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I was tagged by the lovely @tempetes! thank you so much beautiful! 💕

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nickname: none really

star sign: taurus

height: 5'0

time right now: 10:30 pm

last thing i googled: local wedding photographers website to suggest to a old friend since I don’t photograph weddings lol

favorite music artist: i wouldn’t know where to begin! i love a lot classic rock

song stuck in my head: none atm

last movie i watched: i really don’t remember since I’ve been watching tv series a lot lately

last tv show i watched: the goldbergs, but im watching crossing jordan right now

what i am wearing: pjs; dark blue spaghetti strap top, light blue polka dot pj pants, brown cardigan. im cozy 😊

when i created this blog: april 2014, i had to check my archive i couldn’t remember lol

the kind of stuff i post:  nature, personal posts, self love & generally positive/inspirational posts, gardens, cute things & animals 💕💗

why i chose my url: im a cosmic being & my name is cora so wa la 💖

gender: female

hogwarts house: gryffindor or hufflepuff

pokémon team: I’m afraid I am an inexperienced pocket monster keeper / i do not know bc i do not play

favorite color: purple 💜

average hours of sleep: now that im working, 6 and a half or so unless i go to bed like right this second to try to get 7 hrs. if im not working ill easily sleep a good 10 or 12 hrs lol

lucky number: 2, 22, 222

favorite character: soo many gah idk where to begin

dream job: singer, writer/fiction author, travel nature photographer, organic greenhouse owner  🌷💞✨

number of blankets i sleep with: just my comforter usually and a sheet ?

one interesting fact about me: I’ve been skydiving! 😇💓

20 Blogs(only do it if u want to!): @ultravioletwitch, @aloveinbloom, @littlestleaf, @lilacsanpeonies, @sleepy-lilac, @faeralyn, @hernamewastruth, @forevergratefulo, @faroutflower, @wovenbirds, @thepocket-mouse, @dyllynfell, @littletinyghost, @honeykissedtea, @welcome2myadventure, @geminichick523, @astral-alien-babe, @witchpurr, @iwishiwasafairy, @mintandmugwort

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I just want to be with Daddy already.

I wanna sit in his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms squeezing him into the tightest hug he’s ever had. I want him to hug me back tightly, but then softly lay his palms on my shoulders and grip lightly to peel me away from him, but just for a moment– just long enough for him to look me in the eyes and tell me how much he loves me. Then he’d pull me back into his embrace, and as he did he’d give me a kiss on my forehead. His lips would linger for a moment, then he’d continue pulling me into his chest. He’d gently twirl his fingers through my hair and tell me stories. And I’d feel safer than ever before.

au where the monsters are actually a band and andrew writes songs on the rooftop about neils eyes and what it feels like to fall

this started out as a doodle and like always i got carried away

edit: forgot to mention this was inspired by And we’ll be running by @allyasavedtheday check is out its incredible

IG: @brittanie_evans