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I just saw the anon about v sending y songs. Blogger/youtuber au, where vic loves him and sends him lovely anons/anon letters amd gifts cuz its the best he can get. And hes known as the song anon, whos like mads in love with him. He sends him letters and gifts with song lyrics of angst on the package. But one day he forgets to anon! And they are making progress in real life, and in anon chats, but then Yuuri thinks its all a prank! Cue chap 13 like fallout with social media going crazy.

Haha omg I love it!

Put All the Ingredients on the Table

Pairing: Namjoon/Jin
Author: Chlexcer
Genre: Blogger!au, non-idol!au, Pining, Fluff
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Kim Namjoon can’t cook, but he somehow becomes obsessed with a cooking blog called ‘EatJin’ and the sassy and mysterious person behind it.
In the realm of real life he isn’t doing much better, because there’s a ridiculously handsome guy with broad shoulders called Kim Seokjin that works in a nearby supermarket who is slowly ruining his life.
Little does he know, they’re actually the same person.

Admin’s notes: I love fics where the boys live normal lives and this one is so cute. namjoon’s determination to learn to cook and jin’s sassiness is so good in the fic.

Link: AO3

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Throw your characters into an AU...

…superhero AU

…blogger/vlogger AU

…neighbors/roommates AU

…deaged AU

…time travel AU

…road trip AU

…met online AU

…fairy tale AU

…vampire and/or werewolf AU

…body swap AU

…dystopian AU

…private investigator AU

…band AU

…space exploration AU

…fandom crossover AU (specify fandom)

…supernatural AU

…blind date AU

…marriage of convenience AU

…fake dating AU

…sports AU

…pirate AU

…kid fic AU

…hospital AU

…spies AU

…high school/college AU

…coffee shop AU

so blogger au,,

Hunk and Pidge run a mechanics/devices blog together. Hunk makes things and reviews things such as the newest kinds of drones, how to fix your car for dummies, and how to build your own 30-speed remote control car

Shiro and Allura are both beauty bloggers that everyone high-key ships despite them never meeting. She lives over in LA with her father and he lives in NYC. He mostly reviews different types of makeup and which is the best and which is the best but is still easy on the wallet. Allura has tutorials on how the different ways to do your makeup depending if you want a ‘20s look, natural look, or you’re about to go out and need your makeup to last for 10+ hours

Lance runs kind of a miscellaneous blog. His ranges from fashion,  to how his day went, to what it’s like to have ADHD, to how to survive college, to venting. He’s got different fans for each different kind of post, so he tries to keep each pretty regular, but it’s not always easy. He tends to vague blog quite a bit about people in his life but usually deletes them a day later.

Keith runs a workout and fighting blog. He specializes in Krav Maga and knives, with the occasional sword here and there. He gives recommendations, posts videos of his workouts, and step by step explains each move in Krav Maga and how to effectively put everything together in case you ever need to fight someone off

Shiro and Allura get together just to quell the shippers for a bit but end up developing feelings for each other. While Shiro’s staying with her, they go on a couple dates, and they have the time of their lives. They don’t tell anyone though as they still aren’t how long it’ll last especially with them living so far away from each other.

Lance and Keith always tend to bag on each other. Keith likes to say in his fighting tutorials how if he ever sees Lance in real life, this is what he’ll do. It was all in good fun at first, but then Lance started taking it a bit too far. Lance vagues about Keith just about every time Keith posts something to his blog. After a while, Keith calls it quits and PMs Lance, asking if they can meet up in person.

Coran is the eccentric guy who brings them all together. He found each of them before they got their huge following and recommended their blogs to each other. Keith and Shiro and Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are the closest, but they all still talk on a pretty regular basis

deancas!au where:

