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The True RPG Horrors! - Pet Peeves in RPG Maker Horror Games:

Looking through what aspects through rpg maker horror games (or just rpg maker games in general) on what makes and breaks a game, prepare for a really in-depth time. We’re going on an adventure through the most basic aspects of a game that you can see in a game, all the way to the things that people make up as “canon”.

Over the years since the birth of games like Yume Nikki, Ib, Mad Father, The Crooked Man and other iconic titles, there have been titles introduced into the rpg maker community which are iconic, but for reasons which are…bad…in one aspect or more! Anytime I don’t speak about a game that’s featured, that means that the gameplay just fills the video with something to look at while hearing.

Timestamps for each category spoken about below:
1. Game Title: 0:44
2. Title Screen/Menu: 2:37
3. Introduction: 3:21
4. Characters: 4:26
5. Scripting: 6:02
6. Story: 7:20
7. Mapping: 8:39
8. Spelling & Grammar: 9:52
9. Riddles & Puzzles: 10:49
10. Randomness: 13:46
11. Horror: 15:06
12. Dark: 18:07
13. Difficulty: 20:53
14. The Same Thing: 22:42
15. Production/Blogs: 24:26
16. Translations/Releases: 26:45
17. Hypotheticals: 29:25
18. Endings: 32:07
19. You (Fan): 34:33
20. You (Developer): 37:18

The video also serves to show if you’re a developer yourselves on what and what not to include in your game(s). At times, a rant is here and there but ultimately should be at best educational with a little banter involved. Took about half a day to prepare this video including gameplay recording, voice recording and editing.

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“I Don’t Read Your Blog Anymore Because…” is now posted in the “pages” section:

*Can you think of any other good reasons - message me and I’ll add them. On facebook I received a message about sensational titles to make you click on posts like these:

  • “I’m Getting Divorced in 2014…” Then the next sentance reads, “…if I didn’t love my husband so much!”
  • “I’m Quitting Blogging…” “…if I wasn’t having so much fun!”

Dear anon,

Yes I am aware that not everyone has a good relationship with their mother, I am one of those that do not.

I am also aware that not everyone wants to be or  can be a mother.


I am a mother, a grandmother and an Auntie. 

I have three children that are the light of my life and 6 grandchildren that are the stars in my night sky.

I have 17 Nieces and Nephews that bring me much joy.

I also have many people, big and small that I have embraced as my “children” and they enrich my life in ways beyond measure.

I had a grandmother that taught me many wonderful things about how to be the person I am today. 


I will not say “sorry” because you found my post offensive nor will I beg for your forgiveness. 

I choose to celebrate the things that bring me happiness and make my life complete. Being a mother and grandmother are two of the biggest aspects of my life.

 you can always unfollow…

I’m sorry to rant but my biggest pet peeve is when other people call suicidal people selfish. Don’t get me wrong I do see where you are coming from but you also need to know how much pain and suffering someone is going through to even think of choosing suicide and when we do it’s at this point that our minds are telling us that everyone would be okay and better off anyways. So please, think and choose your words wisely before you speak.

50+ Things That Are Annoying To Cashiers and Sales Associates

If you work in retail like I do, you will relate to this, but if you don’t, these are things that you probley do that are super annoying to us! These are 50 things that annoy the crap out of us whether were cashiering or on the Sales Floor.

I am not going to name where I work because I don’t want anyone whining about anything.  These problems happen just about everywhere. These are not in any particular order either. (There all equally annoying lol)

1. When a customer comes up to check out and they sit the hand basket on the belt and expects YOU to unload their items. NO! Just like items in a cart, you need to unload your own stuff!

2. Letting your kids run around like it their own personal playground. No! That’s what the park is for, don’t let your kids tear the store up!

3. Just because you wanna shop and your kids are such a pain, do not let them push around a play cart, or play with the toys. You know you will leave it in a random isle and wont buy it.

4. Please, DO NOT open items up before they are paid for.  If you don’t like it, bring it back and return it.  I get tired of finding curtains, bedding, small appliances, etc. that people open up and leave on the shelf all ripped open, and then they take a nice, pretty packaged one off the shelf, not the one they just ripped to shreds.

