Grand finale.

Good evening.

We were able to peacefully bring Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu to a close.

Our guests that attended, everyone who supported us, honestly: thank you !

These 2 months I spent with everybody passed quickly
I was able to spend the time being really close with everyone.

The bonds between the cast, the staff, and everyone involved deepened since we were together like this, it’s truly fine company.

Because of this, all of the emotions we had been feeling welled up together on the final day, everyone’s hearts became one, and we understood.  

The production and choreography were cool, the impressiveness of the mapping, fantastic sound and lighting, the fellow group members I depend on.

It was a blessing to be in that environment, and I was really fortunate to get the chance to perform.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said, but all 29 performances
Being able to finish it without anyone getting hurt, all members reached the top to see the scenery there, it was really great to be able to see.

And now, Nishinoya

Meeting with Noya-san
I was able to experience growth in a big way by being able to perform as Noya-san, I think.

I got to be the first person to ever play the role of Noya-san on stage, with Noya-san’s help I was able to gain new knowledge and open new doors.

I trained like Noya-san, and each individual bruise was living proof of Noya-san.

I’m proud to have performed the role of Nishinoya, and I still want to be able to grow even more, so in order to do that, I feel like I want to do my best !

I’ll have to play volleyball in my personal time, too.

I would like to say, properly, to every single person involved in Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu,

Thank you very much for this happy time ! ! !


Looking back at stage play 「Touken Ranbu」

One day free since stage play 「Touken Ranbu」 ended…

Sometime today, I felt sort of unsatisfied

Thinking, “I wonder if I should think back over stage play 「Touken Ranbu」”

Every time I finish a play, for each one,
I write something that turns into a  「looking back blog」 but

I feel like I want to do it this time too, not leaving this play out.

I’m always thinking freely and as much as I want
Writing about mundane things so

I think it becomes long, rambling writing so,
please forgive me.

And if you’d like, or you have time, please read it

Looking back at stage play 「Touken Ranbu」.


Before the production of 「Touken Ranbu」, I only vaguely knew about it.

I had forgotten where I knew it from but,

It’s really popular,
but the only details I knew about the Touken Ranbu is that it was about taking care of swords.

Sword dance [ranbu] is something I’m good at, or I guess I should say I like it so

When there was talk about swords
“If they do something like turn it into a stage play, I want to try performing in it.”

I thought things like that.


I was surprised when talks of turning it into a stage play came around.

I instantly started looking into 「Touken Ranbu」.

First it was data related to my role, 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」, and its connection to history.

What kind of character it was, and so on.

“But it won’t be any good if I don’t play the game!”
I thought, and I felt like playing the game.

I thought that but……

At that time, there still wasn’t a smartphone app

It was a computer game so

Because my computer had broken, I wasn’t able to play it…

Since that was the case, I thought,
“For the time being, I’ll research the character as much as possible”,
and I kept doing a lot of searching and reading.

In my research

It wasn’t just Yamanbagiri Kunihiro,

There are a lot of other characters

They’re all really fascinating characters, I realized in each of their individual episodes and interactions.

I like Japanese history so

To a degree there was knowledge of that history in my head but

Seeing history from the sword’s starting point

I was able to see the history that I had been aware of until now from a different point of view so

Even though I was just researching
It was really interesting.

The character that caught my attention,

Manba-chan, of course,

I played Okita Souji in musical 「Hakuoki」 so,

I was curious about 「Kashuu Kiyomitsu」 and 「Yamatonokami Yasusada」. lol

When I was acting in Hakumyu

My part in Tou-sute had already been determined so,

While the role was 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」,

“Now I’m wielding 「Kashuu Kiyomitsu」 as Okita Souji, aren’t I ~ “
During the Hakumyu performances I was thinking things like that. lol

This and that

During Tou-sute practice.

The Tou-sute characters

There were a lot of people that I had co-starred with before now,
personally, it was a really easy setting for me to be in.

But as you can see from the group of cast members,

The cast of Tou-sute this time
Headed by Hiroki-kun, nothing but amazing people !

There were a lot of people with accomplishments and great abilities so,

As part of that,
I was happy being the attendant of the citadel in Tou-sute, but on the other hand there was strong pressure.

It’s also because this is a really huge production.

