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hey guys i just wanna remind people of this post i made before– here. it’s about creating a network for people with bpd who sometimes need a place to meme it out and have a joke or two with people who are going through a similar experience.

it’s the bpd buddies, and it’s open to anyone who has the disorder– self-diagnosed, unofficially diagnosed, actually diagnosed, you’re all welcome to hmu. the basic idea is that we have a place to talk to people, and have fun, and have a laugh. it’d also be a great way to make some new friends (which i desperately need) and allies.

so, if you want in, send me a message or an im with your preferred name so i can add you to a little list i’ll start up. and if people would like to, we can also start a skype group which might be more accessible than a tumblr blog or w/e. let me know! xoxo, gossip jack

5/02/2016 - I’m pretty pleased with my bullet journal. I feel like I’ve finally found a weekly/daily spread that work perfectly for what I need. Also, my application for a intensive French summer programme in le Mans is almost done. Now I just need to finish that for the day and do some readings for a seminar on Tuesday and I’m done. Life’s good when you’re on top of all your uni work.

well shit looks like i should start a bpd support network my friends because some people just need a group to meme it out and have some jokes and fuck around with because sometimes all we need is a laugh

let’s call it the bpd buddies okay

we can have a skype group or just like band together and message each other when we need a good chuckle

also self-diagnosis is totally okay and unofficial diagnosis is a-okay too, so even if you have’t had a psych tell you you got it, but you’re like 99% sure you do, that’s fine by me

shoot me a message if you want in xoxo jackaboy