  • cas takes a gap year after his bachelor’s degree and travels, deciding he’ll blog while doing it instead of keeping a formal travel journal
  • his ends up catching intense wanderlust and decides to make it two gap years
  • his blog takes off and people suddenly pay him to travel and then it becomes three years, then four, then five
  • on the sixth year, while in cambodia, he gets a call from kansas city general hospital
  • jimmy and amelia have been in a car crash. drunk driver. they were dead on arrival
  • they’ve named cas as two year-old claire’s guardian
  • cas is on the next flight out
  • but it turns out that you can’t actually travel while trying to take care of your niece and planning a funeral and looking for a job 
  • and then jimmy’s pos car decides not to start
  • enter dean winchester
  • dean, who takes one look at cas’s rumpled, dirty clothes and the bags under blues eyes and the squirming child in his arms and bends over backwards trying to make things easier for him
  • dean, who didn’t know jimmy personally but who’s sorry for cas’s loss, and offers to drive he and claire wherever they need while their car is in the shop “’cause we don’t have a car for you to use in the meantime, but you must be real busy so.”
  • which turns into dean chauffering cas to the grocery store and dropping him off at the mall with a ton of resumés while claire is at daycare
  • and then into cas and dean going out one night because dean insists cas needs some grown-up time
  • and then into cas inviting dean over so he and claire cook him the best indian food dean’s ever tasted even though cas insists it’s a cheap imitation
  • and then into cas and dean kind of… hanging out a lot. and maybe starting to touch a lot
  • and this, ultimately, culminates in a kiss on dean’s front porch

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I am the anon with the rivals blogger/ytber au. I have a literal list of stories and aus to write that I have not, but I only have like 1 summer class at a time so if I can write a plot out for blogger au I will write it and give you a rivals!youtuber au. Its the least that can be done after you have gifted us a massive fic while in med school.

Aw thank you so much! ❤️ As long as you credit and link to the original if it’s an AU of Rivals then I would adore that

college lance things

more parts coming! this is just an intoduction to my mua lance au!!

  • He got into makeup at age 15 through concealer which he nicked from his older sister’s dressing table. It started out because he was breaking out a little bit and was feeling mildly insecure about his skin
  • ALTHOUGH NOW…this boy goes out looking fly as fuck 24/7. His cheekbones will and can cut a bitch
  • Probably an astrology fanatic 
    • “Capricorns make the best friends. If you don’t believe me, Hunk is living proof. Facts”
  • He’s not even an MUA, he’s actually majoring in fine arts, but he goes around introducing himself as “Lance MUA xoxo” as a joke. 
    • Teachers take this seriously and ask him for makeup tips & tricks from time to time
  • “I might be difficult to work with but at least I can match my foundation smh”
  • “Keith I love you, but please, at least try a facial mask. Your pores are screaming in agony”
  • He beats his face with his beauty blender in tune to the beat of Kiss It Better by Rihanna & soley because of that, it takes him twice as long to get ready
  • “Do I want to look like a cute or bad bitch today?” “How about both” “Thanks, Pidge. I knew I could count on you”
  • Lance is really artistic and great at painting, so naturally he’s actually bomb as fuck with his makeup??? Like one swipe and bam! instantly blended eyeshadow 
  • MVP from the start. He didn’t need anyone to tell him that he needed to blend his foundation all the way down to his neck. This mf just knew
  • Started a fashion blog for fun at age 16 and it?? Actually got popular?? He’s an inspiration for guys his age that enjoy makeup & breaks traditional gender roles
  • Probably most likely popular on instagram
    • Posts OOTDs, pics of doggos and kitties, retro anime aesthetics and memes because lets be real. He’s a meme
    • He and Allura have a Monday ritual in which, no matter what, must have a selfie of them together with their freshly beat faces
  • Keith accidentally knocked over one of Lance’s Urban Decay palettes
    • Forced Keith to watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race as punishment
  • Is the prettiest but most dramatic person that ever walked this earth
    • Once hyperventilated after seeing a hot guy with a piercing and had to reapply his matte lip in a public bathroom
    • Keith was not impressed when he heard about this
  • His makeup brushes are his babies. His ride or dies. Don’t mess with them
  • Also slight digs at Keith even though he loves him 
    • “Mullets were never in fashion why do people even?? Also, you DO have to wash leather jackets at some point. Not being mean, just facts”
    • Shiro shows him all the shade because Keith is a hermit and doesn’t have snapchat (lowkey Shiro lives for drama)
  • “Keith you can try and insult me all you want but I’m a tough one to crack” “Purple really isn’t your colour though” “i – YOU ASS PURPLE BRINGS OUT THE BLUE IN MY EYES”
  • Painfully obvious mutual pining between Keith and Lance. So much so that even Lotor was getting annoyed
    • Pidge got fed up to the point where she walked into Keith’s lecture, yelled “Y’AINT BLIND OR NAH” and walked out
  • Lance does his eyebrows when hes stressed
  • Lotor is in Lance’s graphic design class and rants to him about boy problems. Lotor is…mildly confused, but slightly flattered
  • Almost teared up from the pride that swelled in him when Keith was able to differentiate between bronzer and contour
  • Lives for online drama. Has an account in and doesn’t regret it
  • Allura and Lance get into petty but hilarious arguments at times
    • Shiro:? are you two seriously not gonna talk to each other???
    • Allura: that’s what he gets for pairing up that eye look with that sweater

    continuation of blogger au~

    so it’s established that Keith and Lance don’t really like each other, but they’ve only ever known each other online. When Keith finally PMs him to put this bullshit to rest, they decide to meet up.