5. When your zoning or facing an isle and someone just comes up behind you or on the side of you and just stands there expecting you to turn and ask if the need help. No, if you need help, ask, but don’t just stand there and stare at me. Its creepy.

6. When your in an isle and customers are near, and they know your there and you hear them saying “lets ask her” or one spouse to another whispering “go ask her.” That’s awkward.

7. Same thing when they say to one another “I don’t know where its at” or “I dont know if they have it” and your right there and you kind of have to ask them if they need help. If we walk away its kind of obvious we don’t wanna help you.

8. When you decide to bring in all 10 of you kids and they each pick out a toy and you want them to each get rang out sepertaly so they can each pay with there own money. (That is sometimes all in change.)  That is super annoying, Just pay all together and make my life easier and not to mention the line of people behind you.  

9. When you have items like furniture, bikes, lawn and patio,  They don’t want the one thats on the floor ready to go, no, they want one from the backroom in its box.  Sorry, that’s not happening, you will take this one or none at all.  I will fib and tell them that’s all we got.  Sorry!!!

10. Just because there is a dent or a banged up corner on the box, that does not mean you can have a new one from the back or a discount   Only if the actual item is damaged you will get a discount. 

11. Crazy coupon ladies with a million coupons trying to be slick. If your coupon is expired, exceeds the items value, not the right items, not enough items, you will not be using that coupon and don’t get mad about it!!

12. Please if you decide against and item, take it to the cashier or a sales associate, don’t just leave it somewhere.  Its a lot of work to collect and put all that stuff back.

13. DO NOT eat or drink items before its paid for.  We have this problem a lot.  We don’t know if you intend on paying for it, or trashing the rapper.  Its not right and illegal!! (Stealing)

14. The fitting rooms are for cloths only! Tops and bottoms, no socks, undies, belts, accessories, nothing like that.  Also, obviously no other items either,  I don’t care if your cart has your kid + items, you will have to leave the items out! That’s why we check and count everything so you don’t go in with 5 and come out with 3!

15. If you want you items bagged a certain way, you better be bagging it yourself! If you come threw my line and piss me off, I will freaking put your cleaning supplies in with your food or cloths. 

16. Stop being petty and just sit you stuff on the dam belt.  Yes it may be a little grubby but get over it!! You can wash you cloths, because they will get dirty anyways!

17. Don’t put all your stuff up and neglect to put a divider up!! Not just so I can tell when your order stops and the next one starts, but do it for the next customer to be nice.  Don’t get mad at me when I start ringing up stuff that’s not yours!!

18. When you come threw my line and your on your phone and I acknowledge you, you better reply and don’t ignore me! Super rude! Otherwise you wont get a goodbye greeting and your bags will be over filled and your bread will be at the bottom of the bag!

19. If your card declines, that’s not our fault! Registers don’t tell us why your card declined.  You need to know how much you have before you go shopping!

20. When your order is $5.98 and you only have a $5 bill and the rest change, you have to count out 98 cents…..that’s a pain to have to wait for you to count out all your change,

21. When we already have bagged your stuff and then you decide to tell us you have reusable bags. I’m not unpacking your stuff that’s already in plastic bags. Sorry!

22. With the canvas bags, don’t request one item per bag so you get the extra discount…and older people especially, don’t request one item per bag because you think it’s too heavy! If you can’t carry bags, bring someone with you who can.

23. When your up at customer service and you got your own work to do and people come over wanting you to ring them out because the line at the lanes is ‘too long’ (sarcastically.) No, you’ll wait in line like everybody else!

24. Also, the lines might be long and they see you and try to tell you that the lines are long and we need more cashiers. Well we may not have anyone else available at the moment so you will have to wait!

25. Please don’t try to tell me how to do my job! I have worked at the same place for 8 years and I know what I’m doing! It’s insulting when people try to correct me or tell me if I’m not doing something right. I have the right to refuse service or say no in certain situations!

