I Feel Like a Celebrity

Hey! I’m a celebrity!

My lovely friend, Marji, over at letmeborrowthatoutfit recently caught me on my way to grab a coffee before work and snapped some photos of my outfit. (Fun, right?)

Although I’m totally not claiming to be a fashionista (I dress for comfort, remember?), I’m still more than honored to be featured on her cute, little blog.

So … check it out!


(Photo courtesy of

Today I was inspired by my #blogfriend @waitingonmartha she said “ Every ride worth taking, has its ups & downs”! Then I came across @laracasey quote to “Take risks for what matters” which further motivated me the cycle of #success is to have an idea, try, do & if you fail do again & again & then keep going, lastly my personal favorite in everything you do you should “ Act without expectation” do everything from the heart, be #genuine! I hope you all are as #Inspired by this as I am to #KeepPushing #KeepGoing #TeamSupport #TeamEntrepreneur #TeamGrind #TeamHustle #TeamRockOut until you can #BallOut! #TheOfficial #TBoyAficionado (at Inspiration)


hallooii blogfriends, ik ben een blog begonnen zoals je kan zien:) ik plaats 1x in de 2 weken iets of als er iets anders gebeurd vaker. Ik ga het vooral hebben over dingen die ik mee maak over gevoelens en dat soort dingen. ik hoop dat ik jullie er ook mee kan helpen en jullie mij kunnen helpen. (morgen plaats ik ook wat)

xx girl-centre