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Tips and Ideas for Writing Post-Apocolypse

Writing post-apocalypse/dystopian future can actually open a large range of possibilities and original ideas but there are some things we should try to keep in mind. The problem with this genre is that is a heavily research-based genre, it requires a lot of information so a lot of things can slip up or be forgotten.

Limits of the Body - This is something that seems to be largely forgotten unless in extreme situations. Yes, humans are tough, but they are also weak. We have that balance of nature within us. People can keep going whilst in a lot of pain, but something like a headache could knock them senseless. I knew someone who got shot in the leg and ran three miles because he thought he had been hit by the brick. The second he realised he had actually been shot and was safe to do so, he collapsed in pain. Quickly establish what your characters can and cannot do.

Children - Children are more robust than so many people give them credit for, they wouldn’t make it to adulthood otherwise. Children are emotionally stronger than they are physically but many children have a lot more endurance for their size than adults because they have to keep up with adults. Two good examples are The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Hygiene - Namely with periods and stuff. It is hard work keeping the body clean, so personal hygiene will be poor but people tend to stop caring at a point when they realise how hard it is to maintain. A lot of people would revert to old fashioned methods of vagina health as well, so people would use reusable cloth or diva cups. The only book I know of that covers this is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

Simple Killers - More people died of the Spanish flu than in the First World War (source). It is surprising how often it is “little things” that kill people off. An emotional death does not have to be all that dramatic, no bloody death or major killer. Something as simple as a small cut that festered will kill someone if not treated correctly. An asthma attack, diabetes, things we see as treatable would make quick work of us without medical aid. Also most deaths are really simple and sudden.

World Limitations - What is this obsession with guns and everything happening in the summer and unlimited cans of food? No, let’s be honest, none of these are realistic. Guns will not last, can goods will be snatched up by the shop loads, most natural disasters will happen in spring or autumn. Remember to do the key thing, make your world real and people are more likely to believe it.

Take a Page - Who are most renowned for their post-apocalyptic stories? British pre-1950s authors. Why? Their worlds are real, the possibilities of what could happen in those worlds are real. Some where and still are scarily accurate, they looked at the current and possible state of things, creating a world too similar to our own. Great examples like 1984 by George Orwell, The Death of Grass by John Christopher, The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, Soylent Green and the Mad Max Series.

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So glad you other people have this issue. my first character was a Qunari and his speech almost put me off the character entirely. Trespasser made me feel even odder, I mean he's just as bad as corypheus isn't he? Maybe worse, Corypheus was confused and not entirely understanding the world he was in, but Solas deliberates for years and comes to his decision. The character icks me out, and it's nice to hear others have similar issues with him.

But its tragic and hunky and sympathetic when he does it. And that whole idea – both the justification of his actions because ‘Solas is smarter than you’ and the pining over his faux open-minded outlook – robbed the man of the development he desperately needed. No one needed contrary, argumentative dialogue options more. Juxtaposed against other companions and even villains, it honestly just doesnt line up.

The opportunities to invalidate Merrill over restoring a part of elven culture for all of elven kind in DA2 are staggering. Meanwhile, you can validate and praise and enable the hell out of Solas’ desired trajectory of elven existence. You can agree with him far more than you can disagree and upset his perspective. You can even empower this man who doesn’t give two shakes about elves that dont fit his ‘real person’ or ‘true elf’ criteria to decide the fate of all mortal kind.

And, like you said, Corypheus made similar decisions. The narrative clearly defined him as a villain that had to be taken down; non-negotiable. Now we give pause because….why??

I enjoy moody and dark characters who walk a lonely road on the boulevard of broken dreams, but Weekes was so unironically fixated on it that Solas ended up losing out on valuable character development. He’s presented as a sad anti-hero, Weekes considers him a sad anti-hero for sure, but Solas isnt. His goals are self-serving and destructive and even if he loses sleep at night he’s resigned to antagonism. He’s an antagonist. It just feels desperate to pursue any other definition at this point. Solas deserves better than just being Weekes’ protected pointed-eared Gary Stu. Protect that bald bastard. :^/

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How peter cheers his so up after a bad day

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It’s been a funny old week, and I’d love a peter to snuggle with

Master list

He won’t push you to tell him what’s bothering you, he knows that when you’re ready you’ll tell him

He would be as upset as you were, when you did tell him.

