Bloggers' Conference 2 x UFL game

Fresh from commuting (READ: WALKING) around Taft, here’s a rundown of how my day went.

One of the things I was looking forward to before I got SO sick was the Bloggers’ Conference at DLSU. The lineup was stellar; it was a gathering that shouldn’t be missed.

Met up with Maine at Gateway then took the MRT to Taft, then LRT 1 to Vito Cruz station et voila! Hello DLSU! That was one hell of a commute! Ate at McDo while waiting for Ishi. Umaapaw sa tao ang McDo and the only vacant table was this:

Maka-kain lang at ‘wag mainitan sa labas, go! So nice of the crew to let us occupy the table. When Ishi arrived we went straight to the Yuchengco Building. It was the first time I set foot again in DLSU since I took the entrance exam in 2003. 

Rob Cham, who was a replacement for the original speaker Christian San Jose, was already speaking when we arrived. 

Rob was so laidback! What I loved most about him was his 'I don’t care, OK lang’ attitude. Someone from the audience asked him if he did/does anything to those who steal his artwork, and he’s like 'Nothing’ because he understands how big the Internet is, and that he doesn’t blog for the sake of recognition. He’s all about sharing his talent to anyone and everyone.

The next blogger who took the stage was none other than Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet (OAP). By this time the fangirl in me started kicking in. OAP is one of my go-to blogs to keep me updated with new dining haunts and tourist destinations I can only appreciate in photos (haha).

He shared the history of how OAP was founded. Anton and his group of friends love to travel. Back when everyone in Manila was still discovering Boracay, his group was already going to Cebu and Pagudpud. His constant travel companion eventually became his wife. Sweet! 

The concept of OAP was 'a love letter to their sons’. One day they’d want their three sons to read the blog and look back on how they spent their childhood. Oh my! That’s one delicious/adventurous trip down memory lane!

In the middle of Anton’s presentation, I had to rush to MoA for some work-related stuff. I was so anxious thinking I’d miss out on Camille Co and Saab Magalona’s turns. 

Well what I was supposed to cover was scheduled at 7 p.m. pala, so I went back to DLSU just in time to catch half of Camille Co’s talk.

Words to describe Camille: stunner. statuesque. stylish. (And according to Saab: fashionable, tall and thin - well, she really is!) 

She talked about the perks of being a fashion blogger, and how she decides which outfit to wear and which brand she writes about. She stressed on being humble and grateful, and to avoid negativity on your blog especially if you’re running one that focuses on a specific topic (like fashion, food, travel, etc.) “Rant to your friends na lang,” was her advice.

Finally, it was Saab Magalona’s turn to speak. I cannot stress enough how much she influenced me when it comes to blogging. On the other hand, she cannot stress enough on how she’s not a public speaker. Considering that, she still pulled it off. 

I was really expecting her to wear her signature shorts - and she did! Saab’s been blogging since 2003, and she started one because she had no real-life friends to turn to, she was mad at the world - just like any teenager around that time. She found comfort in the Internet, to the point that she converted her 8310 to a modem just so she could stay online beyond her curfew.

To a person like me who saw Saab’s early blogging days, you’ll see she’s come a long way from her 'saabthestrange’ and 'incugirl’ days. Being a celebrity blogger has taught her to be mindful of her actions when she’s out. She knows her readers, who are mostly young, consider her a standard for 'cool’ so she’s also careful of what she promotes on her blog.

Snacks and a meet and greet with the guest bloggers followed. 

Iced tea + nachos + Chiz Whiz = WIN. Why didn’t we do this when we organized events in college??? 

Of course, we won’t pass up on photo ops

I told Anton I owe him for introducing me to Happy Lemon!

And of course, with Saab! 

Ishi and Maine (with a little Rob Cham action at the back!)

After DLSU, a spur-of-the-moment decision: UFL to cheer for KAYA! Well, we could hear the drums of the UP team from the classroom so what the heck, right!? 

We HIKED from DLSU to Rizal’s Adriatico entrance! Score board read 2-3 Kaya when we got there and stayed that way until full time. Got to see Nate Burkey, Anton Del Rosario and Yannick Tuason (who left Rizal shirtless. Damn) Joanne Samson (aka the Ms. J every Azkals fan loves) was there and got a photo with her too :) Aly Borromeo was nowhere in sight though. Just now did I learn that he tore his ACL during the game :(

So sleepy already! My bed is calling me so I’d have to put on hold other stuff I picked up from the conference.. these will do for now haha!

Tiring day but definitely worth it! :)