You really should start a blog.

You really should start a blog.

I started this blog because I wanted a way to document my life as I travel around the globe. I also wanted to improve my writing skills since I haven’t focused on writing ever since I graduated from the University of Georgia back in 2012. After that, I worked as a pastry chef so writing essays and philosophical arguments didn’t happen. I committed to posting on this blog after a journaling…

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coffeekissesandcream  asked:

my dearest manda, do you have any (non tumblr) bloggers that you follow on the reg? <3 leigh

leeeeeigh <3 <3 <3 

i do actually! i’m not as active in the “regular” blogging world as i used to be but i do have a few that i always keep up with because i adore the owners and i feel like they are honest, interesting, and enjoyable places to visit.

Gala Darling -all about self love and living your best life. she’s very open about her personal journeys and growth and how her views on self love have evolved and changed. 

Roots and Feathers -a very personal, soulful blog run by laura mazurek who focuses a lot on spirituality and soul growth as well as bohemian style type stuff. 

Delightfully Tacky -a creative lifestyle-ish blog run by liz morrow that has lots of diy, style, and creative living types of posts. she also runs an amazing photography business called liz morrow studios

The Dainty Squid -this is just a really fun personal/lifestlye blog. kayla posts a lot of cool photos from her adventures, usually of abandoned places or weird roadside attractions. also lots of posts about her pets and her plants

Live Well and Breath -a personal blog run by my friend megan who is just a lovely soul. i have always enjoyed reading her posts and seeing her grow.


i have my own blog  so you know which is my musings as well as lots of poetry, there’s that >>> wild honey + wine

tumblr is naturally dominated by american politics at the moment but this is a reminder for all eligible voters in the UK: 

you need to register to vote by the end of May in order to be able to vote in the EU referendum which is taking place on June 23rd

there are a number of ways you can vote: if you are able, you can vote in person at a local polling station between 7am and 10pm on the day, but if you are not then you can apply for a postal vote (you need to register for a postal vote by June 8th) or vote by proxy (you can nominate someone else to vote on your behalf - you need to register for this by June 15th)

it’s also important to note that if you are a student, you can be registered in two separate places (although you will, of course, only have one vote) 

the EU referendum is extremely important (here and here are some summaries) and so voting is absolutely vital 

Look at that, somehow I skipped right passed London and am already talking about Paris. I love London. We toured the streets of Portobello and ate everything along the way, made traditional English scones and shortbread in a flat in Notting Hill , bought and sampled tea at Borough Market, and ate some of the best Indian food I’ve ever tried at Dishoom. On top of all of that Ashlae, Bev and myself took an epic walk all over the city taking in all the sites one must see when in London (hello, Big Ben!) We ate breakfast on top of the city at the Sky Garden before getting on to the train and heading to Paris.

Read the full story on @NotWithoutSalt’s blog: #LetsEurostar

Tumblr and the Introvert

I am hereby convinced that tumblr is the introvert’s paradise.

-Your mutual, and even follower, relationships do not require constant maintenance.
-You can reply to messages at your leisure.
-There’s no pressure to speak.
-It’s okay to become lost in your own head–no one’s going to notice/judge.
-You can take the time to thoroughly compile your posts and responses.
-Your voice on tumblr is just as loud as everyone else’s irl.
-Introverts are actually valued and appreciated on tumblr.
-You can go incognito and be an anon.
-You can fangirl without people thinking you’ve lost your marbles.
-You can pour your heart and soul out to the world and be heard and understood.
-You can be alone physically, yet still enjoy the company of fellow bloggers around the world.

I am an INFJ, the one-percent, and I approve this message.

the LGBT community isn’t a hub for every single person on this planet that’s ‘not normal’ (on a side note: how fucking homophobic/transphobic can you get), it’s a very specific community that experiences very specific oppression

*cue my geek blogging glasses* Calling all #bossbabes who are interested in personal branding! I had the honor of making my own video for @carriegraceshop’s Creative Tribe School and it launched TODAY! My video (+19 other phenom ones by the ladies tagged in this photo) talks all about how to create and market your personal brand. I walk through all my tips on how to find your personal brand, create content and messaging for it, and get the word out. Head to or click the link in my bio to get the lowdown!! xxo #CreativeTribeSchool #webinar #blogging #blogger

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Paris Wins Life

I’ll never forget hopping off the Eurostar train in Paris and being basically dumped out into the bustling streets of the city. I honestly couldn’t breathe. As in, it took my breath away. There was a slight chill in the air, beautiful fluid French accents swirled around my head from all angles. Police cars beeped as they whizzed by. The stunning cream buildings with ornate black wrought iron balconies swallowed us whole. I put my hand on the shoulder of one of our team leaders as she began to vocalize our plan. “Hold on…just one minute.” She watched my eyes look around, taking in the architecture, the scents (also known as cigarettes), the people, the LIFE.

“Okay, now I’m ready.”

Read the full story on @Bev Cooks’ blog:

Sho’N’Tell is an alternative to tumblr, I started it as I didnt feel a lot of people needs including some of my own were being met by tumblr, I have a lot of ideas on where I want the site to go, I want people to be able to the most out of the site and not feel like there are things that are missing from it. Its currently in alpha so most of the core is there but there is still a lot I want to add to it, tonnes and tonnes of features that will get added to make it stand out and be unique and also help its users as much as possible.
it can be used to post art, writing, journal entries, tutorials, news, memes, other randomness. some of its current featrues are:
Messaging system
Block out any sensitive content (violence, nudity, sexually explicit, ect.).
Link your posts together and have them part of ongoing series
Upload pictures in .jpg, .jpe, .gif. png, .tif, .bmp, and .ico
840pixel wide images
20mb gifs
Set quick tags
Favorites are sorted into categories (All, Art, News, and Writing) and then again into sub categories (fan fiction, painting, memes, journals, ect)
Multiple blogs per user
View your favorites, dashboard, searches by popularity or by date

Sho’N’Tell also doesnt tolerate any bullying/harassment/hate speech so dont bring any of that nasty stuff, and if you find someone posting your art on the site without your permission we will promptly delete it for you :) and if youre feeling generous and want to throw some money at us lol you can donate at
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