Put All the Ingredients on the Table

Pairing: Namjoon/Jin
Author: Chlexcer
Genre: Blogger!au, non-idol!au, Pining, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Kim Namjoon can’t cook, but he somehow becomes obsessed with a cooking blog called ‘EatJin’ and the sassy and mysterious person behind it.
In the realm of real life he isn’t doing much better, because there’s a ridiculously handsome guy with broad shoulders called Kim Seokjin that works in a nearby supermarket who is slowly ruining his life.
Little does he know, they’re actually the same person.

Admin’s notes: I love fics where the boys live normal lives and this one is so cute. namjoon’s determination to learn to cook and jin’s sassiness is so good in the fic.

Link: AO3

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Throw your characters into an AU...

…superhero AU

…blogger/vlogger AU

…neighbors/roommates AU

…deaged AU

…time travel AU

…road trip AU

…met online AU

…fairy tale AU

…vampire and/or werewolf AU

…body swap AU

…dystopian AU

…private investigator AU

…band AU

…space exploration AU

…fandom crossover AU (specify fandom)

…supernatural AU

…blind date AU

…marriage of convenience AU

…fake dating AU

…sports AU

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…kid fic AU

…hospital AU

…spies AU

…high school/college AU

…coffee shop AU

anonymous asked:

deaf/HoH or blind sterek?

I see you, Nonny, sneaking multiple asks into one  :P  I do like these types of fics tho.  :P


anonymous said: Hii! Do you know any sterek fics where one of them or both are deaf, blind, or can’t speak? If you could put a mix of them in there that would be great (: thank you so much your amazing !         

This list fills your ask too, but also check out our mute!Stiles tag for those fics (cause this post is already kinda crazy long, lol).

Enjoy the fics!  -Emmy

First up:  Deaf

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(Ooooooh…he gives me Derek vibes :D )


You Don’t Have to Hear Your Heartbeat to Feel It by redhoodedwolf

(1,186 I General I Complete)  *sterek, college au, TA!derek, college student!stiles

It took Stiles longer than he’d like to admit for him to discover his TA for Mythological Studies was deaf.

Little Gestures by Stereksale7

(1,976 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, driver!derek

Derek is a deaf Uber driver.

He’s hardly thanked by his passengers, and when he is, it’s seldom genuine.

In comes Stiles Stilinski, who changes it all.

Give Me a Sign by WhichWolfWins

(2,215 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, loss of virginity

Stiles decides to learn sign language so he can communicate better with Derek and he ends up using it to communicate his feelings for him.

Laughter is the Best Medicine by literaryoblivion

(4,432 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, human au, doctor!stiles

He hasn’t always been deaf.

Although, sometimes, he wishes he was. Mainly because he knows what he’s missing. He remembers what the rustle of the wind in the trees sounds like, remembers what kids playing in the playground sounded like, what laughter sounded like.

He misses it. A lot.

Speak to Me by Ember

(9,168 I Teen I Complete)

Derek became deaf from the fire that took his family long ago, and has refused to speak since. But when he is forced to speak in the court case of the woman who betrayed him long ago, he begrudgingly accepts the help of a newly graduated speech pathologist. Stiles, however, is about to teach a whole lot more.

Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes

(15,645 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, au, food blogger!derek

One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.


“Derek,” he says again, and the name feels very strange on his tongue. “You don’t mean Derek Hale.”

His professor’s eyebrows reach up, eyes widening. “You read his blog?”

“Uh. Worship. Would be a better more descriptive word. That is Derek Hale?”

Jimmy chuckles. “Good-looking guy, huh?”

“You mean to tell me the Food Network hasn’t snatched him up to dethrone everyone else from daytime TV.”

Jimmy smiles a small private smile. “I don’t think TV is his medium.”

Stiles raises an eyebrow. “Shy?”

The man laughs heartily at that. “No, I wouldn’t say that. He just has particular forms of expression, like eyebrows and chili powder.”

Counting to Infinity by artenon

(15,763 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

When Derek goes deaf, he finds himself going to Stiles for help. Stiles does.

Want You To Shut Up (Even Though I Cannot Hear You) by ChairmanChurch

(19,487 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, college au, roommates, alive hale family

“Wait, wait,” Scott scrutinized him suspiciously, “is all of this about the killer thing or just that you want to ogle at your roommate’s body?”

“No way, dude. I have my standards. Not the guy with eery green grey eyes, perfectly trimmed stubble and stupid bunny teeth.”

(Or the one in which Derek is deaf and Stiles doesn’t stop talking, and Isaac’s finally being helpful)


The Music Of your Body by GameCake

(2,389 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek, dancer!stiles

Derek inspected the paper with curiosity. It was a poster that seemed to be advertising a dancing event. There was a dancer in the middle, dressed in ballet clothes, body toned and hard, but the movement that was captured screamed smooth and melodic even from the picture.

