequently and would like to know that he’s at least okay.

My Tumblr crushes:

1. Brooklyn Mutt
2. Blogging is Overrated
3. Shortformblog
4. Gray Blue
5. topherchris
6. The Frogman
7. I’m With Kanye
8. Sir Mitchell
9. The Tens (SF)

In following the above blogs, and having the good fortune of interacting with some of the people behind them, I have gained a bounce to my step, a song in my heart, fresher breath, and a shinier coat. Your results may vary.