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Hey there little sugar muffin nuggets, as you all know the holidays are upon us, and so I decided to make a ‘Holiday Follow Forever’ ♥ cos’ I just really love you all with all my heart, and I would never ever think of unfollowing you so this is my way of wishing you all a very [early] Merry Christmas, and a [early] Happy New Year, may you all be blessed with an amazing year filled with happiness and all the good stuff life has to offer cos’ you all deserve it! Thank you for making this tumblr blogging experience lovely♥ 

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Sorry if I forgot someone, I really hope I didn’t! I love you all to bits! Happy, happy holidays to all and bless your souls mccutie pies! :)

Relationships, eh?

I was once told that if love didn’t exist in the world, it would be a better place because there would be no pain. I thought it was a pretty damn good theory. But the world isn’t built like that, we must relate to something. Starting with the family and ending with love relationships, whether they last or not. Because everything that was once set as a knot, even if it’s untangled, it will always have the mark that a knot was made there. Good thing is, some materiales are better than others and you can’t actually see the knot mark but let’s end with this metaphore right NOW.

Love, as in couples who love eachother in many ways including the sexy one, is hard. No pun in there, just the truth. It can be simple when it begins and if you two get along well it will be simple up until the point you want to take it. It can also be hard and exasperating but hey, if you love that, then you’ll last forever.

Truth is that love is the mixture of feelings such as devotion, caring and attraction towards someone else but to make a relationship last in love, it takes a lot of work and two compatible personalities with compatible values and life goals.

At the end it just sums up to that, do you guys get along? do you like spending time together? do you also like spending time APART and respect that? do you respect eachother’s choices and likes? do you want the same thing out of life?

One of the best and lasting relationships i’ve seen have taken lots of commitment in order to work, but they ultimately do because they are heading the same way and they respect eachother enough to have each their space so they can share it together at the end of the day.

You can fall in love with anyone but that doesn’t mean the relationship will last.

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