I don’t understand. He signed with a frown.

It’s an invitation. I am one of the dancers in the group and I would like it if you came. Stiles replied nervously.

Hush by gryvon

(5,101 I General I Complete)  *scott/stiles, alive hale family

Scott becomes infatuated with Derek’s friend Stiles.

Heartbeats by lizleminem

(5,441 I Mature I Complete)  *scott/stiles

When they’re sixteen they steal some of Stiles’ dad’s alcohol. They’re a little tipsy when Stiles starts whining about how he’s still never kissed anyone. He makes a face and signs, “I’m sixteen, Scott. This is ridiculous. I’m gonna wither up and die before I ever kiss anyone.” His signing is a little loose and sloppy from the alcohol, and when he finishes he collapses backward on the bed, sighing like the world is crumbling around him.

Scott leans over him, rolls his eyes, and signs, “I’ll kiss you if it means you’ll shut up about it.”

Savagely Wicked by KrAuEd

(6,241 I Mature I Complete)   *sterek, model!stiles, nerd!derek, alive hale family

Stiles Stilinski, also known as the most famous model any underwear company has. He’s on billboards, magazines, covers of packaging. Anything and all. Most people say he’s popular just because he’s gay, others say it’s because he’s hot, or because he’s deaf. His life is busy and he works a lot, but it all changes when he meets Derek, a local man who treats him like a normal person.

(Previously known as ‘Really? That’s how you want to play?’)

Communication (And Lack Thereof) by impalagirl, wilddragonflying

(7,761 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, proposals, weddings

Sheriff Stilinski has been waiting for this day for a long time. As he watches his visitor walking up the path, he thinks about everything that’s happened in the past year and his fingers twitch for his gun. But he can’t do that; he can’t shoot this man, as much as he might like to sometimes. Maybe he can go one worse, though.

Wild Tonic by officerstilinskihale

(11,010 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles nodded and smiled again, his teeth flashing brightly and he signed something again, before looking frustrated with himself.

“You’re welcome,” Derek told him, feeling a wave of relief when Stiles’ face brightened. That would’ve been awkward if Stiles hadn’t been trying to say thank you.

“I had a really good time, so yeah. I’m glad you came with me,” he said, feeling his face grow hot. Derek wasn’t usually like this. He wasn’t confident. Sure, he had the looks and he could flirt shamelessly when he got hit on, but he always got shy around the people he genuinely liked, not that there was too many of those.

But Stiles didn’t let him dwell on that. He gripped Derek’s arm, grinned cheekily and pointed at himself before lifting two fingers. It took a while for Derek to get it but when he did, he couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across his face.

Me too.

And the Rest Was Silence by Reaping

(13,417 I Explicit I Complete)

April 16th: Noise

“Still can’t hear, go away.” He forms the words carefully, not sure how loud they are, but sure the wolves will get it.

Passing Notes to Say I Love You by AceLotti

(18,618 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek, college au

Love is Deaf. You can’t just tell someone you love them. You have to show them.

Silent by Handsofred

(28,313 I General I Complete)   *sterek, mates, kidnapped stiles

Alone, Stiles could feel the tiredness start to run through his body, the cuts on his body aching and other places hurting which made him wonder how they were hurting before he blinked a few times, eyes lifting towards the windows and the grey sky, Stiles hoped that the pack would find him. Slumping down in to the bonds, Stiles dropped his chin to his chest as tears gathered in his eyes, he felt scared for the first time since the car accident and he hated the fact that he couldn’t hear for anything which could creep up on him, hated that he couldn’t protect himself, squeezing his eyes shut tightly, Stiles tried to keep the tears away as he finally let the tiredness wash over him.

Silence is Loudest by codarra

(132,553 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, human au, sick!stiles, hurt!stiles, first time

Monday dawned fresh and cool and with a lack of Stilinski.

The buzz in the school changed over the week, once Derek started paying attention to it. No longer was the student body talking about where the students were going on vacation, or lack thereof for the more middle-class populace. They were bandying about a different series of words instead.


“Car crash.”

“Hit and run.”

“Sick. Really sick.”


“Brain damage.”

“Brain dead.”





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Blind Guy Walking Here by foodunderstandsme

(1,141 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Stiles could remeber the last thing he saw, it wasn’t the car that was about to hit him it was Derek Hale. Stiles is now Legally blind hiding his secret from his friends for Three years now their back and his life is turned upside down and all he can think about is Derek.

It’s Just Like You To Come And Go (series) by wednesdays

(2,469 I Teen I Series WIP)

Stiles is blind. Derek may or may not like him a little lot.

Blind Trust by FairyNiamh

(3,255 I General I Complete)  *sterek, high school au, human au

Derek hates his life, hates moving, and hates that some kid keeps staring at him.