    they slowly start to become close after trying to force the friendship. every once in a while they still get in a fight and will vague about each other, but it resolves itself quicker and easier than it used to

    after a while, they both start to develop feelings for each other, but don’t think the other feels the same, so they both bottle it up. it hits the limit a month into it and Keith accidentally confesses. 

    they start to date but have no desire to give into the satisfaction of the shippers, so they constantly start fake flame wars, the entire time texting each other about how funny their followers’ reactions are. however, their followers soon start to realize the absence of any actual heat behind their words, and the shipping increases, especially on their first fake flame war after the revelation.

    they come out that their dating a few days after it, but ask people to understand that they still want their own private life together outside of the screen and that their blogs will be remaining the same as always.

    Beyond The Screen
    submitted by evanescent!anon:

    A/N: So, uh…I’m pretty nervous about this, but I wrote a fic and I thought people might wanna read it (even though it’s pretty crappy but whatevs) so I guess I’ll submit it. I hope you guys like it! The idea kind of just popped into my head one night, and I hope it’s okay I borrowed the blogger!au. -evanescent!anon (I don’t think that name is taken, is it?)

    P/N: (publisher’s notes if you didn’t catch that) yes okay so this is great???????  shh do not say crappy. is v good. also, i was very confused because i thought that you meant blogger!au like TDAH verse stuff, but this is an au all its own (A WONDERFUL ONE WHICH YES YOU SHOULD CONTINUE), and it’s wonderful. and it should basically just be real life for us all. /thebest-medicine

    (part 2) (part 3)

    Castiel’s heart pounded in his chest as he parked his car in the driveway of the big white house with evergreen-hued shutters. He couldn’t believe it—after all the days crossing big X’s over the dates on his calendar as today grew closer, counting down the hours until it was time to get into his car and drive to his destination—after all of that, here he was, in Dean Winchester’s driveway.

    He had never been so nervous to meet anyone in his entire life. He knew it was ridiculous; Dean was a big teddy bear, one of the nicest bloggers on the entirety of the Internet, and he was, honestly, Castiel’s best friend. They had met through ask box messages talking about the subject of both of their blogs, both of which happened to be part a little-known to those that didn’t hold a particular fondness for tickling. Castiel wrote, and Dean drew art. Once they became friends, Dean started drawing art for his fics, and Cas wrote drabbles for his art. They made quite a team, and a significant number of their followers had begun to ship them, referring to them as ‘Destiel’, some even writing fanfiction about /them/, something that made Castiel very happy and very embarrassed all at once.

    Dean, a ‘ler, and Castiel, a ‘lee, were about as close as you could get just knowing someone online. But all of that was about to change.

    Because I’m about to meet him, Castiel mused to himself, trying to quell the shaking of his hands. My best friend. I’m going to meet him in real life. His mind wandered back to the few selfies Dean had posted, calling forth the image of a green-eyed, freckled man with a bright smile and crow’s feet in the corners of his eyes to his mind. He shouldn’t feel so nervous. It was silly. Dean knew practically everything about him and still assured him almost on a daily basis that he was a wonderful person, that he had nothing to be ashamed of, et cetera.

    Castiel took comfort in those words as he exited his car and headed for the door, rapping his knuckles on the dark cedar wood and trying not to worry that he might have the wrong house.

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    maybe we found love (right where we are)

    Pairing: Vkook (V/Jungkook)
    Author: wowoashley
    Rating: NC-17
    Genre: Idol au, blogger au, college au
    Summary: maybe they’re a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

    Admin Notes: I can’t believe we haven’t recced this life changing story. Honestly, who doesn’t love a fanboy tae meeting his number one idol? and add some drama and obnoxious fuckboys, and you get heaven with chocolate chip cookies and hot coco. wowoashley knows how to write, we all know this, and they’ve written this story amazingly just like every other time. Top quality content right here, and just 30K of drama and life and everything nice

    Link: AO3

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    Extreme Tourism

    A continuation of the Swapped Luggage AU?

