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I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.

The reason bap can’t seem to go anywhere despite having immense support online is because a majority of their fans are multifandom. Because of the fact that majority of their fans are international fans and the Int Fandom tend to be more multifandom. Like you can go to a bap related blog and 9/10 times it will be a multifandom blog. And the reason that is a bad thing is because these fans don’t have an infinite source of income. So when all of their faves are coming out one after another or worse at the same time; they have to pick an choose who they can support and invest their time in. The Fandom resources get divided into different groups and as a result creates very small revenue for the group. That’s all I wanted to say in case anyone is surprised if bap doesn’t win any awards again this time.


thank u all aaa… it really means a lot ;;
i do want to try my best to be daily, and i probably wouldn’t change the url although i might be on a semi hiatus soon

i mean.. i could post my traditional sketches instead if anyone would be ok withthat…?

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hear me out: alexander hamilton having a study blog and it's not the aesthetic kind. the reason he's a popular study blog is because everyone is kinda just "look at this mess what the fuck did he just spell pennsylvania wrong" ~javie


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Okay I have a few questions! 1. Favorite blogs? 2. Favorite batman? And 3. What made you want to start this blog?

Hi lovely anon! I woke up to this and it made me really happy. I love getting these.

1. I like all of the blogs that I follow for different reasons, these are just a few (really sorry if I missed someone!). @redandblack22 @jokers-dream-car @joker-x-harley @bartholomew-cubbins-deactivated @crystallinee-waters @cicitmars @duchessharley @drharleyqueenzel @dreamofyellowskies @gergana-uzunova @harleyrotten @letoingucci @lilmonsterharlequin @murderous-manipulative-angel @mabelmadnessss @mad-neverland-saviour @mrjandmrshq @ma-ph @suckerforsmilex @thestephodimera @theottershedgehog @whyarentyoulaughingj @x-mars @xmdctrue @xrevupthisharleyx @batsy-batsy-batsy

@msbarbarakean @jaredletofanficandpersonal

2. I don’t really have a favorite. I think that each Batman added something new. For any character in general, I don’t like just choosing one favorite rendition because there’s something to like about all of them.

3. I started this account when my JxH love couldn’t be contained anymore! Nobody in real life knows about it, and especially not at my dance studio. It’s been seen as a bad thing to like comics and such, and I’m already perceived as a somewhat of a geeky type in school. I’ve just never really had an outlet for it and I thought that this would be the best place to meet other people who share my interests!

I know this was pretty long, but I wanted to answer thoroughly. Not to mention this is only like the third ask I’ve gotten so I went full out😂 thanks again, Anon!

One of the reasons I’m an anti-anti-shipper is because I used to be an anti-shipper.

But I wasn’t an anti-shipper because I wanted to “protect survivors.” I was an anti-shipper because I was petty.

I HATED Dirk/Jake from Homestuck. I shipped Dirk and Roxy and I thought Dirk/Jake would “get in the way” of Dirk/Roxy.

There weren’t a lot of anti-shippers at the time - it was 2014-2015. However, they existed, and when I found a blog that was dedicated to anti-Dirk/Jake, I was elated.

The reasoning behind the blog was that Dirk was abusive to Jake. And I latched onto that idea and used it to justify my hatred of Dirk/Jake. I had a reason to hate the ship beyond “it gets in the way of my ship!” I could rant about how much I hated Dirk/Jake and nobody would be allowed to question my motives, or else I would accuse them of being an abuse apologist.

Did I care about survivors? No.

I see anti-shippers say “I don’t hate (ship) because it gets in the way of my ship, I hate it because it’s pedophilic/abusive!” (I’ve seen this a lot in retaliation to people saying that anti-shippers hate Shiro/Keith because it gets in the way of Keith/Lance.)

And when I see anti-shippers say that, I laugh. Because that’s what I said. I know there have to be anti-shippers who believe they’re in the right, who believe that they’re protecting survivors, but I’m sure there’s a good number of them who are anti-ship because they’re petty and want to hide behind “caring about survivors.” I’m proof of that.

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Will you be posting or reblogging spoilers for botw?

dude i am staying OFF this blog for the first month at least. until i MYSELF have played and gotten my fill of the game, i’m not risking spoilers. (i’m barely on this blog rn as it is for this reason)

WHEN I COME BACK THO i will be posting/reblogging game content and yes spoilers. however i will tag everything as botw spoilers 

I try to tag spoilers for the first 4-6 months the game is out, after that, I don’t tag anymore. I’ll make an announcement when I stop tagging.


New Mod #2

Hey guys, I’m Jessica and I’m another one of the new mods! If you’ve been on Tumblr awhile, you might remember me as the creator of the original Female Fronted Metal Confessions blog in 2014 which I unfortunately had to shut down due to personal reasons.

So basically 

…But, that prompted the creation of this wonderful blog so at least something good came out of it!

Anyway, some of my faves are Nightwish (and my queen supreme, Tarja’s solo stuff), Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, and many more! My personal is @sociopathic-dorito and you’re welcome to chat with me on there as I love making new friends! 


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I feel like either which way you shouldn't restrict yourself! I love the coffee shop AU and you shouldn't be pressured to change things - if this is what you enjoy then you should keep doing things the way you are. However, if there is something more or different that you want to do, you should do that too!! This is your blog to have fun with! No reason to not have it all!

aHHH THATS RLLY Kind,, i just want to draw more i think!!!! if i draw more i can improve and explore the au a bit more cause i rlly want to


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Hey Arii! My mum got engaged last week and we were talking about created whites sapphire rings so ofc I remembered your infamous post. Do you have a tag that links all the related posts together? I feel like you've answered asks about it before & I wanted to see if there's anything about which brands are best. We don't appear to have Jared's in the UK so that's made things a little bit tricky haha

I don’t, no… The tag I used for all the asks was “#ex-jared’s based god talks about rocks” but for some reason no results come up in my blog when you look for that tag?????? idk man