I see You Better by theroguesgambit

(4,686 I Teen I Complete)

He dreams, sometimes, of his last moments of seeing.

At the church in Mexico, Stiles is blinded by a Berserker. Derek uses his new wolf status to act as a guide dog, while Stiles adjusts to his new reality.

In the Darkness by Boy On Strings

(7,817 I Mature I Complete) *sterek

Stiles is blinded in the final showdown with the Alpha, Derek tries to comfort him after realizing he almost lost something forever.

Can’t Stay Away by mommymuffin

(10,689 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek, magic!stiles, mutilation

“It’s really quite simple, Derek,” Deucalion drawls. “You pick one to kill tonight, you kill the rest later, you become part of my pack.”

“And if I refuse?” Derek growls.

“We’ll kill one of them anyway.”

Heretics and Bastards by JusticeBanana

(13,229 I Mature I WIP)  *steter, historical au, medieval au, nobleman!peter, magic!stiles

Peter is sick of court and the drama it entails. His sister is creating a life for her and her children in a new and promising land that Peter finds cold and horrid. Soon he is dragged into something much bigger than himself and the usual royal court happenings. This boy he thinks he failed to keep from harm may not be safe but he is alive.

Love is Blind by super_queer

(14,238 I Not Rated I Complete)  *major character death, sterek, werewolf!stiles, alpha!stiles

Stiles loses his sight in a terrible accident, but Derek is determined to give him a good life regardless.

Sinking Like a Stone by iamnightbird

(20,012 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Derek Hale is convinced he can protect his pack from anything. Kanimas, other packs, even the supernatural that remain myths (like demons and the such), but an event hits him like a punch to the gut to remind him that the things he can’t protect his pack from are the everyday horrors in which life makes us her bitch. [Blind!Stiles]

What Big Eyes You Have (Series) by A_Lesbian_With_Pink_Hair

(20,978 I G-E I Complete)  *sterek, mates

An AU ‘verse in which Stiles is born blind and is Derek’s mate. The rest of the world is just going to have to adjust accordingly because if you think that’s going to stop the boy who runs with wolves, you are horrendously mistaken.

Serendipity by mynamjo

(45,141 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek, artist!derek, magic!stiles, florist!stiles

Derek moves back to Beacon Hills to open up his new art gallery when he meets a blind boy who won’t leave him alone.

Cornerstone by Vendelin

(83,738 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, marine!derek, ptsd!derek, human au

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

He Sees Me For Me by Karlarado

(23,999 I Not Rated I WIP)  *sterek, dad!derek

Derek and his adopted daughter move to Beacon Hills to try and start up a normal life. They meet Stiles in a park with his service/seeing-eye dog and while Malia bonds with the dog, Derek ends up bonding with Stiles.

Windows by dr_girlfriend

(83,015 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

Derek has a new neighbor who won’t stop looking.


Definitely Actually a Love Story by saltyavocado (rainglazed) 

(2,057 I General I Complete)  *sterek, Scott and Derek are brothers

Second and final part to the Bigbro!Derek verse.

The Colors of the Rainbow by MagnusBanewood 

(3,425 I Not Rated I Complete)  *sterek

When Derek arrives at his new high school he is afraid that people will make fun of him again. But then he meets Stiles and slowly falls in love with his voice.

Feeling You by secretfanboy 

(6,158 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek,

When Derek loses his sight and hearing saving Scott from an attack, the Stilinski’s take him in.  As nurse and patient Stiles and Derek grow closer, but what will happen when Derek gets better?  Will Stiles be left with a broken heart?

so blogger au,,

Hunk and Pidge run a mechanics/devices blog together. Hunk makes things and reviews things such as the newest kinds of drones, how to fix your car for dummies, and how to build your own 30-speed remote control car

Shiro and Allura are both beauty bloggers that everyone high-key ships despite them never meeting. She lives over in LA with her father and he lives in NYC. He mostly reviews different types of makeup and which is the best and which is the best but is still easy on the wallet. Allura has tutorials on how the different ways to do your makeup depending if you want a ‘20s look, natural look, or you’re about to go out and need your makeup to last for 10+ hours

Lance runs kind of a miscellaneous blog. His ranges from fashion,  to how his day went, to what it’s like to have ADHD, to how to survive college, to venting. He’s got different fans for each different kind of post, so he tries to keep each pretty regular, but it’s not always easy. He tends to vague blog quite a bit about people in his life but usually deletes them a day later.

Keith runs a workout and fighting blog. He specializes in Krav Maga and knives, with the occasional sword here and there. He gives recommendations, posts videos of his workouts, and step by step explains each move in Krav Maga and how to effectively put everything together in case you ever need to fight someone off

Shiro and Allura get together just to quell the shippers for a bit but end up developing feelings for each other. While Shiro’s staying with her, they go on a couple dates, and they have the time of their lives. They don’t tell anyone though as they still aren’t how long it’ll last especially with them living so far away from each other.

