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I like klance for the aesthetic of it? I don’t think it holds any actual ground in canon at all, but i just love the way keith and lance look together? and i like the whole thing where they’re both weird and angry about liking eachother? I like the storylines people make up for it.. but i just can’t see it happening.


A little redraw of that one drawing I made a little less than one year ago I think ! Now with more updated memes!
For the vewy nice and talented @tomska ! Dude, I’m so happy about the fact that we’re both in Dat Boi hell

some Honest Superhero Talk as I put off making an actual comic books blog: okay but even setting aside the Grand Mountain Of Nonsense And Bullshit going on at marvel comics these days, I have this feeling that if I actually gathered up all the mainstream superhero comic serieses I Loved (like, not just Liked, or Enjoyed, or even I Own The Comic, but Loved), DC would win?

…like, by a Lot?

imbitterinmyheart  asked:

You got banned again and you were so careful not to give tips or promote anything. At least you're back. If you get banned again will you be back?

I have no clue. I already don’t feel like putting as much time or emotion into blogging right now because of what happened. I might try to move to another platform like insta to post about my struggles/life. 🌸

I'm done

I’m going to be taking a break from this blog for a while, because for some reason someone here is deleting everything I post. Whether that’s me asking why my posts are being deleted or a moodboard I’ve made, even when no rules were broken with the request. I honestly don’t know what I did wrong, and I’d really appreciate it if you could at least leave this post up.

I’m sorry for whatever I did that’s causing whoever to delete everything. I remember this has happened in the past with other mods and I honestly don’t understand. So I’m sorry for whatever it is I did wrong.

-Mod Ari


It’s magic, baby

Finally I can publish this :D The Dorian piece I was working on during the livestream. It’s been so long since I was able to paint something like this, I’m so happy this is done.