I finally got to finishing Viktor!!! (This is the person who submitted the Yuuri on gray paper piece, which I’m so glad u liked^^) It took a little longer than intended because I couldn’t find my gold pen. If I feel particularly gutsy I might do Yuri and Phichit? Who knows? Have a nice day!!!^^


OMGGG!!!! thank you so much for your submission!!! they’re finally a pair :’’’)))


Just wanted to show you the Moon King!Yuuri cosplay I tried out before I posted it on my Instagram, cause I love everything about this aum


I’M GONNA CRY OMG. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @interncastiel thank you so much for the submission!!!!! DUUUUUUDEEE THIS IS AMAZINGG

Kingdom Ties, Ch 1.

→ Genre | Royalty / Love Triangle AU.

→ Pairing | Kim Taehyung / Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

→ Words | 3,012 words.

Conspectus | An inconsequential maid should not hone such valuable secrets, though Prince Taehyung is desperate, and so she willingly hides them beneath her tongue because silk feels oh-so lovely against her skin. But Jeon Jeongguk cannot be this easily contained, and she is indecisive as to whether the touch of silk is worth the suffering.

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anonymous asked:

i'm cracking up imaging yoda and ben's ghost meeting luke's small stabby son

…………..yoda is not tall enough to be stabbed in the knees. Oh no, he is stabbed in the waist, and the thigh, and around the second stab he stops being stunned and starts fighting back. He lands two good blows on the things before it wheels away, screes Daaddyy in binary and Luke (who does not, as yet, speak Stabby’s strange bastardised binary; but understands that wail of pain and outrage.) “Hey!” he says, tucking Stabby safely behind one boot and glowering down, and in that moment Yoda thinks of Anakin, and CP30, and droids who pick up humanity like the contagion it is. Luke sets his jaw and glowers and tries to look imposing. He is not very good at it. Not yet. He could learn to be spectacularly good at it, and that is what frightens Yoda.

Yoda rubs his injured hip. The second stab had got tangled in his (filthy) toga, but the first has nipped, and though he’s not bleeding, his pride is wounded. His eyes narrow. Luke glowers back. 

“I need to see Yoda,” says Luke.

“To see a great Jedi Master, you desire,” says Yoda, “and yet a stabby droid, you bring.”

“I made him,” says Luke. R2 whistles in the background – 

He did! I like Stabby, he’s a little fuck, and Stabby coos happily at the praise. 

“Tape a knife to a cleaning droid, you did,” says Yoda, sounding wholly unimpressed. “A Skywalker, you are.”

“To the bone,” agrees Ben Kenobi, wavering into vision. Stabby rotates to the location of the voice, brandishing his knife.

“You knew my father?” says Luke, bright-eyed with excitement. Yoda sighs. 

“Yes. A Jedi, he was.”

“And – and –” Luke stammers. Ben cuts in:

“And taping a knife to a cleaning droid and calling it Stabby is exactly the sort of thing that Anakin would do.”

death-is-overrated  asked:

hey, are there any fics out there that are either rewrites of the show where bellarke are together, or something like a fic called innocence where they knew eachother or had a relationship on the ark. thank you!

Take a look at these: 

@stads02​ said: ‘Do you know any fics in which Bellamy was also captured by Mount Weather at the end of season one? Thanks!’

@mysnowday1 said: ‘Do you know the bellarke fic where its cold and they’re in a cave and they have to cuddle naked to stay warm’

There are a few fics like that…maybe it’s one of these? 

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STA(BB8)Y Skywalker will have WORDS with his creator come EpVIII : most of them will be profane (learnt from uncle R2 of course), but there will be a general sense of "you left!" and " where did my lightsaber go? no seriously where did it go there are first order ankles desperately crying out for a stabbing."

Holy fuck yes please. This is how it happens. Luke’s coming out of the bathroom, and he sees an adorable, spherical droid. It is staring at him. Luke smiles nervily. He thinks of the sandgeese on Tattooine: so small, so fluffy, but capable of breaking bones – and seemingly delighted to do so. He says, “Hello there, little one.” 

Identification: Luke Skywalker,” says the droid. Then: “I’m BB-8.”

“Ah,” says Luke. “Poe’s droid.”