Lance and Keith always tend to bag on each other. Keith likes to say in his fighting tutorials how if he ever sees Lance in real life, this is what he’ll do. It was all in good fun at first, but then Lance started taking it a bit too far. Lance vagues about Keith just about every time Keith posts something to his blog. After a while, Keith calls it quits and PMs Lance, asking if they can meet up in person.

Coran is the eccentric guy who brings them all together. He found each of them before they got their huge following and recommended their blogs to each other. Keith and Shiro and Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are the closest, but they all still talk on a pretty regular basis

maybe we found love (right where we are)

Pairing: Vkook (V/Jungkook)
Author: wowoashley
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Idol au, blogger au, college au
Summary: maybe they’re a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

Admin Notes: I can’t believe we haven’t recced this life changing story. Honestly, who doesn’t love a fanboy tae meeting his number one idol? and add some drama and obnoxious fuckboys, and you get heaven with chocolate chip cookies and hot coco. wowoashley knows how to write, we all know this, and they’ve written this story amazingly just like every other time. Top quality content right here, and just 30K of drama and life and everything nice

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to comment and leave kudos~~
-admin sarah

continuation of blogger au~

so it’s established that Keith and Lance don’t really like each other, but they’ve only ever known each other online. When Keith finally PMs him to put this bullshit to rest, they decide to meet up.

they slowly start to become close after trying to force the friendship. every once in a while they still get in a fight and will vague about each other, but it resolves itself quicker and easier than it used to

after a while, they both start to develop feelings for each other, but don’t think the other feels the same, so they both bottle it up. it hits the limit a month into it and Keith accidentally confesses. 

they start to date but have no desire to give into the satisfaction of the shippers, so they constantly start fake flame wars, the entire time texting each other about how funny their followers’ reactions are. however, their followers soon start to realize the absence of any actual heat behind their words, and the shipping increases, especially on their first fake flame war after the revelation.

they come out that their dating a few days after it, but ask people to understand that they still want their own private life together outside of the screen and that their blogs will be remaining the same as always.

deancas!au where:

  • cas takes a gap year after his bachelor’s degree and travels, deciding he’ll blog while doing it instead of keeping a formal travel journal
  • his ends up catching intense wanderlust and decides to make it two gap years
  • his blog takes off and people suddenly pay him to travel and then it becomes three years, then four, then five
  • on the sixth year, while in cambodia, he gets a call from kansas city general hospital
  • jimmy and amelia have been in a car crash. drunk driver. they were dead on arrival
  • they’ve named cas as two year-old claire’s guardian
  • cas is on the next flight out
  • but it turns out that you can’t actually travel while trying to take care of your niece and planning a funeral and looking for a job 
  • and then jimmy’s pos car decides not to start
  • enter dean winchester
  • dean, who takes one look at cas’s rumpled, dirty clothes and the bags under blues eyes and the squirming child in his arms and bends over backwards trying to make things easier for him
  • dean, who didn’t know jimmy personally but who’s sorry for cas’s loss, and offers to drive he and claire wherever they need while their car is in the shop “’cause we don’t have a car for you to use in the meantime, but you must be real busy so.”
  • which turns into dean chauffering cas to the grocery store and dropping him off at the mall with a ton of resumés while claire is at daycare
  • and then into cas and dean going out one night because dean insists cas needs some grown-up time
  • and then into cas inviting dean over so he and claire cook him the best indian food dean’s ever tasted even though cas insists it’s a cheap imitation
  • and then into cas and dean kind of… hanging out a lot. and maybe starting to touch a lot
  • and this, ultimately, culminates in a kiss on dean’s front porch
Maybe Fate Doesn't Hate Me That Much (Blogger Au! Veggie Burgers)

oboeist3 submitted: 

(So I was minding my own business, working on writing the RVP thing, when suddenly the plot bunnies attacked! They wouldn’t let me go until I wrote some Veggie Burgers for them, and since I’m terrified of the freaky buggers, (have you ever seen a plot bunny?!), I complied. And I actually kind of liked it, so I’ve decided to send it to you! :D I’ll try and get the RVP out later today or early tomorrow though, the dorks. Enjoy your angst turned fluff!)

Alfred F. Jones knew he was not the best of brothers. He was arrogant and annoying and stepped over lines far too often, but seeing his brother all flustered and twitchy he knew he had work to do. Mattie was so innocent and unknowing, he had to make sure this guy knew his place. If he hurt him in any way he was going to break every bone in his body. Or at least his nose, like he had with that albino kid. Afterwards when he found they were just friends he felt a little bad, but he didn’t regret it. The guy needed a little pride lowering anyway. But back to the matter at hand.

