A love that strong, that compelling, shouldn’t have been able to exist. Yet, here she was, in the arms of a girl she loved more than she’d thought she could love anything, dancing the night away with no regard for anyone except the girl leading her around the dance floor.

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I LOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE your Mafia Au!! I simple fell for Frances design, since his "sisters" in canon are Seychelles and Monaco, do they play any part in the story?

in this au, france’s timeline 🇫🇷 is split into before and after he quits the force. both monaco and seychelles feature in the latter part

monaco leaks documents to france that reveal an international breadcrumb trail stringing some big offshore accounts. she whistleblows the tax evasion/bank front fraud that connects switzerland, liechtenstein, iceland, and macau (and china by proxy)

seychelles, bartender, is france’s drinking buddy and occasional fuckbuddy. everyone in this au is a serial enabler of someone else’s vices. and every single person breaks the cardinal rule of not getting fucked up with your own dealer (france and seychelles with alcohol; england and hong kong with downers (“i don’t do uppers on the job”); and please imagine the brilliant shenanigans of trucker canada and cop prussia as weed dude-bros)

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series

Unexpectedly: Part 8

A neighbor!Dean x Reader/ AU drabble series

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

A/N: Here is part 8 guys! I hope everyone is liking this series, because I’m really enjoying writing it. Please let me know what you think! I love hearing from you. ♥

Word Count: 1,223
(please don’t tell me this is not a drab. i already know, but i’m a wordy bitch okay?)

- language (maybe)
- too much fluff to handle.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

“I’m in here, sweetheart!” Dean finally yelled from his bedroom, allowing you to breathe properly. “Come here, would you please? I have a surprise for you.”

A surprise? What on Earth could Dean have planned, just while you napped on his couch? A wave of relief washed over you as you realized he was still here, and he hadn’t run away. Walking slowly towards his bedroom door with the fuzzy blanket wrapped around you, you knocked once on his door for courtesy and slowly pushed it open.

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“The One With Bucky’s Secret” FRIENDS AU - Releasing Tomorrow! and EVERY THURSDAY from this point on!

Summary: Living on the rough side of New York - Six friends find themselves broke in their late 20s, struggling in everyday life. Follow the lives of the people set in time, as if fate placed them on purpose - learning the importance of love, family, drama, and even heartbreak. But in the end, it always ties together, no matter the cost.


After months of moving to a new life, Bucky finds himself falling for someone he know he cant have. Steve and Natasha still playing a game of will they wont they - a certain event changes the outloook on their relationship. Sam struggles with the fact of his new roommate, with the help of Wanda - he manages to push his new roommate over the edge.