    “And how is your current date going, Law?”

    Swatting at the latest mosquito to try making a meal out of him, Trafalgar D. Water Law, stumbles through the rainforest, wondering why he’d even bothered booking a fortnight off work for this madness.

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    Caejose Blogger AU (4)

    (For earlier posts on this AU, click here)

    A Bit About Caesar’s YouTube Channel:

    - Caesar’s not much of a gamer, but he does sometimes do gaming videos for his fans. He usually ends up playing horror games because his fans know that he hates them.

    - His opening line for his videos is “Hello again, my little Caesarinos~” and Joseph actually uses screenshots from his opening to make his first horrible Caesar meme.

    - Caesar wasn’t very creative with his username, so it’s simply “CaesarZeppeli”.

    - He uploads videos every Friday.

    - Caesar never actually mentions Joseph’s name and either calls him “Jojo” or just “my roommate” in his videos. He does it to protect Joseph’s privacy.

    - Caesar has actually been recognized a few times on the street. It always surprises him, and reminds him of the fact that he actually has a relatively large following.

    - Joseph has never physically appeared in any of Caesar’s videos, but he’s sometimes heard in the background and his fans do want to see him (Joseph). However, whenever it’s requested Caesar always turns it down, and it’s one of the only things he’ll deny his fans of.

    Edward’s your typical nerd blogger and huge attention seeker. He needs the validation, so he’ll do just about anything his followers ask if they’re sweet enough to him (this has included dying his hair green, posting a shirtless selfie, drinking a mixture of hot peppers and wasabi, taking photos of himself in cat ears, and reading out an embarrassing valentine poem for Kristen Kringle on camera (who promptly rejected him)). Secretly a total edgelord.

    Then there’s fashionista cyberbully Oswald, who frequents the true crime community (purely for educational purposes, he swears!), posts about his knife collection, frequently makes text posts about his daily life - which is a lot more interesting than most peoples due to the cut throat nature of studying fashion, and he runs a very popular fashion side blog that is always updated on the latest trends.

    Lily’s “Cute” Fic Recs

    An anon asked if I had any good or cute fic recs and, well… I ended up with quite the list! It’s largely 2jae fluff, but there are a variety of ships and ratings included below, and you should all go and read these wonderful stories! 

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    Caejose Blogger AU (8)

    (For more Posts on this AU, click on the # Caejose blogger AU)

    Clothing that Caesar and Joseph would wear on a regular day:


    - Dunno why, but I see him wearing plaid shirts?? Like, colorful ones. I can see him spending a whole day at the mall just to find the best clothing.

    - I also see him wearing skinny jeans (again, colorful ones and the one he wears has to go well with his other clothing) and boots.

    - Instead of wearing the strip around his head, he has wrist bands in the same design, but he has different versions of those too that he switches out.

    - Don’t really see him with fingerless gloves or a scarf in this setting (unless the weather is appropriate)

    - He likes Converse but his shoewear varies depending on his clothing.


    - He definitely would wear a Letterman jacket, and probably a normal shirt underneath. [On a side note: I could totally see him wearing crop tops in high school (he’s entering college now) and being super embarrassed by it. ]

    - He’d probably wear regular jeans, either the normal blue or black. He might wear a purple or brown if he’s feeling like it.

    - He’s got an earring on his right ear. He used to have two more on the top, but he took them off.

    - His clackers hang off of his belt, and they don’t really serve a purpose. He just likes to have them with him and fidgets with them when he’s bored or nervous.

    - Boots are his go to shoes, but if he’s in a hurry he’ll slip on sneakers.

    [Ahh having these descriptions makes me want to draw them but it never turns out well… I’ll have to keep trying. Hopefully something turns out right and I can have art for this AU too!]

    to add to the makeup blogger au, taako also like. tries to not curse at first cuz he thinks it means he’ll be approachable and have a bigger audience but like 3 videos in he drops foundation on his new white rug and screams “SHIT FUCK” and magnus runs in super concerned and taako is just. defeatedly looking at the foundation on the floor

    How about blogger Grantaire who posts those aesthetic text posts which say things like “justice for immigrants” and “your sexuality is valid” and other stuff that Enjolras loves and reblogs everytime. Of course Grantaire realised what enj was doing and posted one aimed at the blond in comic sans. Enjolras was so conflicted on whether to reblog it because “it’s perfect but I can’t take it seriously ffs”