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Beyond The Screen
submitted by evanescent!anon:

A/N: So, uh…I’m pretty nervous about this, but I wrote a fic and I thought people might wanna read it (even though it’s pretty crappy but whatevs) so I guess I’ll submit it. I hope you guys like it! The idea kind of just popped into my head one night, and I hope it’s okay I borrowed the blogger!au. -evanescent!anon (I don’t think that name is taken, is it?)

P/N: (publisher’s notes if you didn’t catch that) yes okay so this is great???????  shh do not say crappy. is v good. also, i was very confused because i thought that you meant blogger!au like TDAH verse stuff, but this is an au all its own (A WONDERFUL ONE WHICH YES YOU SHOULD CONTINUE), and it’s wonderful. and it should basically just be real life for us all. /thebest-medicine

(part 2) (part 3)

Castiel’s heart pounded in his chest as he parked his car in the driveway of the big white house with evergreen-hued shutters. He couldn’t believe it—after all the days crossing big X’s over the dates on his calendar as today grew closer, counting down the hours until it was time to get into his car and drive to his destination—after all of that, here he was, in Dean Winchester’s driveway.

He had never been so nervous to meet anyone in his entire life. He knew it was ridiculous; Dean was a big teddy bear, one of the nicest bloggers on the entirety of the Internet, and he was, honestly, Castiel’s best friend. They had met through ask box messages talking about the subject of both of their blogs, both of which happened to be part a little-known to those that didn’t hold a particular fondness for tickling. Castiel wrote, and Dean drew art. Once they became friends, Dean started drawing art for his fics, and Cas wrote drabbles for his art. They made quite a team, and a significant number of their followers had begun to ship them, referring to them as ‘Destiel’, some even writing fanfiction about /them/, something that made Castiel very happy and very embarrassed all at once.

Dean, a ‘ler, and Castiel, a ‘lee, were about as close as you could get just knowing someone online. But all of that was about to change.

Because I’m about to meet him, Castiel mused to himself, trying to quell the shaking of his hands. My best friend. I’m going to meet him in real life. His mind wandered back to the few selfies Dean had posted, calling forth the image of a green-eyed, freckled man with a bright smile and crow’s feet in the corners of his eyes to his mind. He shouldn’t feel so nervous. It was silly. Dean knew practically everything about him and still assured him almost on a daily basis that he was a wonderful person, that he had nothing to be ashamed of, et cetera.

Castiel took comfort in those words as he exited his car and headed for the door, rapping his knuckles on the dark cedar wood and trying not to worry that he might have the wrong house.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm trying to kinda learn about the popular Undertale AUs and noticed you did those charms and silhouettes of designs from popular ones! Did you come up with any of those? And if you didn't do you know who did?

Hello~~!! There are…. so many… AU’s my dude… SO MANY AU’s…
I kind of dip my feeties into some of the more mainstream ones ^^;;
I like to combine AU’s skeleton brothers for fun personally (such as Outerswap, Outerfell, Underswapworld) but don’t really go beyond that for reasons.
I also did do a few posts with information. One was the differences between Fellswap and Swapfell, another on written permissions given to make merchandise by authors… but as for who made each one? I can try my best with a few that I know!
(There is a heavily detailed blog about different AU’s Undertaleau​ <– here)
(There are a lot of links in this post, bolds and italics)

Underswap: Tumblr: Popcornpr1nce (as far as I am aware they wish to not be disturbed about this. Please respect that.)

Underfell: Tumblr: Underfell
(official blog, inactive. As far as I am aware, the first AU to exist.)

Swapfell: MIA/Hidden: Kkhoppang  [The Fell of the Underswap world]
(Purple. This is the first original design. there is a private written korean scripting of this setting. it is written that this AU is a post-neutral run from underswap. This artist also created the Apocalypse AU. Korean AU.)
(It is also mentioned there are MANY different types of Swapfell in the fandom because of the nature of how this AU was first created. Please see [this post] about it.)

Fellswap: Tumblr: Blackggggum   [The Swap of the Underfell world]
(Red. Aside from the skeleton brothers, they designed everything and are currently creating a backstory for this AU. No one truly knows who made the red bros, its all muddled.)
Backstory/Comic blog: Fellswap-gold

Horrortale: Tumblr: Sour-apple-studios

Dusttale: Tumblr: Ask-dusttale
(blog is no longer active. This au is the creation from three people. Korean AU.)

Outertale: Tumblr: 2mi127

Fresh/Error (sans?): Tumblr: Loverofpiggies (I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about them, last thing I knew they changed the designs so they aren’t considered a “sans”. Correct me if i’m wrong someone? ;w;”)
Aftertale: Tumblr: Loverofpiggies

Multiplay AU: While I unfortunately am not sure about the creator, I do know that there is both Animation videos that follow the game (animated by HUGE on youtube you can watch here) as well as a series of comics for it. AU with two humans instead of one. There is no load files, real damage is done (burns, broken bones, etc). Korean AU. Very dark, careful if you watch.

