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Oi Pretty and Handsome peeps🌸(oi means hi)My Name is Josephina Santons,Im 22 years old born August 18(Leos stand up🙌😂) I was born and raised in Brazil but now I reside in Miami Florida.I work as a water slide tester(And yes that’s an actual job)You guys have no idea how fun that is!!Or maybe you do lol😂😁I don’t know what else to say😬So here is a few completely random facts about me💘Don’t be a stranger🌼Cya!!

°My favorite song is T-Shirt by Migos
°My favorite sport is Basketball
°My favorite game is GTA and COD
°I’m 5'5
°My favorite color is pink
°I’m the only child
°My eyes are Hazel

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Which blogger is the hottest? Haha, good luck with choosing.

((OOC: I’ve done some very serious thinking about this. I’m actually going to include my answer under a read-more, because I don’t want to offend anyone, or hurt anyone’s feelings…))

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Hi I lovee your blog!! I was wondering where you got yours and simplicity's matching outfits? And shoes? They are so cute!!!😘😘

=O thank you! yeah of course❥here is an OOTD^-^

Me: Hair | Top | Bottoms | Shoes❥

Simplicity: Hair | Top | Bottoms | Shoes❥

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What is considered acceptable usage of your art?

Acceptable usage of my art constitutes having asked me in advance and gotten my express permission, along with giving proper credit to me once I’ve given that permission.

If you haven’t asked me for permission, you don’t have my permission.  If you ask me for permission and I either don’t respond or say “no,” you don’t have my permission.

The sole exceptions are instances where I’ve specifically stated, upon sharing my art, that the art is free to use for a certain purpose.  An example would be this post right here:

…where I specifically state that the drawings are free to use as icons for RP bloggers.  But if I have not specifically made just such a statement alongside a particular piece of art, you must ask me for permission to use that art, or else I will follow up with you personally and take legal action if need be.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take me seriously until they receive a DCMA takedown notice for copyright violation.

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Do you have any blog recs?? My dash is kinda empty

For Fantastic Beasts? Hmmm… off the top of my head… I’m trying to remember everyone but I know I’m gonna forget people (frustrated and needs more coffee)

For Fantastic Beasts Fanfiction | pairings vary depending on the author
@fantastic-beasts-smut / @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins @qed221b @rospeaks @natecchi @firebyfire @allforthegreatergood (also RP I think?) @headsindreams @luminis-infinite @ladyoftheshrimp @alysae @aethelar @AislinnSiofra 

For Gradence Fanfiction | I don’t know too much about this specific side of the fandom, but I can definitely list a few of the greats from what I’ve seen
@kamikazesoundsociety @sozdanie-gryazi-eternal @second-salemite @waywardgraves @accio-toffy @graves_expectations

For Fantastic Beasts Fan Art | various pairings depending on the artist 
@qed221b @questionartbox @mamin-the-troll @axilarts @pspuser @mush-shhhh @sipiiiiii @alive-sum @dz013 @amuiialy @kiddo-w 

RP Bloggers/Writers | Again, I don’t know too much about this side of the fandom, but I love these guys and their RP work
@tolcveistodestrcy @anirishman @allforthegreatergood

Crack, Rare-Pair, Awesome Shenanigans | lovely people who can find anything, develop anything, it’s mindblowing
@wanderingquill @skip-supports-ships 

Okay so you guys probably know the harassment I was getting through a certain someone’s posts and screenshots awhile back; while that hasn’t affected me I’m pissed and upset how much it’s affecting my favorite people in this Fandom; this includes artists, popular bloggers, Rp blogs even.

If you don’t like what they’re doing, if you can’t take a joke, if you take everything so literally and only see the negative in the world??? Fine you go that. But don’t take it on these human beings; they have been nothing but nice, humble, and honest. Stop accusing them for being homophobic, transphobic and what not Jesus. If you don’t agree with that, Leave. Them. Be???

“it’s my opinion” yeah accusing someone is a good ‘opinion’ alright. You and your free will bullshit.

Please consider you’re severely hurting a human being’s self-worth over something that is fictional to be begin with. This is why Fandoms are not fun anymore. It always has to be a constant unnecessary war.

If you wanna throw shit around, you come to me. Leave these people alone; GOOD. DAY.

List of my favorite HP roleplayers

(I made a list of my favorite hp rp bloggers for my best friend @umbreoncantfly since she’s new)

TT- @asktheboywholived
Laina- @ohtheclevernessofme1972
Paige- (TT’s Lily) @potterdeer
KP- @whompingwillovv
Andy- @siriusly-not-over-remus
Jes- @askdoratonks
Jess- @sirussly
Ara- @son-0f-a-snitch
Kap- @kapitan5o
Arin- @space-marauder
Meg- @lizziebennetnotinjapan (I had to put her on the list)
Syn- @lupinaesthetic
Katie- @girlswillbeboys11
Zaara- @highwaytothegrangerzone

I am probably forgetting so many people so let me know who I’m missing.

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☹ ⇋ (because why not make Juls be in pain and Luise having to see it? )

Send “ ☹ ⇋ ”, and it’s your character living the pain.
((Sounds good to me!))
47. Broken knee

Luise stared at her sister, horrified. Well, rather, she stared at her sister’s leg, horrified. Knees… knees were not supposed to bend that way. She knew, when she heard the scream, that Julchen had done something and that it wasn’t going to be pretty, but she hadn’t quite expected this.

