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name/nickname: Victoria/Vicky

gender: female

star sign: libra

height: 5′8″ (1,72 m)

sexuality: straight

favourite animal: turtles

average hours of sleep: currently only 5-6 hours because of my internship; throughout the semester I worked my way up to about 7 hours now (not just during the weekends anymore, yay ^^)

dog or cat person: dogs!

dream trip: New England + New York (preferably during Indian Summer) or Ireland would be awesome!

when I made my blog: January 2013, one year before my high school graduation

followers: 169

why I made a tumblr: I think I stumbled across tumblr when I was starting to really get into comics, checking out character analyses and recommendations, etc. and thought it would be easier to keep up with those blogs I checked out regularly if I just created my own account and followed them ^^

reasons for my url: my best friend, @headcase-actress , came up with the name when I wanted to create a deviantart account in 9th grade and I really like it a lot - I just added the “1″ because the url without it was already taken :)

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Okay, this is my first theory so let’s go step by step. 

What or who is FTWillz

FTWillz is a myspace profile that for some months now it has become a private profile, but looking on the internet some old screenshots on this profile you can find interesting things, like this post which dates back to February 2008.

I know what you are thinking about and you’re totally right.

The same post was posted on Frank’s blog in 2013, the year in which F.T.Willz’s myspace profile has become private.

But who knows? It may be a coincidence.

Let’s take a look at what was in this myspace profile.

First of all, you can notice this:

If you went at least once in the wikipedia page of Frank, you surely recognize that name. 

Well, you know, this can be a coincidence but…

Scorpio. F.T.Willz’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

Who else’s?

Yeah. Frank’s a scorpio too.

Let’s move to the next point.

F.T.Willz wrote he is a swinger, but what’s a swinger?

And this would explain a lot of things, for example his behavior on stage with Gerard. But this can actually be a coincidence.

But does F.T.W. remind you of anything?

It can still be a coincidence, who knows? But let’s take a look to these other two posts.

Seems like F.T.Willz doesn’t like technology. And he’s not the only one.

Frank also hates things like these.

Now, this could be a coincidence, but let’s think about it: how many things would match when speaking about their relatisionship? And why F.T.Willz’s myspace blog became magically private when people started talking about it?

I’ll leave you to the conclusions, but I’m quite sure it’s more than a coincidence, I also analyzed his poetry and I just have to translate them in English.

By the way I had this post translated some days ago, so I decided to correct those little mistakes and to translate all my theories because this blog is turning in english. So yeah, you can ask me or add something to my theories here.

One last thing: we are three people working on theories, and the two of us analyze important things. Lately, we’ve found some interesting stuff no one has ever spoken about and we are a bit shocked but also curious.

xo g

The Story of Us
Taylor Swift
The Story of Us

Two years ago today this song became very important to me. It is the reason why my love for Taylor Swift grew into an obsession and a lifestyle. 

The story behind this song began with this boy that I had fallen hard for over the course of 7th grade. I’ll call him Z. I had this intense crush on Z for most of the year, and had been really upset that the year was ending and I wouldn’t see him everyday anymore. I was convinced that he had feelings for me too, and I don’t know if it was a hallucination or what, but on this day was our Science final, the last final of the year, and I had sat down with my friend when I saw him walk in. He walked right passed me, stopped, and gave me the most devastated look I had ever seen. But, he said nothing, and neither did I. In that moment I swore that we had been transported into the music video for The Story of Us. “Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we’re not speaking. And I’m dying to know if it’s killing you like it’s killing me." I had the entire music video layed out in my head with the events of that day. I can still remember most of it. I know how crazy it sounds, but hey, I was only 12.

Everyone is alive

This is a thought that keeps me awake a lot of nights and it makes me think more than I like to.

Why would it keep me awake? Because it’s fascinating in a way, the fact that while you are feeling, living and breathing, there are millions of humans doing that too. Life doesn’t stop for anybody, and often we think of life as our own, but lately, I’ve been thinking about it as a whole, as the conjunct of every living being.

It’s so interesting to me that, while I’m writing this, there are people giving birth, there are people dying, there are people crying, laughing, running, climbing, kissing, feeling, living.

My favorite star is alive right now, doing something, probably showering or sleeping or something. My best friend from kindergarten whom I haven’t seen in years is out there, still living her life.

Sometimes we warp up too much in ourselves, that we forget other people are alive too. If you go to a park or a mall, you will see a lot of people, people who have jobs, families, people who are hated and loved, people who have a whole story behind it, a story you are not nearly aware of.

And sometimes we forget that our friends and families have lives too. Sometimes we forget they also have problems, feelings and baggage to carry.

This is a thing I like to remember, I like to remember that not everything is about me, I’m not the only one having a bad day, I’m not the only one who has been hurt, I’m not the only one who is broken. This really helps me to understand why people act like they do, why people get in a bad mood and snap at me, why people don’t trust and care about me the way I do.

Because we are all alive, and maybe that person who snapped at you just had a terrible day, and that person who doesn’t trust you has been betrayed before. We all have things to deal with, and I think about this every time I talk to a person, because, as I said, it helps me to understand them a just little bit more.


so maybe everything blog year 2013 related can be tagged as such? meaning everything we discuss on our non-blog year blogs can be tagged that way, to support each other and help one another cope with writer’s block and so people can blacklist it if they choose?

Internet friends.

So, I have a very good reason of why I want to write about this subject in special.

In less than 48 hours, I will meet one of my best internet friends, her name is Rachel and I love her. I’ve been talking to her for over a year and she is seriously one of the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to talk to.

Rachel is one of my many many internet friends, and I can safely say I know her and I care about her more than half of my irl friends. This also applies to a lot of my internet friends, I love each and every one of the lovely people I’ve met over the internet and I wouldn’t change them for anything.

Now, I have a theory why I found so many friends in the internet, and I’ll get into that now.

First of all, there are millions of thousands of people in the internet, and, I don’t know about your town, but mine is pretty small, and I can safely say I don’t have the chance to meet millions of people every day. So, it’s a fact that meeting people in the internet is not hard at all.

Second thing, when I meet people from my town, usually the only things I have in common with them are the place where we live and one friend or two, but when it comes to the internet, specifically tumblr, it’s very easy to find someone who shares your interests. It’s easy to find someone who likes the same things or thinks the same way, so having this kind of “filter” makes the building of a friendship ten times easier.

Third of all, we are special. We are all really unique and finding someone like us is obviously hard, but when you have access to people from all over the world, well, I would say finding someone like you gets a little bit easier. And the thing about finding someone like yourself is that you stop feeling alone, you stop feeling like you don’t belong because hey! This person thinks the same way I do! I’m not a freak!

And for the last point, I’ll mention how easy having a friendship on the internet can be. It’s not as demanding as a irl friendship, you don’t have to get out of your house or spend any money to talk to your best friend, you just have to get online and talk, that’s it. Online friendships are easygoing, they are fun and relaxed and everything a friendship should be.

I just realized I just made a really long ramble about internet friendships, but, still, the point remains. And that point is that I really want to leave to the beach now so I can finally touch Rachel’s face for the first time.