Tumblr: Oceantale01 / Mainforte
Twitter: Oceantale_ / Mainforte
(the artwork for this is beautiful seriously! Korean AU.)

G!Sans: Tumblr: Borurou (although they switched blogs, as that one is inactive)

Dreamtale, Naturetale, Reapertale, Swaptale, Futuretale, Underworld, Flowerfell, Inktale, Underverse, Disbelief, Handplates, Sixbones, etc. etc. etc.

This is like… just barely scratching the surface. Take your time, OK? It can be overwhelming for sure

Movie Date Shenanigans (RVP Blogger! Au)

oboeist3 submitted:

((Agh I am so so sorry it took so long, but with summer school and working at my mum’s shop and writers block, I haven’t had the time. Anyway, once again, it’s probably not the best, but I do love the dorks. Hope you enjoy and DFTBA!))

Now Matt considered himself a pretty calm and controlled individual, his jobs somewhat depended on it, but the night after that hockey game with Matthew when he arrived home it took all he had to keep the smile off his face. The urge faded somewhat when he saw his Pére, curled up on himself on the couch and sleeping with his head facing the window, as if he’d been looking out for a while before he’d fallen asleep. Tear tracks ran down his face, and he sighed when he realized he’d been beating himself up about it, as usual. He got a quilt from the closet and gently placed it over him, placing a kiss to his temple and a whispered, “Bonsoir, mon père. Dormez bien.”, before heading up to his room to go to bed. He’d have to get up earlier in the morning to try and find Al, and he needed what little sleep he could get. His dreams were a happy place for once, filled with feather light kisses and one amazing, adorkable Canadian he’d fallen for so hard.

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Extreme Tourism

A continuation of the Swapped Luggage AU?

“And how is your current date going, Law?”

Swatting at the latest mosquito to try making a meal out of him, Trafalgar D. Water Law, stumbles through the rainforest, wondering why he’d even bothered booking a fortnight off work for this madness.

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blogger au

prompt: ransom, a blogger who specializes in anxiety, organization, and studying tips (most of which he doesn’t follow himself), encounters a Life Hack blog run by some dude named Holster whose horrific ideas of “life-hacking” (read: microwaving a metal spoon before using it to scoop ice cream, dangerous rube goldberg contraptions to turn off overhead light from bed, making ramen in a coffee pot, etc.) have Ransom terrified for this stranger’s life and well-being. 

In which Matthew gains a boyfriend and Al is a bit of an ass (Red Velvet Pancakes Blogger Au!)

((Yea I’m not sure what this is, but I spent my entire day writing it, so I hope you enjoy! :) ))


Matt walked back into his house after his first date with Matthew, which despite it’s first awkwardness, had actually gone quite well, or at least he thought so. Matthew had this sort of rambally style of talking and when combined with nervous fidgeting and his young, almost naive features, he once again found the only word to describe it was cute. He liked the blush he earned whenever he complimented him, and he was pleasantly surprised by the almost fanatical devotion they seemed to share with hockey and maple flavoured concoctions. Not to mention the adorableness that ensued when he slipped into French without realizing it, because unlike Matt’s French, which had this sort of country tint that was barely understandable, Matthew’s French was smooth and lyrical, almost Parisian in a way. “Your date went well I take it?” said an annoyingly American voice, snapping him out of his thoughts. He turned and saw Al leaning against the stairwell, his reddish brown fallen over his eyes and his weird nailed in baseball bat perched on his shoulder. “What are you talking about?” he asked, resisting the urge to smash his face in. This urge came on a lot when he was around Al, something about his arrogant attitude and constant pleading for his attention just rubbed him the wrong way. “Well first of all, you’re smiling, which almost never happens unless it’s something good and second of all.” he said, pulling out a familiar paper from his pocket and grinning his missing tooth grin. The reason for that of course being the one time he hadn’t resisted the urge to smash his face in. “You left a note for Dad, which I took the liberty of moving.” “You asshole.” he said, his hand tightening into a fist as he began walking over to him. “You know how Pere gets when people leave without telling him! He’s going to fre-” But his sentence was cut off as the British father in question entered the room, looking so brokenly worried it made Matt sad. “Matt?” he said upon seeing him, running over and jumping into his arms, forcing him to catch him before he fell. “Matt I was so worried that you had left and weren’t coming back like your mother and why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?!” he sobbed in his shoulder. Matt awkwardly patted his back and tried to comfort the Brit as he nuzzled him. “Shh Pere you know I wouldn’t do that. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you my date was today.” he said, sending a glare to his brother that screamed you are so so dead for this. Al just watched the scene with amusement, giving him a mock salute before scampering off to wherever he hung out. No one quite knew where it was.