That might explains the droid’s thorny demeanour. Poe is not Luke’s biggest fan. Oh, he grins – a bright white smile – and congratulates him, along with the rest of them, and he leads the standing ovation; but his Force presence is thick and tangled with dislike, veined with you left her! and when it got hard you left! coward! Because Poe Dameron is many things, but he does not and will never run from those he loves. 

Anyway. Luke attempts to step around the droid. It rolls around, blocks his path. “You don’t recognise me,” it bips.

“No…I’m afraid I don’t – “

Fucker! You left me, you piece of shit, you left us all, you left me I hate you why did you leave me – “ and the droid jitters forwards, a strange stabbing motion –


Of course. Luke stares, says, “Stabby?” with the sort of reverence normally reserved for the sudden appearance of long-lost children.   

The one, the only,” says Stabby. BB-8. 

“They – uh. They gave you a new body?”

Yup. They gave you a new outer shell too! Ask for a better one, this one is shit,” says BB-8/Stabby, who does not quite understand human bodies, or aging. 

Luke kneels in front of the droid. “I’m sorry. I never should have left. I blamed myself.”

BB-8/Stabby rolls side to side, the droid equivalent of a shrug. “Fuck that. You’re back. What happened to my lightsabre?”

Um –”

Grandad gave me a lightsabre, I want one again,” says Stabby. BB-8? What to call him? It probably says something about the Skywalker line that Vader would prefer his droid grandson to his human one. The stabby droid is, at the very least, saner. 

“Um –”

There are First Order ankles that need stabbing,” says  STA(BB8)Y. 

Luke grins. “I’m showing Rey how to make them. I’ll make you one.”

Orange please. To match Poe’s jumpsuit. Also I want five of them so I can put them on the edges of my ball,” and STA(BB8)Y.

“…we’ll talk about it,” says Luke. 

STA(BB8)Y chirrups happily, then gives Luke a good burn with his light. For old time’s sake, you understand.

(@copperbadge STA(BB8)Y is the new canon name, agreed? y/y?)

hello and welcome to my mobile interactive version of my fic recs! despite not having the time to actually sit down and read stories, i still have a pretty large collection of fics i enjoyed over the past couple of years of being in the kpop community! please send all of the writers mentioned love + likes, and support them and their stories! ♡
+ i am also, apparently, an unreliable source when it comes to non-smut fics. i can’t help it.

! any incorrect links will definitely be fixed later :^))

last updated ☞ 21.01.17

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Aaaand oh boy I spent a lot of time on this

More monsterboy AU stuff! this time with Genyatta… Faunyatta was inspired by this a hint though I used antelope refs for him. Genji is a dragon, naturally.

Also!!! This is a throwback to art I did a lot back in the day… soft foresty scenes with this kinda color scheme. I still got it and I still luv it, so enjoy~

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CSJJ Day 21: My Favorite Part of the Day

You run a coffee shop and say I’m your best customer, when a bad blizzard hits, I’m crazy enough to brave the storm to get my coffee, and you persuade me to stay for my safety.

My contribution to @csjanuaryjoy!!!! Tagging @icecubelotr44 so she can add it to the collection

I want to dedicate this to the lovely @kdanna03 on the occasion of her birthday. Thank you for being a wonderful human being. I love you, darling.

Also, this is loosely inspired on one of the love stories of Love Actually.


My favorite part of the day

He first came in on a late spring afternoon. The season hadn’t even begun, it wasn’t even summer, so Emma was instantly intrigued by the dark-haired stranger who walked into her coffee shop.

Storybrooke couldn’t even be considered a tourist attraction, it was more a remote and forsaken town lost along the Maine coastline. But during the summer, from time to time, a few daring adventurers would show up. They were usually the occupants of passing sailboats, choosing to dock in town for a day or two and replenish their supplies. Some of them even braved the woods, hiking for an afternoon before coming back into town to a few dinner options and only one bar.

The Dark Swan was a short walk from the docks, in a coveted location that offered both a view of the sea and the woods. It was the only coffee shop in town and Monday to Saturday, from seven in the morning until eight in the evening, Emma would serve the local patrons a small but high-quality variety of coffee, tea, pastries, and sandwiches. Then she’d lock up and climb the stairs to the small loft above the shop where she lived.

It wasn’t much, but after decades of being alone and struggling to find her place in life, it was hers. And it felt a lot like home - or what Emma thought home should feel like.

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