“Oh, Gott, Julchen! What did you do?

Late Night Inspiration

Hola people!! So I was just minding my own business listening to music when Davy Jones’s theme song came up on my Spotify, and I’m thinking “this is such a awesome song I love it” then I started thinking that the actor that plays Davy is the best to. Theeeeen (sorry for the “thens”) I recalled that the actor is SCOTTISH. Then I went wandering down my imagination highway and then BOOM CRACKLE POP! How bout a descendants fanfic with the daughter of Davy !!! And just 10mins later I already have a name, hobbys, powers, and part of a plot line figured out. Just like Ughhhhhhhh, must have sleep.

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The Positivity Initiative Masterpost I

 Hello everyone! I’ve noticed a lot of hate going on lately and would like to change it. This is a masterpost, detailing the things that this initiative will do to make the community a better place. Memes to spur positivity will be tagged under: the positivity initiative . Please take a look, as this is what the positivity initiative is all about. As I create posts, I will go back and edit in the links, so please don’t be shy about reblogging or liking it.

This will become a reference for people new to rp and new to tumblr rp, specifically. Please don’t be shy about asking questions or making comments to the post–anything that may help someone else is welcome. This will be a support for all rp bloggers that may feel inadequate about their writing or may have received hate.

Everyone is allowed to participate in The Positivity Initiative. No matter the fandom, no matter the muse–everyone is welcome to participate. If you have an idea for a post, please message me or make your own and tag it as the positivity initiative.

Things The Positivity Initiative will aim to do:


  • Create a more positive RP community overall.

Please spread the word by reblogging these posts!

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[Easy Yoga for Beginners (like myself)!  -  20:43]

After a ton of suggestions from you guys, I decided to give yoga a try! It was a better workout than I gave it credit for, and seriously works some muscles that other workouts just don’t hit.  This video is some basic poses as well as explaining how they can benefit your body and your mind. Feel free to leave me feedback, as well as other suggestions of things to try.  Be sure to subscribe for more videos.  And, as always: Go, and Be Great! 


First Day Of Fall!🍁

Not that the weather shows any signs of that today, it did Monday but today its low 90′s, kinda a hot breeze too. Kinda really freaking excited for winter! and when I say kinda I mean F***ing stoked! It has my favorite holiday, snow, cuddling in a blanket on the cold porch ect ugh I can not wait! And btw when I say favorite holiday I totally mean thanksgiving. E and I have been in the house for too long I feel, my sister takes her to and from downstairs, other than that its here in the room, but she doesn’t mind at all, shes to happy and careless to even notice the time, unless its nap, then she notices lol. Just some shots from this morning, were in the nap hours so i’m just about to watch ANOTHER movie, I think this is my 7 millionth movie this week??? on a good note tomorrow is Friday means two things i’m 32 weeks And both of my babies are home for the weekend, and maybe a in room date night lol I hope everyone’s week is fantastic and always remember to stay positive!


I’ve been seeing a lot of rpers on my dash complaining about personal blogs reblogging rp-related posts and I think either these personal bloggers are new to the rp scene and have no idea what’s going on or they just don’t care. Which I hope the latter isn’t the case, but! I figured since I have so many personal blogs following this account that I would make a small little post about etiquette.


DO NOT REBLOG ROLEPLAYS. A lot of rpers use thread trackers and reblogging the roleplays messes those trackers up. Not only that, but for rpers like me… I don’t really want personal blogs reblogging my roleplays for privacy reasons, I suppose. It just makes me anxious when that happens! Personally, for me, it’s fine if you like a roleplay post, but I do know some people don’t like that.


READ THE RULES. Some roleplayers have rules up for a reason and while most rpers know to read rules before engaging in a thread, personal blogs aren’t always aware of this and may do something against the rules. Some rpers may not have rules up for personal bloggers following them, so just ask to make sure. :)


READ THE TAGS. Check the tags before you like or reblog a post. An rper might have made a tag stating that it’s not okay to reblog or like a certain post. For me, I typically tag posts I don’t want reblogged as “DO NOT REBLOG” which means I don’t want anyone to reblog it and “PERSONALS DO NOT REBLOG” which means I do not want any personals reblogging. Some people also put “OKAY TO REBLOG” or something along those lines, which makes it clear that you can reblog it.


DO NOT REBLOG ANYTHING RP RELATED UNLESS THE RPER GIVES THE OKAY! By this, I mean things like ask memes, headcanons, drabbles, doodles, etc. I guess it seems like a repeat of number one, but it’s different in the sense that some rpers aren’t okay with you reblogging asks, ask meme answers, etc.


IF YOU’RE NOT SURE, JUST ASK. The golden rule, honestly. If you are not sure if you can reblog and/or like something, just ask the rper! We don’t bite and we would sincerely appreciate if you asked us to clear up any confusion.

At first, I thought it was a little strange that personal blogs were following me; it’s never happened to me before! But, I L O V E being able to interact with you guys through anon asks and stuff, it’s actually a lot of fun and gives me a sense of pride that you guys like me enough to follow me and interact with me! :D I think it’s amazing that you guys want to take part in the rp community and I know I’m not the only one who is grateful for the love and support you guys show us by your questions, likes, etc.

But, sometimes having personal followers is a downfall, but only when it comes to stuff like this. But, that’s okay, because you guys may not know! And now you do! I really hope you took the time to read this <3 Please continue to support and encourage us and we will try our best to keep you entertained!