blogger style


So if you know me at all, you know how personal I consider blogging. I think of this as my outlet and a way to be more accepting of myself. I mentioned in a pervious post that in the past, I have struggled with wearing two pieces. But enough is enough. I am 27, and this is my body, bumps, lumps, curves and all.  This summer I decided to break out of my zone and in doing so, I have realized there are some great bikinis resources out there for plus size women.

The bikini top I am wearing here is Raisins Curve, via Dillard’s, and I love it. The caged, high neck is definitely racier than what I would normally wear, but it’s is still comfy and supportive. If I could change one thing about the Raisins line, it would be to make the bottoms a true high waist. I am a size 22, I have a stomach. I want something with a little more coverage than the bottoms offered, so I went with a pant from Lane Bryant.