In a bewildering new trend, it is young rationalist bloggers in Bangladesh who have emerged as the primary target of Islamic extremists. How peculiar indeed, that killers espousing a retrograde vision of the world should be so obsessed with the most twenty-first century of media: the blog.

K. Anis Ahmed writes about the brutal murders of bloggers at the front of the secular movement in Bangladesh who have demanded punishment for those committing genocide. 

Pair with an essay from Hasan Altaf about how celebrating literature can be a form a protest.

Steve, why did you go back to Tumblr?

Honestly, the first things that pop in my head are simplicity and speed. Tumblr is a very fast way to blog shit.

Also, I finally understood best practices for some very Tumblr-friendly shit, like animated GIFs. In my job blogging for, it rapidly became clear that there are times animated GIFs are perfect punctuations for whatever you’re writing at the time.

Mostly, though, it’s about the speed.

Blogging, I’ve come to realize, is its own ineffably unique form of writing. It has its own conventions and traditions. Some of them suck. They’re incredibly stupid. Some of them are ideal for “digital natives.”

Stupid or original, whatever, Tumblr’s efficiency is ideal. So here I am.

I won’t close out my Wordpress account yet, in the interest of continuing my experiments, but I will revert any non-paid blogging I do to this account for now.

Please make a note of it?

Do you see these kids? This is NOT a childhood. They should be running around the park, jumping in mud puddles, and having play dates. They should NOT be getting countless surgeries, receiving chemo, losing their hair, throwing up in a bucket, or be connected to countless machines and tubes that breathe for them. This is not okay.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and I ask every single one of you will you please help spread awareness? Will you please GO GOLD with us? Will you tell others how 7 kids in the U.S. die every day and that 46 kids in the U.S. are diagnosed everyday? Childhood cancer is the number 1 disease killer of kids in America, and incidence rates are on the rise. Yet less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) budget goes to fund childhood cancer research.

Those kids in the pictures aren’t statistics. They are someone’s child. Someone’s niece, nephew and cousin. What if it was your child or sibling? 1/285 will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20. Kids are the future. They have their entire lives ahead of them. They deserve better. They are worth more than 3.8%. It is up to us to fight for them.

Will you be a voice for these kids? It’s simple. All you have to is share this post to help spread awareness. Please let everyone you know about childhood cancer.

You can also donate even $1 to The Ronan Thompson Foundation if you feel to do so.

Be bold go GOLD.

With hope for a cure,
Courteney Rene’

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9 words about reading that every book nerd needs to know!

9 words about reading that every book nerd needs to know!

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      When you’re talking about someone who really, really loves books, you pretty much reach for the words “bookworm” or “bibliophile” every time, right? Wellll….. Here is a list of more words that you should know about. So the next time anyone calls you a ‘bookworm’ , you can just correct them by saying, ‘no, I’m a Bibliophagist ‘ ( read on to find out what that means) Here are 9 words about…

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Autumnal Beauty
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So, whether or not you can believe it we are now in September… that means we’re approaching the colder months, Autumn and then my favourite time of year Christmas! Today I thought I’d talk you through my favourite beauty products to make me feel more Autumnal, and things that year in and year out I just love. Grab yourself a cosy drink and some yummy snacks and let’s get right on into this!…

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The Switch to a Self-Hosted WordPress

Switching to self-hosted WordPress wasn’t easy, but here’s why its worth it 👉🏼

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I started my blog 8 months ago on with the idea that all I really wanted to do was write, post, and perhaps dabble in a bit of the CSS coding to tie up some loose threads. That completely worked for me! It brought me to where I am today, and at that time, it was the perfect choice. Since then I have done my homework regarding different blogging platforms: everything from Blogger to…

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