26. Don’t demand things. If you need something, ask. Demanding will get you nowhere.

27. We’re not stupid, if you want to break big change you will have to go to a bank. We can break a $20, that’s fine but we can’t do any more than that. People will play the “confusion game” trying to break big bills and give and take bills and try to get you to give more than they gave you.

28. Stuff gets put in the wrong place ALL the time. If it’s less than $5, fine, whatever… well change it. We still have to verify what’s going on with it though, I it was in the wrong spot, or if its an old sign. But if it’s a big difference, no I can not change it. You need to make sure what you pick up is what the price is on the shelf. No, you are not getting a discount because you didn’t read. If there are multiple ones in the wrong spot, fine we’ll give you a 10% discount, but we are not giving you a item that is $50 for $30….sorry!! 

29. So once again, we’re not stupid.  If you think you can rip the tag off and we’re not going to find the right price….you got another thing coming! All of our clothing has a tag on the inside where we can type in the item number, and if it doesn’t we have to call back to that department and get numbers for that item or something close to it.  So don’t think that we’ll just have to take your word on it because no we cant trust you!!

30. Plain and simple, if you curse or are being rude, you will not be helped and will be asked to leave. We do not tolerate people being dramatic and causing scenes.

31. This is for all the teenybobbers. You cannot ride skateboards, bikes or those wheely shoes in the store! You will be asked to stop and if I have to ask you 2 or 3 times you will be asked to leave!

32. We get a truck every night. We stock the shelves every day, but sometimes we will be out of things. Especially when they are on sale or promotion. Don’t get mad at me because we’re out of something. I can check the back room (if your nice to me), I can check other stores, but if we’re out, there is nothing I can do. No, we don’t ship from other stores, do pick ups or give you gas money because you drove “all the way over here” or you have to go to another store.

33. We don’t sell alcohol (thank goodness) but we do sell medicine, and for that we have to check ALL ID’s, it doesn’t matter if your 18 or 88, we have to check AND scan your ID.  Its not because I cant tell your the proper age, its because you cant buy more than 4 in one day and because we are trying to prevent people from using medicine for the wrong reasons.

34. I get so tired of people asking me if we carry alcohol and getting mad because we don’t.  Get over it! You don’t need it in the first place!!

35. Don’t go shopping and pick up a whole cart of crap and then realize when your in line, that you don’t have enough money.  Then we have to put all the stuff away!

36. If your trying to get help, DO NOT try yelling, clapping, or whistleing from all the way down the isle.  You walk up and say “Excuse me….” and then ask your question. 

37. Always say “hi” or “excuse me” first before asking your question.  Don’t just walk up to us and say the item your looking for like “cat food?” or “lightbulbs?” Its rude and not polite. 

38. When you come threw my line and I greet you, please be polite an greet me back!

39. I’m sorry but if your not American, you need to know English!  Don’t have you children come up to me to ask me a question because you cant.  Your the parent!  Its so annoying when you try to make your child the middle man or translator. 

40. Things have to be fair for everyone.  Don’t get mad when we cant hold something because its on sale, promotion or clearance.  We have to make it first come, first serve so everyone has a fair chance at getting a particular item.  And, for items we do hold, its only 24 hrs…if you miss the deadline, that’s your problem, not ours.

41. You cannot bring in your dog inside your purse or cart.  Service dogs are pretty recognizable.  Chihuahuas are not service dogs.  Any dog that is not well behaved, doesn’t have the proper vest or papers doesn’t quaify.  Claming that your dog is for your “anxiety” or “depression" doesn’t count.  You will be asked to leave but are welcome to come back minus the pooch.

42. It gets annoying when people are constantly saying phrases like "you look bord” or “its not scanning, I guess its free”……..just stop. Please, lol

43. When you come in to make a return and you have no packaging, no receipt, nothng and you still want a return…you will have to go to the Salesfloor and get that item so we can return it for you (because we need the bar code), and YES you will have to wait in line again.  Don’t get mad because your the one who threw all the important stuff away and don’t try coming over to the side to show us or cut in front of other people because we still have to process it!

44. No, you cannot test out the items before you purchase them! We have displays but they are nonworking, but that doesn’t mean you can test out the one you pick out.

