bloggers night out


they were in the netherlands like, two weeks ago.


Night Blogger Steven sometimes gets a little bit dramatic over cartoons


turtle is the cutest one, probably.

The Free!dom right now
cricket asks

1. What made you fall in love with cricket?
2. What is your earliest memory of the game?
3. What is your favourite cricket memory?
4. The cricket moment you’ve found the most tense?
5. Your favourite (single) match?
6. Your favourite series?
7. Your worst cricket memory?
8. Your favourite team and why you love them?
9. Another team you root for anyway?
10. Your least favourite team?
11. Your favourite current player?
12. Your favourite past player?
13. Your favourite player from a team you don’t support?
14. A ‘guilty pleasure’ of a player?
15. A player you 'love to hate’?
16. A player that you just really do not like?
17. A player you think is overrated?
18. A player you think is underrated?
19. A player you feel never got a fair chance?
20. An 'up and coming’ player you’re rooting for?
21. The player you crush on the most?
22. A player before your time that you would have loved to have watched?
23. The best individual batting innings you’ve seen?
24. The best individual bowling innings you’ve seen?
25. Your favourite cricket ground?
26. Your favourite cricket pundit/journo/commentator?
27. A person in cricket who inspires you?
28. Your favourite form of the game?
29. The biggest issue in world cricket right now?
30. A change you would make if you were in charge?