Tou-sute’s story this time

There’s also the conflict of Oda’s swords,
And Yamanbagiri Kunihiro’s growth.

That’s what the director, Suemitsu-san, told me.


“Putting aside the pressure I feel now, in this production I want to achieve some growth myself along with Manba-chan..”

I was thinking something like that at the time.

The story of Tou-sute this time

Mikazuki’s acting as Yamambagiri’s guide but,

At the same time that was happening

Hiroki-kun was guiding me as the cast group’s leader

I was thinking, “I should build myself up along with 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」 shouldn’t I?”

The scenes with Mikazuki where we’re talking and looking at the moon,
I really love them.

Even though it was a performance,

Talking with Hiroki-kun, playing Mikazuki
I could feel any haziness in my mind disappear right away.

In that time, the feeling of the haziness that Yamanbagiri had falling away instantly, with a thud.

In the beginning Yamanbagiri had built a wall against Mikazuki but
Through that, finally, his heart would open a little.

Those scenes are the exact reason that the emotional attachment is there.

And then the war council scenes.

I like those scenes too, of course.

The war council had special scenes and content daily but,

They still took place on the battleground.

Having brought up the daily special content

In general we were preparing with a quick briefing but,

It didn’t end up being anything like a prep session ! ! lol

It was mostly Mikazuki and Tsurumaru
putting in ad-libs,

We weren’t supposed to laugh
Hasebe and Yamanbagiri would end up laughing. lol

Yamanbagiri especially had all kinds of lines with explanations so

Even though I absolutely wasn’t supposed to laugh

Those two people would end up laughing ! lol

Being unable to say my explanation lines while I was laughing
It was difficult. lol

But, I love those scenes.

Time after time, not knowing what would happen
If I’m being honest it was a really scary thing but

It’s because of those members that I didn’t feel fear or anything
By trusting in them, I was able to truly enjoy the ad-libs.

It isn’t just the war council scenes.

There was a sense of security in every one of the scenes,

Performing was really fun.

A lot of discussions unfolded so that we could make the characters really come to life there.


I love each of the scenes.

The Tou-sute cast that was able to breathe life into the characters, I love all of them.


Manba-chan’s mantle caused me some problems.

When I put on the mantle for the first time, I was already tangled in it…

Twisting around my arms,

Wrapping around my sword,

Constantly hitting the people around me,

It was quite unruly.

So during practice, I worked with the mantle the whole time.

In the beginning it was a relatively clean mantle (dirt getting into it) but,

Gradually it was becoming worn out. lol

But that’s the exact reason I grew such an attachment to that mantle so
My mantle for practice and my mantle for performances were the same.

So, Manba-chan’s original mantle is dirty. lol

I’m attached to that mantle so

When the performances were over
When I would think things like 「Now I can’t wear this…」 I got really sad. lol

That mantle, I want to wear it agaiiin.

Around the time I entered Tou-sute practice

The smartphone version of the game had come out so

Everyone was playing the Touken Ranbu game in the training room
No matter who’s hand anything was in,
We couldn’t easily clear the stages one by one; that, and all kinds of talks sprung up. *

I saw each person taking care of the characters they were playing in the stage play and
I thought, “Yeah, everyone really does love their characters.”

So of course, I was also always taking care of Manba-chan.

Stage play  「Touken Ranbu」, false rumours burning through Honnouji
It’s been finished but

I hope everyone from the previous Tou-sute can come back again.

When that time comes, as 「Yamanbagiri Kunihiro」 again,
I want to appear before everyone.

Yagen Toushirou.

It was my first time co-starring with Kitamuu but,

We got along so well that it really didn’t feel like it

Shokudaikiri Mitsutada.

Ton-chan is big as always isn’t he

His build is too good, I’m astonished

Ichigo Hitofuri.

We played the same role of Okita Souji in Hakumyu.

Our first time working together, he was a reliable, hard-working co-star

His stage fighting was really cool, wasn’t it

Sayo Samonji.


Takeru, the parts of taijutsu that remain are way too shocking *

[T/N: this is probably wrong, but i had a hard time working out a more correct translation… it could also just be something along the lines of ‘the way his body works/moves is too amazing’, if i had to guess.]