He would do all that he could, to make it better

Snuggling up together, as he insists on watching your favourite happy film

A never ending supply of sweets, treats and cuddles

If somehow he doesn’t have what you would like, he would run and get it, no matter how specific or ridiculous

He’d try his best to make you laugh

He’d play your favourite songs

Asking you to dance with him

He might even let you win at ping pong

Vibrating his hands gently, as he rubs your shoulders 

Rubbing comforting circles across your back until you drift off to his soft chatter

Setting a sweet kiss to your forehead as he snuggles down to sleep by your side


Have a great day and be safe


when you steal his clothes | logan howlett

This is more of a drabble so sorry to the anon who requested an imagine

Word Count: 281

Logan wasn’t in the best mood when he woke up this morning, or in his case, this afternoon. He moved his arm to pull his beautiful girlfriend closer to him, but all he felt was cold sheets. Groaning, he opened his eyes to check the clock. It was already one in the afternoon. All Logan wanted to do was lay in bed all day but, he couldn’t do that cause he was late to the classes he was suppose to teach.

As he was searching for close to wear, he heard the door open but didn;t bother to look because he knew who it was. “Y/N? Where the hell is my jacket? I’ve been looking everywhe-” Logan complained, only wearing a shirt and boxers, as you walked through the door. He looked at you, a sheepish smile on your face, attempting to explain yourself. “It- it was cold this morning and I was in a hurry to get some coffee so, I didn’t try looking for mine.”

Logan just sighed. “Well, you do look pretty hot in that jacket.” He said walking towards. “But, I think you look even better with it off.” He smirked, pushing the leather off of your body. Logan kissed your shoulder and groaned yet again, leaning his head against yours. “I have to get to my class Y/N. I’m already late.”The mutant complained, going to pick up his jacket when you stopped him.

“Logan, there are no classes today. So,” You paused, pulling him closer to the unmade bed.” We can do whatever we want.” You smirked. Logan smirked as well. “I think I’ve been a bad influence on you.” He said kissing your neck. 


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(that ass tho)

Note: Oooh, fancy request. This was quite fun to write actually. Do send me more of these creative requests ^-^

I’m gonna be honest and say that there probably isn’t a single person on this entire planet who wouldn’t freak out if they woke up to a zombie apocalypse. That is why I think writing their reaction would be pretty much the same. Ya know, jooheon running up and down the apartment screaming, shownu trying to calm him down but then minhyuk would make it worse with his overreactions and yeah, long story short, it’d be kaos. So instead of that I focused on writing about their positions.

Safety and raid - Shownu + Wonho + Jooheon 

This is a big post as safety and raid of useful items is probably one of the most important things in a world where rules have no value anymore and you have to fight for your safety. Shownu and Wonho have incredible strength due to their hard training so they would be very uuseful in this position. Finding medicine, food, weapons, batteries or any other type of things that could be useful. Jooheon is strong tok but I feel like he is also very observant. He may be very easily scared but that would in this situation be very useful as it would enable him to notice threats fast. Also building out and keeping their base safe is important and a job that would require great strength. In case of an attack they would also be the ones on the frontline as they are probably used to dealing with the zombies due to their raid tours. 

Coordinator – Minhyuk 

I see Minhyuk as a very capable leader. Shownu and Minhyuk often work together in the group and would also in this situation. Even though Shownu is primarily placed on the Safety and Raid post he’d often coordinate new raids, builds and help locate new possible hide outs together with Minhyuk. Minhyuk may not be as strong bodely but he is mentaly. This is an important aspect that would be very useful in a zombje apocalypse. Especially during attack having a cool head and clear plan is life saving. 

Food and First Aid – Kihyun 

Is this even a surprise? I mean Kihyun isn’t monsta xs mother for nothing. I can see him being in charge of making the food that Shownu, Wonho and Jooheon would bring back taste at least decent. Nutrition and calories are important for survival so it’s important that the food consumed stays in the body and is rationed the right way. Kihyun seems very capeable of this. Also first aid would be important. Being sick or injured in an infected world is dangerous and could, in a worst case scenarios, even lead to death. May it be stomach aches because of food gone bad, injuries from a fight or just a stupid fall, Kihyuns got you covered. 