After reassuring his father that he’d tell him when he was leaving in future, Matt went up to his room and sat on the bed, opening the laptop on his lap and pulling out the sheet of paper with Matthew’s skype name on it. He sent the friend request and was almost instantly met with a yes, and decided to send him a message.

Mooses-and-Maple: hey chickadee

Mapleblogger11: Hello Matt! :)

Mooses-and-Maple: how are you

Mapleblogger11: Good! My mother won’t stop teasing me about the date though, and my brother is getting all protective, as per usual. It’s funny since he doesn’t see me half the time, but that’s Alfred for you. What about you?

Mooses-and-Maple: i’m fine. resisting the urge to kill my brother for worrying my Pere. he’s got enough to deal with without his bullshit.

Mapleblogger11: I’m sorry to hear that, I hope he feels better now! My brother’s annoying but he doesn’t really mean it. A bit oblivious really. Brothers, love them and hate them.

Mooses-and-Maple: amen.

They kept talking about their brothers for a while, and he learned his name was Alfred, he loved hamburgers, basketball and anything he considered American. They moved on to favorite animals, Matt’s was the moose of course, and Mattie’s was the polar bear. When it came to sports they both agreed hockey was the best, though Matthew conceded that basketball wasn’t half bad either. The weirdest thing had to be something they’d do if they suddenly became rich, which Matthew said without hesitation that he’d fill a pool with maple syrup and swim around in it. All in all, it was small talk, the kind he usually hated, but with Matthew he found he didn’t mind. He wanted him to know more about him, to see past the wall he stupidly built around himself, though it wasn’t all fake. He knew he wasn’t a likeable guy, he was too silent, too lost in his own thoughts, too blunt about everything. But Matthew didn’t seem to be put off by it, and it felt… nice. Like he was finally being accepted by someone other than family. It also didn’t hurt that his responses were all so goddamn cute, with their heavy use of emoticons and optimistic view on life. It was a stark contrast to the world of his thoughts, always so melancholy, or the strange blurriness of the high, but it wasn’t an unwelcome one. He yawned as he looked over at the clock, it was nearly midnight now, so he wrapped it up with Mattie with the promise that he’d find his webcam so they could talk face to face.

The next few weeks they kept skyping back and, sometimes video, sometimes not, and they even managed to meet up again for another date, where they watched some horror movie he barely remembered, not that he minded, because the ‘scary’ scenes had kept Matthew in his arms the whole time, the fucking adorable bugger. The only thing that bugged him was that Mattie was always doing things, like volunteering at soup kitchens or watching his brother play (American) football, so sometimes he found himself sitting at his desk, eating maple ice cream and waiting for a reply, but he couldn’t answer because he wasn’t there. He wasn’t mad at him, it wasn’t his fault after all, plus when he did come back, he apologized profusely all flustered and cute like.

One Wednesday, while he was cutting his hair with a knife, since the scissors were useless in getting through the unsightly mop, he heard the sound of Matthew calling him on skype. He rushed out of the bathroom, not that he’d ever admit it, barely managing to catch it. “Hey chickadee.” he said, trying to maintain his cool attitude. “Uh hey Matt! How are you?” He shrugged, even though his camera was off and he couldn’t see him. “ ‘m alright. Any particular reason you’re calling? Not that I mind of course.” he said, cutting off the last tricky strand as he did so. He looked over at the screen, where a nervous and fidgety Matthew was looking at the camera and unconsiously running his hand through his hair. He was obviously trying to say something and he finally blurted out, “I… Matt what exactly…. are we?” He didn’t even pause before replying, “Well I figured we were boyfriends at this point….” He regretted the words as he saw his jaw drop and his amythest eyes grow wide, his face turning as bright red as the hoodies he wore so much. “Er, unless you don’t want to…” “No, no I do!” he said, obviously trying to compose himself. “I was just worried you didn’t want to…” he admitted, looking away. Matt chuckled. “You’re really cute when you get all nervous you know.” And all the time, he mentally added. “T-Thanks.” he stammered out, and Matt thought it best to give him some time to reorientate himself. “Well I actually have to go to bed soon, got work tomorrow. But there’s a hockey game this weekend, if you want to come with me? Just text me your address and I can pick you up.” “Sounds good.” he said, and Matt smiled to himself. “Night chickadee.” he said, and clicked the red phone symbol. He got up and placed the laptop on his desk, heading back to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He suddenly felt amazingly happy as his brain realized what just happened. “I have a boyfriend.” he said, and the Matt in the mirror grinned.

grumpy-space-mullet  asked:

Hey I really liked that Coffee shop au! I was wondering what about a blogger/YouTuber au? Like what kind of channel would the paladins have and what not?