On top of that, I was totally shocked to hear that this is his stage debut

Tsurumaru Kuninaga.


The ringleader of the war council scenes


Generally he would be the one walking about different things in the preparatory briefings


And making everyone laugh

But he also got to enjoy that himself

Mikazuki Munechika.


My thoughts this time, once more.

That is
Hiroki-kun is a truly big person.

His ability and his existence are big.

The scenes where I talk with Mikazuki while looking at the moon.
I loved them.


It’s the second time I’ve said that. lol

I really wanted to take more pictures with everyone but,

In the midst of the commotion
I wasn’t able to take pictures with all of the members

But surely we’ll be able to meet again

Once more.  

Stage play  「Touken Ranbu」
Thank you ! (・∀・)ノ☆

The letters, presents, colored paper that I received from everyone.
I’m very happy

I get to look through the letters carefully one by one.

I’ll also take care in using the presents

Stage play 「Touken Ranbu」 has come to an end but,

Aramaki Yoshihiko’s activities will continue after this.

I will focus even more from now on so

I hope that, if you don’t mind, you continue to lend me your support.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

I’m sorry for my bad writing and long rambling.

Manba-chan often says things like 「I’m a replica」 but,

Even an actor playing a 2-dimensional character
It’s an 「imitation」 of that character.

Even me, myself, playing Manba-chan
It’s a 「replica」, I think
It was a strange thing to have been thinking about.

It’s now, so I can say it.

「I, I’m not some kind of imitation.」

As Yamanbagiri Kunihiro himself

I was able to stand on the stage and,
I think I was able to get approval from all of the masters, and
Because of that, I’m really proud of what I did.

If that’s just arrogance, please excuse me


All of the masters,

Truly, thank you ! !

Well then ! !

17/01/17 Sakaguchi Tamami  Blog Update “Q & TAMA!”

さかぐち 坂道 のぼり坂!

Climbing the sakaguchi hill road!!
Sometime, Climb it with Tamami.


Good Evening everyone~\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶///
This is Sakaguchi Tamami
fufufu(/ω\)I was looking forward to the day of my blog update



As the new year starts, a new semester starts at school
3rd gen’s practice for Principal has started~!


Along with the seniors, I went to Nogi Shrine for new year’s greeting.
During the time of the audition,
I also went to Nogi Shrine and wrote an ema


To think that I would be able to go with the seniors…
I was really grateful T^T

家族で初詣に行った時のおみくじは大吉!( ー̀дー́ )و

When I went to visit the shrine with my family during the new year,
for this year’s fortune, I got Big Luck! ( ー̀дー́ )و

During the visit at Nogi shrine, the fortune that I got is Good Luck…

とりあえず、大吉のほうを今年のおみくじとしておこうと思います( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )♪

How many times can you draw fortune?
For now, I think this year’s fortune will be on the direction of Big Luck( ¨̮ )( ¨̮ )♪


とても充実しています( ¨̮ )

Recently, we’ve been practicing for the Principal!
It’s a hard fight but I was able to learn
It is very fulfilling

Honestly, I’m feeling depress everday…

I still have a long way to go!

みんなで素敵な舞台になるよう頑張っています!( ¨̮ )⚐

But, more than anything, It was fun and very happy to be always with the other 3rd gen<3
To create an amazing stage with everyone, I’m doing my best!

Starting from left; Zukki, Tamami, Ayano-chan, Hazuki!


Yoda-chan! Byo~~n


My previous blog also got many comments. Thank you very much


Some would write comments a lot of times,
Somehow, I’m sorry for taking a long time (to reply)..


Everyone, thank you very much!!!!
I’m really really thankful!!!

(。•́︿•̀。)(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ


I will answer some questions that I got~


*Admired Senior: Higuchi Hina-san
Actually meeting her and imagining, no, it’s even more than that
She’s really beautiful and kind. I also want to become a person who is oozing with kindness.

夢はシャンプーのCMに出て髪の毛をふわーってかきあげるのをやってみたいんです!( ー̀дー́ )و

*I don’t have a favorite shampoo. I’m using the one that we have at home~!
I dream of appearing in a shampoo CM wherein when I would let out my hair,
it would have this gentle and floating feel. I would like to try doing that!