45. Don’t come in at 10:46 and want to go shopping when we close at 11.  When 11 hits, yes were going to be aggressive to get you out because we want to go home too! Don’t get mad becaue we are rushing you, you should try to wait right before close to want to shop!

46. If you wait til the last minute for something, especially during the holidays, don’t cry to us because were sold out.  It happens.

47.  When you try on cloths at the Fitting Room, be courteous and bring ALL your items out (Everyone should bring there items out but you don’t have to worry about cloths that others have left, just your stuff) and put them back on the hangers and don’t leave hem inside out!

48. I am not your maid! DO NOT leave trash, cups or anything on the shelves! We have trash cans threw out the store.  Do you want to shop in a store where people leave garbage for others to clean up?!

49. When you come to check out don’t get mad if you happen to come into my line and my light is out.  I will politely tell you “I’m sorry, I’m closed."  You need to pay attention to see if the lane is still open!

50. Don’t expect me to put your bags in the cart.  Putting your cart in front of the register wont do any good either. That’s your job.

51. Non American/English speaking folk, don’t try to hand me your phone to talk to someone that speaks our language.  And don’t get mad when I cant understand you, therefore I cant help you! Plus, I’m not going to get into trouble by holding/using your phone and dropping it. NOPE.

52. Every store has a policy.  Don’t get mad at me because I follow policy.

53. Don’t decide you don’t want a cold food item up front.  Don’t like it, but we have to defect and toss It out even if its only been 10 minutes. So don’t be wasteful!

54. Just because we may let something slide one time, that doesn’t mean it will happen every time! So don’t try saying "but they did it last time.”  It was a one time thing!!

55. Don’t interrupt me if I am with another customer.  Wait your turn and I will be with you as soon as I’m done helping the first person.

56. If you knock something over or off a rack, pick it up! I’m sure your parents hopefully taught you some manners! If I see you neglect to pick something up, I will call you out on it!

57. If you grabbed more item than anticipated, don’t try to steal my cart I am using for returns….walk your lazy butt up front and get your own cart. And don’t be picky about your cart either, they are all dirty, noisy and worn out.

58. When the lights go out at 11, you should know we are CLOSED and shouldn’t have to push you up front!

59. Sorry, don’t get mad when you cant buy our displays when were out of it.  Most of them are non working or non safe anyways.

60. NO, we do not have a gluten free section.  Its just the same as the normal stuff….geez stop asking….

61. I know your in a hurry but no you cant use our vehicles we use for our work.  Got a heavy item on it? One of us has to push it, you cant so stop crying…if your in a hurry don’t be shopping right now!