Ahh thank you so much!! And YES I LOVE YouTuber AUs here you go my buddy my pal please enjoy



Channel Name: PidgeGamerson

Channel Type: Gaming

Most viewed video: “Twelve Minutes of Me Destroying Lance At Mario Kart and Him Claiming I’m Cheating”

  • Sure, people subscribe for the gaming, but they stay for the gossip
    • “And sure, I love petty rivalries as much as anyone else, but holy shit that is a powerful Charmander, at some point….”
    • “Then she said ‘but is it gay if you’re non-binary?’ and I said ‘honey, everything’s gay if I’m non-binary’ then fUCK IS THAT A ZOMBIE”
  • Has a huge collection of fun graphic tees and they wear a new one every video
  • People love their horror game videos, not because they get scared easily, but because they never get scared ever
    • “Oh wow, there’s Slenderman. Not like that’s the whole point of teh game or anything. How terrifying”
  • Never Uploads On Time
    • “Please like and subscribe! And this is the part where I’m supposed to say that I post every Tuesday and Thursday, but since this is me we’re talking about, I’ll see you on Saturday”
  • Roomates with Hunk, so they collab often. Hunk is terrible at gaming and Knows It, but plays anyway because it makes Pidge happy


Channel Name: xxHUNKxx

Channel Type: Cooking/Advice

Most Viewed Video: “Surprising My Girlfriend Shay With Her Favorite Cookies!!!”

  • Has a huge collection of really really fun aprons and fans send him aprons all the time and it honestly makes him so happy
  • His Q&A’s always just turn into huge advice sessions but he doesn’t mind because he just loves helping people so much
  • His goal in life is to make cooking more accessible
    • “My friends say to me all the time ‘oh I can’t cook!!’ and that’s not true. Anyone can cook. You just need to learn how!”
  • Every video features Pidge as a taste tester
    • Pidge pretends to love spicy food
      • Hunk pretends to not know that Pidge hates spicy food
  • Signs off every video by saying, “and remember, you are beautiful, you are important, and I love you. See you next video!”
  • Out of all of the gang, his meet and greets always are the biggest because so many people want nothing more in life than to get one of his hugs
    • His channel has a huuuuge cozy family vibe
    • “I can’t wait to see all of your shining faces!”
    • Think Thomas Sanders vibe. But with cooking.


Channel Name: Life of Lance

Channel Type: Comedy/Vlogs


  • Is that one YouTuber who’s always collabing with someone
  • His channel is almost entirely memes and puns but people love it
  • Has the most subscribers out of everyone
  • His viewers roast him because he has Zero Fashion Sense
    • “You guys can meetup with me at Anime Expo! I’ll be cosplaying as Oikawa Tooru, and I’ll be in front of the convention center at four!”
    • His fans give him so many gifts
    • He loves it
  • On the first Monday of each month, he and Pidge collab for a prank video
  • Is super active with his fans on twitter
  • “Lmao I’ll never be one of those YouTubers who writes a book. It’d be a trainwreck” *one year later* “So my book, How to be a Really Hot Hot Mess is releasing next week”

Shiro and Allura

Channel Name: Fitness Planet

Channel Type: Lifestyle/Fitness

Most viewed video: “💞Couples Workout💞”

  • Manages to be both a hella professional channel and also really personal with their audience at the same time
  • Shiro and Allura alternate posting fitness video
    • Shiro posts on Mondays and Allura posts on Fridays
    • Shiro’s videos are paired with his gentle encouragement
    • Allura’s style of encouragement is more like an army general
    • Fans of the channel debate over which of the duo’s motivation type works best
  • One Wednesdays, they post miscellaneous videos, including, but not limited to:
    • Makeup tutorials
    • Diet tips
    • Fashion advice
    • DIYs
    • Day in the life videos
    • Collabs with friends

Not YouTubers


  • Lance’s roomate
  • Common victim of Lance and Pidge’s pranks
  • Is seen in almost every one of Lance’s videos
    • “Keith, will you be in my video?” “No” *Lance makes him be in the video anyway*
  • Is concerned with how many of his friends are YouTubers
  • “Keith, if you just made your own channel, you would have so many subscribers” “Not gonna do it Lance”
  • All of Lance’s viewers ship them
    • All of them
    • Keith pretends he doesn’t know that the ship exists
      • He knows it exists
        • Pidge writes Klance fanfic under an alias to piss Keith off 


  • Allura’s stepfather
  • All of Shiro and Allura’s fans reached out to him in support on Facebook when he and Alfor got married
    • He cried a bit
    • Alright he cried a lot
  • Is often used as a makeup model by Allura and Shiro
  • Doesn’t really understand YouTube but Tries His Best™
    • Is mostly just happy that Allura is following her dream