*Artist that I frequently listen to outside Nogizaka is E-girls!
I am fascinated by Shuuka-san’s bewitching dance(;_;)

On day offs, I would sleep a lot!!! Sleep is important!

I love yakiniku!

When it comes to plums, I love honey soaked plums!


My favorite sweets are macaroon and green tea ice cream!
(I don’t say “I love macaroon” just because it is cute. I really love macaroon from the bottom of my heart)

✩自分を動物に例えると:首が長いのでキリン~!( ¨̮ )
Animal that is similar to me: Because its neck is long, a giraffe~!


Place I want to visit: Hawaii
I’ve never been to any foreign country that’s why I want to go

Something that made you laugh recently: When I saw the selfies that Hazuki sent♡(lol)

Something that made you angry recently: When oniichan pissed me off, I got really angryヽ(`Д´)ノ

✩漫画はあまり読んだことがないのでオススメなどあれば教えてください~!(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ
I don’t read manga that much so if you have any recommended manga, please tell me~!

✩好きなお洋服はハニーシナモンやスナイデルです( ¨̮ )
My favorite clothes (brand) are Honey Cinnamon and Snidel


*Pet dog Tiffany’s profile
Miniature dachshund
Shaded cream color
A 12 years old spoiled girl
Loves milk and apple

Do we look similar?

I’m still accepting questions. I will wait for it!


アップトゥボーイVol. 251

2017.01.23. Release Date
Up To Boy (UTB) Vol.251
I was allowed to appear.


And so! My first solo gravure happened!
It was my first! my first!
Ever since the day before the photoshoot, I was very nervous
but because of everyone who were on the shoot, it became a very fun-filled photoshoot
Please check it out.



体調に気をつけて一緒に寒い冬を乗り越えましょう( ¨̮ )⚐⚑゙

Those who are/and would take exams, Those who are working hard at school and at work!
Take care of your health and together, let’s overcome this cold winter

Tomorrow is Den-chan’s turn

Thank you for reading

From Tamami

Joining… !

Yes ! Today ! !

At last !

I joined into the Haikyuu practice ! !

It’s been a while, Sugawara… !  

And, new DaiSuga ! !

A new relationship with Ken-chan.
This time’s Sugawara, I will try something a little different ! Challenge ! !

I’m looking forward to how it will be different… ! !


Everyone, it’s been a long time…… ! ! ! ! ! ^ ^
Funnnnn ! !


Kazuki’s Blog Entry 161021

It’s been a while.
I don’t think this should be talked about here but, before this blog gets deleted, I thought I would like you guys to know so I’m writing it here okay.
The other day, my dad passed away.
The dad I loved so much.
It was so sudden that it took some time for me to accept it.

The funeral was on the 1st of October.
PSC was kind and I managed to attend the funeral.
Thank you very much.

1st of November, was actually the day that my parents were going to come to my final big stage.
‘They gotta book their flight tickets,’ I thought. It was when I wanted to call them.
I got a call from my brother, he said dad wasn’t back and he had requested for a police search.
What do you mean he wasn’t back?
I don’t get it.
At that time, we even bad-mouthed about dad.
Because we thought he would come back as usual.
But, the next day, my brother told me they found dad.
'Dad didn’t make it…’
What do you mean 'didn’t make it’?

No no, didn’t we drank together during my/your bday the other day?
It was fun, I was so happy being able to spend it with you.
I don’t know if your eyes are opened or not, I thought I could see the smile that I love so so so much.
'Kazu, welcome home. Good to see you back’ I got so used to you saying that to me.
I am not going to imagine that I can’t see you anymore.
When I close my eyes, I can see my dad’s smile.

I can’t write in details but, it was 4 days after they managed to find his body.
It was an accident.
It was a miracle to get his body in one piece.
My brother and the local people desperately looked for him.
For coming back to us, thank you.
I am grateful. Truly.
Thank you for letting me see my dad in the end.

I didn’t blog about this but, I lost the grandpa I love this year and it was really painful.
Too many things overlapped.
Mom will be alone at home now.
I’m gonna go home more often than before.
I will call back more often.

The「和己」is my real name and because it’s name my parents gave me, I really treasure it.

