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// Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun sweet moments behind the scenes of Legend of the Blue Sea

Blogger’s Note : I just love how comfortable they are with each other. They become really close. No wonder that while watching the drama there is just spark between them that I can’t help but to admire the story [esp. jun jae and chung’s love story] and their chemistry, and this is my first time seeing something like this. Cheers to Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun! Fighting!


Day 1 of our 3 day shoot with John Frieda. 5am call time.

Hair + makeup with Nickayla

A little mirror selfie in between shots

Crew working hard

The beautiful Khadija & that L.A. skyline

Day 2 - A change of scenery to a downtown loft

My amazing photo crew setting up our first scene

Mirror selfie while waiting for the freight elevator

Our second scene takes us to a green filled beergarden

That afternoon glow

Wardrobe change with Meghan

That’s a wrap for day 2!

Day 3 - last day on set

That’s a wrap!

Back in December I had the pleasure of shooting for John Frieda for their Hair Talks campaign. Here’s a small glimpse of our 3 day shoot.

Behind the scenes of one of our photoshoots. We have 3 more planned. We will share the final edits from the photographers with you all. Such a fun day in my city with Fabian. @fabianpodu ♡ @auniquelifee