blogging through tears

Do you know what my favorite line of dialogue is from Uncharted 4? I’m gonna tell ya:

This shit gets me. Every. Single. Time. It perfectly sums up… Everything. Their entire relationship. Everything they’ve been through and are currently going through. And it’s some subtle foreshadowing (this game does some spectacular foreshadowing and one day I’ll sit down and do a gif set of the best examples of it because damn.) 

Every time this guy blunders his way into some disaster, here comes Elena Fisher at hour zero to save his ass and push him on to achieve his (lbr, crazy) goals. This game is full of damn fine writing and this is my absolute favorite line in the entire goddamn game. This entire scene is so subtle and heartfelt and heart-breaking in its melancholy.

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hey i hope you're having a good day. i have used up the rest of my peanut butter to make cookies for friends, and i thought that would be a nice thing to tell you. i scrolled through your blog and teared up, and i thought that would be a nice thing to tell you too. i'm sorry you're suicidal, and i am too, but it's gonna be okay, i think. have a nice cup of tea or smthn for me, man!

that’s kind of you to think of me. peanut butter cookies are the absolute best and i hope you enjoy them! we’re going to heal one day and it’s going to be fantastic

Oh m y god? This is impossible?? I never imagined any blog of mine would hit such a number of followers and I’m honestly freaking o ut

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THIS SUPPORT. When I first made this blog 3-4 months ago, I thought it’d go horribly. I was so sure that people wouldn’t like my designs or my interpretation of these two dorks and this blog would die out in a few weeks tops.

But now, here we are, 3-4 months later and all of you guys are here and you all support this blog and its headcanons and story and honestly, this has moved me in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s hard to believe 100 people care so much about something I created, let alone 4000. I’m actually getting super emotional as I type this– omg my eyes are literally burning with tears–

Thank you all so, so very much! We love you and appreciate every single one of you for being here at all and having the interest of reading our stories.

Anyway, as a celebration for this wonderful surprise, I’d like to invite every single one of you to a fun little event!

My brother and I decided we’d get back together for another round of Undertale to celebrate what we experienced together when we bought this game for the first time! Come join us as we take a stroll down memory lane through the Underground and enjoy the Pacifist story once more! The goal of this playthrough is to have fun and not die a single time! (which I’m sure we can do… maybe… who knows)

Information on the stream below!

Where: Taidatenshi Picarto Stream

When: Friday, September 30th at 3pm (PST) / 6pm (EST)

With Who: Taida (Mod of the blog) and her bro, Tatsu

I hope you all enjoy! I can’t thank you guys enough for being here and I hope we can continue enjoying our time together and having a good time on this blog! <3

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‡‡ But then again, you oughta know how much I like your muses. (Yeah... Muses. Plural.) >:3

[ ☢ For @isaakbutler ] 


That’s right, high fuckin’ five.  Right on, yo!  Boo-yah.  

Thank you for all the support over all the years, through all the blogs, through all the tears.  … ok, not really tears, I just wanted to use that because it rhymed and had a nice flow.  And, by the way… thank you for coming out from the shadows and sending this.  I will pull you out of your shell and out into the light, just you wait and see, yo.  *insert evil laugh here*

Oh yeah… and thank you, I dont know if I said that yet.  *re-reads*  Oh, yep I did.  Well… have another! And another!  -Thank you-  And another!! -THANK YOU!-

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i've had katsudon before but never a katsudon full of eros!! is there a special ingredient or something??? (askshibainuyuuri)

“Preferably eaten after competitions because winning is sexy. But thanks for letting me pet you!!” :0

(( @askshibainuyuuri ))

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imagine camp half-blood at a campfire the night before a huge battle/war and everybody is sort of silent. the fire could be a worrisome color and even the apollo kids aren't singing. now imagine one camper, amongst the silence, begins to sing a solemn accoustic version of Heroes by Alesso. It's eerie and beautiful and eventually a few others join in. "We could be heroes, me and you." LIKE IMAGINE HOW COOL AND PRETTY THAT WOULD BE.