Dad, for bringing me up till now, thank you.
For listening to so much of my wilfulness, thank you.
When I got out to Osaka when I was 15, there were times I felt loneliness for the first time.
Without saying anything, he came to Osaka.
He said he came to see my face, and he went home after 5 minutes (lol)
He came to Tokyo a couple of times for me too.
He wasn’t a man with a lot of words.
Dad’s kindness, everyone knows about it you know?
The fact that I like cooking, is probably influenced by my dad who was a master chef?
You liked alcohol too didn’t you.
You drank too much though.
Everyone in the family was worried you know?
For some reason, I inherited that bit (lol)
I wish I could see you.
I wish I could talk to you.
I want you to listen to my complains once more.
I haven’t talked to you enough.
Mom, it must’ve be so painful.
It must’ve been agonizing.
I want to change things for her.
Watch me from the heavens okay.
This is a promise.

Entrust mom and our family to us brothers!
Get along with grandma and grandpa okay!
If you guys fight, make peace with each other okay? (lol)
Someday I will go over too!
Until then, watch over me.

Lastly, the earthquake at Tottori, my family seems to be okay.
Thank you for worrying.

p/s: Tried to keep true to his tone so some translations are not direct.Rest in peace, Kazuki papa.

Live Spectacle Naruto - Satou Ryuji’s blog translation

Re-reading Satou Ryuji’s thoughts and message to his live spectacle naruto’s comrades and I’ve decided to translate his message for his beloved team 7 :3 Mind you, it’s not 100% accurate but I tried my best both english and japanese aren’t my first language.

Kakashi-sensei. This time, we’re almost always together. I’m sure it exceeded everyone who’s reading imagination when I say ‘we’re almost always together.’

Really, Kakashi’s broadmindness helped/saved Team 7, he’s really is a teacher through the end. I, too, have been saved by him. His costume covered his face almost entirely that it is hard to see his facial expression. This may sound contradicting, but his expression was always kind.

Sakura. The only female ninja in team 7. As a part of team 7’s flower (I guess referring to her name), Sakura blooms and grows beautifully. Also, the side of her who always love Sasuke no matter what the situation is. The fact that Yui (Sakura’s actress) cried during the part when Sasuke left the village remained as a huge impression to me even now. I, as someone playing Sasuke, fully realized the love Sakura has for Sasuke and I think that he’s the luckiest/happiest person.

And then, Naruto. Koudai really outdid himself this time. I know it because I’ve been by his side and Koudai, too, know me well. I think?

Even during practice, there were lots of time when we moved perfectly in sync to the point that it shocked me.

It became especially apparent during live shows (In here, Ryuji was actually making a pun, he himself admitted it ww 本番になると-> honban ni naruto, naruto here refers to ‘when it comes to/during’ but it can also mean the main character Naruto), take the scene at the valley we just did our own part but as if we were able to read each other’s mind, our movements flow naturally.

I want to meet Sasuke again. I still haven’t been able to fully understand him, and from now on there are still lots of things I wanted to learn from Sasuke but I guess time never waits and that’s why, I’ll be taking off Sasuke’s costume. For the time being, I’ll bid my farewell.

Until the day we meet again.

Ignore me if someone translated this already I just found this beautiful ;w;

The top.

Good evening.

Yesterday I didn’t get to post this
I can’t resist Masumoto-san’s Osomatsu-san art
Shiryumatsu-san lol

Very very cute !

In the after-talk, Masumoto-san presented those four dragons as the disagreeable brothers

That Zeno is sly…

The turban is polka-dotted. lol

Once more, I will say, Yona of the Dawn was fun (^ ^)

From today, I’ll get to participate in Haikyuu practice with all of my might !

It seemed like it had been a long time but surprisingly it’s still recent and
My lines and movements and things were still ingrained in my body.

But it’s a second showing of the play, I think I want to tackle it in practice with a fresh feeling !

More than anything I was happy to meet up with everyone ! !

And I got to greet the new members, I feel like I want to see the view from the top with those members again !

I want all of the members to join together and practice soon ! !


[Saito Souma blog 09152016] Report concerning September 18's "91 Days" event


Good day, it’s Saito Souma.
Today, for the 91 Days event scheduled on September 18, [this is] a report concerning [it], as well as an update as an apology.