Inventor – Hyungwon + Changkyun 

This post may seem fancy or unescessory at first glance , and may be in the first few days, but the longer you live in this situation the more creative do you have to be to continue to survive. That’s where Hyungwon and Changkyun come in play. They are both very smart which would allow them to build and invent things that will make the life in this type of world a tiny bit easier. After raiding everything in the area either have to move around a lot or come up with your own solutions. From building greenhouses for growing their own food, radiowave based communication systems and waterfilters to inventing traps and alarm solutions, this position would be great for Hyungwon and Changkyun. 

burnt toast ||hank mccoy

Word Count: 536

I totally didn’t reread this

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Last night was amazing. Hank had decorated your entire apartment with rose petals leading to your bedroom. In your room, there were candles lit everywhere with more rose petals on the bed. At the foot of your bed stood your lover with a dorky smile on his face, holding even more roses. You thanked him for all of the flowers and well, one thing led to another.

You expected to wake up next to your favorite scientist but instead you woke up in a pool of sheets and not in your lovers arms. You stretched out your arms and decided to get out of bed. Stark naked. So you took the white button up from last night and wore that. You walked out of the room, noticing that he cleaned up the rose petals. You smelled an amazing aroma from the kitchen and walked over there to see Hank looking stressed with an apron on. You snuck up behind him and put your arms around his waist, feeling his abs on the other side of his long torso. “Morning blue.” You sighed. He turned around so that your face was now in his chest.

“You were supposed to stay in bed. I was making you breakfast and everything.” He chuckled, kissing the top of your head. You stayed like that for a while, not noticing the world around you. You leaned up wanting to kiss him but you were interrupted by the smell of something burning. But before you can say anything, the smoke alarm went off. Hank had a look of panic in his eyes, hurriedly checking the stove. You backed away, giggling a bit at how flustered he look. Feeling useless, you went to go disarm the annoying smoke detector.

Once you were done with that, you looked behind you to see how Hank was doing. He was still freaking out. “What did you burn?” You asked, moving to sit by the island.

“Ummmm, ugh. It was the bacon (or whatever).” He struggled while scratching the back of his neck. “And the eggs…..” He looked so sad but all you did was laugh.

His head perked up. “I mean the coffee/tea is okay.” Hank smiled as he poured some of the warm liquid into a mug before handing it to you. “Thank you. Besides, I don’t need you to cook for me to know that you love me cause I see it in your eyes every day.” You confirmed with a loving look in your eyes. He walked up between your thighs, put your mug down, and started kissing his way down your neck.

Before he could even begin to pleasure you any further, you heard a ding. Hank turned around as fast as he could to get the rest of your breakfast together. You heard him sigh. “What’s wrong?” You asked, getting off the counter and closer to your lover. “I-I burnt the toast too.” He replied with red cheeks. You laughed, putting your fingers on his chin to drag his face toward yours for a kiss. “God I love you.” You whispered against his lips.

“I love you too.” Hank whispered,grabbing your waist. Recreating the magical night you both had.

15th December. Antis and ReySky theorists walk into the cinema to see The Last Jedi.

“We’re gonna collect reylo shippers tears today, HA!” They say as the movie starts.

But the shock, the horror is painted on their faces when none of what they expect happens. All their bad-conceived theories crumble down in the span of two hours. When the lights come on again, they’re left in their seats. Paralysed. Terrified. Doomed.

“How… how are we going to face Tumblr after this?”

“I made 3 whole blogs just to hate on reylo, I will look like a fool now!”

“At least you don’t have a blog called reyskywalkerforpresident.”

The apocalypse begins. Entire blogs disappear, URLs change, people swearing to their gods that they never meant to hurt anyone and were totally shipping reylo since the beginning, people denying ever believing in such a stupid, debunked thing as Rey Skywalker, thousands of words of hate disappear from tumblr without a trace.

It’s the 16th December. The reylo tag has never been as clean from hate as it is today. It almost feels unreal.

“I always knew they couldn’t be cousins! Please believe me! I never meant to tell anyone to die over a ship!” an anti screams down the corridor as they get dragged away.

But it’s not that easy. It can’t be that easy.

A lonely ReySky theorist trembles in a corner. The Reylo fam looks around. Everything is quiet. All Antis gone.

“When they come and ask you what happened here,” a reylo shipper tells the poor soul, “tell them that Tumblr remembers. Tell them that Reylo shippers came for them.”