So, for many people in California, water is literally going to run out for them before the end of the year, which is a completely ridiculous thing to ever have happen. Bottled water companies and various companies who use excessive water for extracurricular activities are not really taking into consideration the environment surrounding their area, and are pretty much bleeding California dry.

I don’t really have much in the way of helping, but not supporting those companies is always a great idea, which is why I personally recommend Bobbles.

They’re reusable plastic bottles that are fairly cheap and utilize a carbon filter that usually runs you less than $5 per filter and typically come two filters to a pack, and lasts you a good couple of months. You can buy them on Amazon, and I’ve seen them in places like Best Buy and Walgreens, so they’re bound to be in all sorts of places outside of that.

Tap water in most areas has been found to basically not be any more dangerous to your health than bottled water, but if you’re really unsure or paranoid like me, these filters do a great job without having to buy an attachment filter for your sink faucet.

There are TONS of short term solutions to help you guys out, but I figure having a reference or two drop on your dash might make the decision to jump to filters as opposed to traditional bottled water a little simpler to make.

Here’s a handy-dandy link to the Amazon search page if you’re interested.


Sometimes, for literally no reason, I like to remind people that this show existed.

It lasted a season, around 40 episodes, and was built to take advantage of the high that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was riding off of. It ran in 1994 and is completely ridiculous and just about as bad as it looks.

One advantage it had over other sentai, tho, and arguably the most important distinction:

The ladies were SUPER buff.

Anyway, thank you for suffering this reminder of American television of yesteryear.


SNL is rarely good but this scene has near-flawless delivery

plus it has Ryan Gosling failing to prevent himself from cracking up

One last game idea:

A universal DLC pack that adds Meryl Streep to any game you’re playing.

It’s basically just God Mode, where you’re indestructible and have infinite ammo, and it changes all the endings to a slideshow presentation of Meryl Streep.