Earlier on 91 Days’ official website, there had been an announcement on [said] official website about the event “91 Days Bar R20 Limited Event” which had been scheduled on September 18th; because of me, Saito Souma, being in ill health, it had reached the stage where I have to put off [my appearance].

To all the fans who had been looking forward to this event, all the staff members who had committed to it, all my co-stars, for inconveniencing you and making you worry, I am really very sorry.
At the doctor’s initial diagnosis, one week of recuperation at home was required by his conclusion, and I am taking such a form [of remedy].

Also, we have finally reached the climax of the story of 91 Days; I myself am really excited watching it air weekly, wondering how it’ll end.
By all means, until the end, 91 Days will be in your care!

Sincerely, that it’d turn out this way now, I am really very sorry.
Also, I think I’d be able to probably do a blog update on my return to work within a week, so I’m humbly asking for your favor; continously, Saito Souma will be in your care!

Note: I usually tend to put his posts under a cut because he tends to go on a bit more, but this time he didn’t and the only note I have is that his usual formal/casual mix of talking swings more on the formal end of things here.
It’s probably just a season thing, but he always works so hard and I hope he gets well soon.

17/01/05 Sakaguchi Tamami Blog Update “Year 2017″

さかぐち 坂道 のぼり坂!!

Climbing the sakaguchi hill road!!
Sometime, Climb it with Tamami.

阪口珠美です( ¨̮ )

Year 2017 has started!
Happy New Year.
This is Sakaguchi Tamami


In my first blog entry, there were a lot of warm comments. Thank you very much
I read all of it.

I thought that I have to remember everyone’s name that’s why I re-read it many times

書いてくださった方 本当に、本当に、

Also, I received a letter.
To those who wrote, really really
Thank you very much. These are treasures.


Looking back on 2016, it was an agitating year

For Tamami,



is what I think that year was.

「乃木坂46 3期生オーディション」

“Nogizaka46 3rd Gen Audition”
I’m glad that I challenge it…
I’m glad that I didn’t give up…
Is what I truly feel from the bottom of my heart

どんどん挑戦したいと思っています( ¨̮ )⚐⚑゙

That’s why also in 2017, I won’t give up. I won’t be afraid of failures
I want to challenge more and more things.

感謝の気持ちを持って一生懸命勉強します( .. )!

Starting with 3nin no Principal*
Thus, in this environment where you can challenge
With this feeling of gratitude, I will study very hard!

成長して 少しでも

In this unknown world, I’m feeling anxious now but
Even though it only grows a little
Even with just 1mm
I want to become closer to the seniors


Can’t do cutesy acts, not good with talking,
In HS events, whenever I would think that I might have made everyone feel bored
With that, My confidence becomes less and less…

I’ll do my best always so that I would be able to properly express my gratitude

I want to climb a hill road on my own way


Other than work…
This year, I will graduate from Middle School!

とーっても嬉しくて待ち遠しいです♡( ¨̮ )

I will already become a high school student that I’ve always longed for
I’m really happy. I can hardly wait
(The examination is about to come)


When I already become a high school student, I want to go and eat pancakes
I also want to study at a cafe
(That’s why I’ve been drinking coffee while studying)

コメントでも質問していただいたので改めて自己紹介をします!ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ ˋ)੭✧
Because a lot have asked in the comment section, I will introduce myself again

✩好きな食べ物:抹茶 梅干 キウイ 豆乳
✩嫌いな食べ物:きのこ ピーマン

*Sakaguchi Tamami
Please call me Tama-chan
*Birthday: 2001/11/10
*Family: Parents, Older Brother, Dog (Tiffany - 12yrs old)
*Favorite foods: Matcha (Green Tea), Umeboshi (Pickled Plum), Kiwi, Soymilk
*Disliked food: Mushroom, Green Pepper
*Favorite Color: Purple

✩ジャズダンスを踊ることが大大大好きです(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
I really really really love dancing jazz dance

If there are more questions, I will answer it on the next time.


During New Year, I ate my gradmother’s handmade osechi (traditional new year’s food),
received my new year’s money, and also bought a lucky bag

I felt sad that I couldn’t meet the other 3rd gen members during the new year.