Tumblr Ask - Send a number


1. How long have you had your current blog?

2. How long have you had your current URL?

3. Do you have any blogs other than this one?

4. Would you ever consider running a blog with someone else?

5. What is the overall theme/concept of your blog?

6. Do you primarily use a computer or your mobile device to access tumblr?

7. How do you feel about blogs that only use the mobile view (generic) themes?

8. How many blogs do you follow atm?

9. How many followers do you have atm?

10. Do you have any accounts blocked?

11. How do you feel about getting messages?

12. How many messages do you get daily on average?

13. Have you ever gotten anon hate?

14. Do you send others messages/anons?

15. Do you reply to all of your messages?

16. What is something we will never see on your blog?

17. Have you ever reached your daily post limit?

18. Do you ever post selfies?

19. Do you go by your real name on your blog?

20. What does your URL mean?

21. Have you ever changed your URL?

22. Did you have a different tumblr account before your current one?

23. What do you think is the best way to gain followers?

24. Have you ever had to unfollow someone?

25. Have you ever completely changed your blog (the theme/concept/content)?

26. Have you made any friends through tumblr?

27. Have you met anyone in person that you first met through tumblr?

28. Do you ever real personal information on your blog?

29. Have you ever started a romantic relationship with anyone from tumblr?

30. Does your blog contain any mature/sexual content?

31. Do you make gifs?

32. Do you make graphics/art?

33. Is your blog mostly reblogs or your own content?

34. Do you use XKit?

35. Do you tag your posts?

36. Have you ever had to block a tag?

37. Name a blogging pet peeve of yours.

38. Have you ever posted a video or audio of yourself?

39. Do you follow any blogs that don’t follow you back?

40. Do you follow everyone back?

41. Pick one of your favorite mutuals and say something nice about them.

42. Is there a certain time of day you’re on tumblr the most?

43. Do you use the queue?

44. Would you say you are different on tumblr than you are in person or on other social media?

45. Have you ever gotten advice from another tumblr member?

46. Have you ever given advice to another tumblr member?

47. Do you feel like you know your way around tumblr well?

48. Do you ever clear out your likes?

49. What is your favorite thing about tumblr?

50. What is your least favorite thing about tumblr?

The Signs- Pet Peeves

Aries: Slow walkers, unreturned phone calls, people who don’t get to the point, bad dancers.

Taurus: Bad food, people who brag to much, messy rooms/disorganization, bad hygiene.

Gemini: People without a sense of humor, people who talk slowly, pessimistic people.

Cancer: People who show up early to places, ungrateful people, sloppy dressers.

Leo: People who appear better than them, being ignored, being told what to do.

Virgo: Disorganization, wasting time, people who use bad grammar or swear.

Libra: Litter, people who are cruel to animals, bad haircuts.

Scorpio: When someone never returns something to them, being the victim of gossip, being outshined at something.

Sagittarius: Late trains/airplanes, people who complain, people who don’t take risks.

Capricorn: Wasting money, misbehaved children, someone who doesn’t keep their promise.

Aquarius: People who dress in a boring way, being a third wheel, lack of loyalty, gossip.

Pisces: Slow drivers, people who laugh too loud, people who walk away from arguments.

Signs as things that get on my nerves

Aries: Sticky floors

Taurus: Food touching

Gemini: Squeaky shoes

Cancer: Jeans that bunch up at the bottom because you’re short 😪

Leo: Slanted pictures on a wall

Virgo: CD’s in the wrong cases

Libra: Uneven eyeliner

Scorpio: Slow walkers in a crowded hallway

Sagittarius: Bobby pins that don’t match your hair color

Capricorn: Unorganized books

Aquarius: dusty tables

Pisces: Muddy footprints


“Although you may be confusing me with someone else. I have no siblings.”


The signs as awful Tumblr posts
  • Aries: That image macro you used to find hilarious but got sick of after you saw it on your dash for the umpteenth time.
  • Taurus: That one political post your friend reblogged that has so many replies on it you can't tell which side your friend was agreeing with.
  • Gemini: That bootleg screencapped version of a better post you already liked.
  • Cancer: That outraged post about some political or social issue that turned out to be completely fake in a hilariously embarrassing way.
  • Leo: That post you scroll past really fast when it comes on your dash.
  • Virgo: That post you meant to block so you'd never see it again but you always forget to.
  • Libra: That post you unfollowed a friend for only to regret it and refollow them the next day.
  • Scorpio: That really dumb headcanon that made you roll your eyes.
  • Sagittarius: That post you saw and thought "Wow, this is so stupid and wrong" only to be horrified when you saw it had a million notes.
  • Capricorn: That outraged post about some political or social issue that turned out to be completely fake in a totally NOT hilarious and genuinely aggravating or awful way.
  • Aquarius: That dumb meme post your friend reblogged because they love awful memes and you have to deal with that shit.
  • Pisces: That one post YOU made that makes you cringe whenever you remember it.

it’s crazy how there aren’t any fashionable women in NYC over a size six.

I mean there must not be. I follow dozens of street style blogs, and in thousands of candid shots, there’s not an eight or a ten to be found. certainly no one above straight sizes. what a weird city we live in, I wonder what’s happened to all the bigger women to make them so unfashionable and sartorially unattractive?

a curse, maybe? alien intervention? get mulder and scully on this fucking case, or else I’ll just have to assume that street style bloggers and photographers think fun, daring fashion choices are negated by the bodies that wear them.

and wouldn’t that just be shitty