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I’m Too Chubby…

Daddy : *talks about how he’d pick me up*

Me : *weighs more than him* uhm… Y-yeah…

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anonymous asked:

Hi me and my little have been dating for a little over a month now we've had an amazing time so far but we both have depression and it's hard to get out of it sometimes she helps me but I can't get her out sometimes any advice on how to pick her up and put her in little space? (Btw we have to do long distance so like physical stuff won't work sorry for the trouble but it looks like you have such a good relationship that I thought I would ask, again thank you hope you can get back to me)

Hello there!!
Aw! Depression is such hard thing to overcome! I have terrible depression and anxiety. My Daddy is such an amazing guy! He would sit on call with me while I would cry and try to calm me down and raise my spirits.
Here are a couple of suggestions to try to help your little that help me! (My Daddy and I are also in a long distance relationship)
~You could sit on call with her even if she doesn’t want to talk. Just to be able to be there Incase something does happen (Daddy and I just sit on call together even if we don’t do anything specifically, it’s just really comforting to have him there)
~Ask her how she is doing, and even if she says she’s okay, ask if she promises that is how she is truly feeling (I know that when my Daddy ask how I am, and then I say I promise, that even if I don’t really feel that way, I will tell him how I really am feeling)
~Asking her who your little is, who you love the most, who you’re proud of, or just little things like that. It could trigger the beginning of little space (It always makes me giggle and smile and makes me feel better. I then start to go into little space slowly after that if other things are said or done to trigger it)
~Asking her to colour or draw you a picture, and telling her that you really want to see something she’s going to create for you! Then, if she does it, make sure to tell her how proud it makes you and how much you like t. (This is what my Daddy does and it helps me. He really likes when I draw and colour for him, and though I’m still feeling down, his reassurances and interest in my activities makes me feel special and happy)
~Offer to watch a movie of her choosing! (You can use to stream it together!)
~Offer to do really any activity together. Even if she says no, try to get her to do it even as a distraction. (This is really helpful for when I just don’t do anything and just sit and think too much, to actually get up and do something and then with Daddy makes it even more fun and special, as I just really enjoy spending time with him in any way)
~You could have her cook or bake. (This is one of the only things that helps distract me from myself)
~You could write her little notes every day telling her how special she is to you! This would boost her self confidence (even if its slightly) and just bring a smile to her face! Even if only for a moment.
~If you know when her depression gets worse, you could make sue to call with her and let her fall asleep in call Incase she wakes up with a bad dream or can’t sleep because of her own thoughts. (This really really helps me and makes me feel comforted and just not alone with my own thoughts. Daddy makes sure to stay in call for a long while and check up on me. I’ve woken up an hour or so later and he’s still there. It’s just so so comforting to have him there!)

These are a couple of ideas!! I hope they helped! If I think of anymore I’ll leave them in the comment like section!!
I hope this helped and that you and her both start to feel better!!!! Stay safe!!


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I feel super spooky and witchy in my spooky onesie but also I have the cutest witch themed kitten collar to match <3 My collar was made by @masters-little-pet-fox and I finally got a good picture of it that i love. How cute is this picture lol Anyways!

Sunday, October 22 2017 | 10:21 PM

It’s been a long time since my last post, but bunnystudies is back! I graduated college and have been working a research job full-time, but now that I’m gearing up for European history PhD applications I have use for a studyblr again! I’ll be posting about my application process, language studies, and my work on World War II.

P.S. I logged in to a ton of questions from last year… Sorry for my lack of my reply, it seems silly to get back to you all a year late!


Littles’ Minecraft Realm!

Welcome to Daddy H and Vixie’s minecraft world!! We shared pictures of our server a few days ago and asked if people would be interested playing with us and a lot of people acted like they were so here you go! Come play with daddy and I! In our realm you’ll start off in a starter village (made by yours truly) with some little things to get you going (a bed, a wooden sword, pickaxe, axe, and some apples) and you have access to a really large community farm! Play in survival and mine for your resources, build a house, breed animals, and all the other fun minecraft things!

The realm is open to all age regression community or any sfw blog!! (No kinksters)

Realms cost money to keep open so it’s $3.50 to join and the money will be put towards keeping the realm open for people to play and love!! Also, to give more people a chance (and to ensure the realm stays open and paid for), we’re giving players the option to renew their spot on the server by providing a monthly payment or giving up their spot and allowing new people to come and join!!

There are 7 available spots!!!

Must message
as she’s the money maker, the master, and the brains of the situation (I just make things look pretty)

♡ PC, iOS, Xbox one, Virtual reality Minecraft versions
♡ $3.50 via PayPal (we’ll give you the info when you’ve been accepted)

Your Minecraft account must be linked to an xbox/Microsoft account!!!!
♡ When you give us your payment, you must leave a note giving us the “Gamertag” so that we can invite you to the server!
♡ Must have a sfw blog

♡ Don’t destroy or modify any pre-existing buildings.
♡ DO NOT steal from Our house. I know it’s made of diamond but don’t be yucky.
♡ If you take food from the farm, it must be replanted
♡ Harassment will NOT be tolerated
♡ No stealing from other players

note: our realm was built around and looks best in the candy texture pack, but it is not included

At any given moment you are the space that takes up the most room with all your stars and asteroids and unknown
you are the void that devours until existence is a question
and I am reaching for my chest grasping at cloth
because that is the only thing I know remains for sure
you are all-consuming 
the only nature you know
is how to take and yet
I feel full
like my belly is bloated
with moon dust
and sunlight 
and I am
—  when you become a universe