↑左から久保ちゃん、梅ちゃん、珠美、綾乃ちゃん( ¨̮ )
Starting from left: Kubo-chan, Ume-chan, Tamami, Ayano-chan

梅ちゃんは、3期生イチのしっかり者です!でも時々おかしな事言い出すし、ツボが浅くてよく笑います^ ^
Among the 3rd gen, Ume-chan has the firmest character! But sometimes, we would
talk about weird things, and laugh hard even at the shallow things

本当はお釈迦様なんじゃないかと思っています( ¨̮ )

Ayano-chan is too kind!!!
The thing is, I really think she is like buddha
I really think of her that way.

しおたま〜(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ
久保ちゃんとはよく語りあいます( ¨̮ )

I often talk with Kubo-chan.

れのたま〜(*ˊᗜˋ*) ノ

おっとりれのれのちゃん( ¨̮ )

Gentle Renoreno-chan
We have the same favorite style of clothes!
I want to go out again!

I really want to see the 3rd gen members soon


Tomorrow’s blog entry will be Den-chan (Sato Kaede)
Den-chan always smile and is playful
Personally, I like how Den-chan laugh

プク顔( .. )で はいポーズ!

Thank you for reading!
Buku face pose

From Tamami

Miiikkeh !

Today’s Haikyuu practice is finished ! !

八百屋 [green produce shop] stage play, uuuuu ! ! Intense ! ! lol

This time, everyone is trying new things so it feels fresh again !

Of course, Sugawara too… ! !

And then when practice ended, everyone went to snap a picture with the Haikyuu poster ! !

It’s a good pictuuuuure ! !

Everyone slept during travels but

They’re the best company ! ! bye

Ganbarun tomorrow too ! !

[Saito Soma Blog 27/08/16] Blessing

Regarding Hanae Natsuki’s marriage.

pls take my translations with a grain of salt, not only i am a noob i am also still in tears oh gOD NACCHAN!!

This time, I’d like to shift away from the main subject!
As this somehow turned out to be a personal message, please forgive me by all means….!

Hanae-kun! Wait, no, Nacchan!
Congratulations on the marriage!

The life ahead from now on, to encounter people that would seem to walk with you, together and always - is truly a happy thing, isn’t it.
Meeting someone in the brink of that, I think it would lead and guide you at every time.

Even though painful things still exist, the fact that Nacchan keeps on smiling his best on all occasions, I respect that a lot!

Your acting, your voice, your perspective, the way you talk - I really love it!
I truly, truly congratulate you!

With that said!
Congratulations, really! For this happiness–!
Of Hanae-kun and wife, the blessings until here and the future!
For your happiness many years to come!!!

Saito Soma

on a personal note : congratulations on your marriage, Hanae-kun! You’ve gone through a lot - yet you keep on bringing smiles to everyone (including me), you deserve much more than that and I wish you nothing but the best. Cheers to the family you now have :’)

Thank you. I’ll remember it for my whole life.

2016-05-31 23:50:41

Original entry

 It’s Good Work  Kanon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I wonder what I should start with… ^^;

I, Suzuki Kanon, graduated from Morning Musume’16 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The dress that was made for me today. ♥


On my blog or in the letter from today’s ceremony.

There are a lot of things I wanted to say, so I talked about my memories on different place.

I don’t have any regrets!!!

Surely, the love from every fan is big and it’s a wonderful thing. ^^

But,Suzuki will tell you a secret.

Honestly, it’s lonely and for about a week, I’ll probably continue to cry while laughing. lol

Iya, for 1 month probably.

That’s because I received a lot of things…!!!

I can’t express it by words.

But, It’s really wonderful things.


I, today, didn’t care what appearance I showed.

To the people watching, I wanted to transmit this feeling!!!! I did my last concert while thinking this.

Because of this, It became quite an awful appearance with sweat and  tears.

But, I ended up thinking that I want you to see this.

I have confidence in this only.

 I’m happy I was born.  I’m happy to live.

Because I was able to see this pretty scenery.

I’m grateful for all the people who cared for me during these 5 years.

And myself from now on.

I will move forward as I discussed with the company and members who took care of me until now!


I’m really happy that I was able to enter this warm place and that I could graduate.


This me… I won’t say it any longer.

Everyone taught me about the splendor of myself.



As long as I’m alive, we will be able to meet.

It’s wasteful if our relationship was only for 5 years right? ^^

So, from now on, let’s continue to be connected.


Even if we can’t talk directly, as long as we still think of each other, we will be link together.

That’s why!

Let’s meet again with a smile♪

 I love everyone.

I’m a fan of all the fans.


Please take care of this kind of me from now on as well.

This was Good Work Kanon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

From now on and for forever, I hope that every day will be a wonderful day for everyone ♪(´ε` )


Morning Musume. 9th generation member Suzuki Kanon

The view in Osaka.

Good evening.

We were able to safely reach the closing day of the Osaka performances of Hyper Projection Theater 「Haikyuu !!」"View from the Top".

Everyone who has come to the theater until this point, everyone supporting us from far away, thank you so much ! !

All 12 Osaka performances, the stay was about 2 weeks but, every day was truly done to the fullest.

There were new members added in this run of performances, so there was a different, fresh feeling when we tackled the performances in the second run this time.

I think the company this time made up the color of Hai-sute.

Of course everyone was nervous until the curtains were opening but, the help we received from the warmth of the guests there in Osaka, I was able to take on the next performance and the next performance with confidence.

Today at the end, all members saw the view from the top, it’s still a strong impression in my mind.

There’s no way that one person can see the view by themselves, but, if you’re not alone you might be able to see it

The view from the top.

Especially not alone
I felt like I was able to see it because my companions were there !

But there are still Tokyo performances, so !
Now is not the time to settle in ! !

This time wa Tokyo in/at only not able to see view wo everyone and company all members get to see (^^)

This time we won’t only be able to see the view in Tokyo, we’ll be able to see the view together with everyone and all members of the company (^^)

Once again, everyone who has come to the theater until this point, and Theater BRAVA !

Truly, thank you.

To be able to stand up at the end
From my heart, I was glad.


End of the second set !

Today, we reached the very end of the Osaka performances !

To everyone who came out to those 5 performances, thank you very much ! !
Our leaps and bounds got higher every day, everyone’s honest feelings of gratitude… and the gratitude felt from everyone sitting in the audience…
A lot of energy was received.

Performing in Osaka for the first time this time, everyone’s warmth was amazing, everyone laughed so easily, and helped me on countless occasions ! !

Osaka ! ! You’re the best ! ! ! !

Everyone of Osaka from received energy completely/all wo next is Haikyuu of the holy/sacred land, Miyagi de want to bring out I think !

Body and soul ! !

Beloved Karasuno members.

Karasuno and Seijou setters ! !

Karasuno 3rd year group !

And then playing volleyball in the theater.

Okay, let’s march on to Miyagi ! !

We’re on our waaaaay ! !


Really really thank you so much ! ! ! !

19:38 September 12 - Donchan [Official Blog]

Sunshine Sakae, the place where dreams come to life *d ( ̄o  ̄)n /



Team S’ stage performance has ended!


First off, I would like to thank all of you for the support you’ve given us!

I have a lot to write about but I’ll start off with how I honestly feel right now.


I really had so much fun, so much that I wished that time would just stop there and then!

Felt so overwhelmed when I got to say “Team S!” during the huddle, emotions rushed over to me again when I finally got to huddle with Jurina-san. The tears couldn’t stop flowing right before the stage started and I was still bawling while on standby.

While I sang the “Taiyou” line in Koi wo Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute, Jurina-san and I looked at each other and she smiled so beautifully at me.

During Jealousy no Alibi, I had a lot of opportunities to be next to Jurina-san, I was already shaking non-stop during the rehearsals. But I managed to control it during the real stage!

Getting to do the MC with Jurina-san was awesome too!

I got even excited when I was allowed to dress exactly like Jurina-san for the encore save for the cap.

The moment my eyes met Jurina-san’s during Pinnochio Gun’s “Choushi ni notteru” it was the best moment ever.

I was also so happy that I was very close to Jurina-san for Mae no Meri too!

But I did tear up during Tegami no koto still…
It’s such a wonderful song…


When we were sending (the audience) off, Jurina-san came by to me and sent me off as well ← (Luckiest fan ever XD) 


After the stage performance, I went to join in for the SKE Cafe Lucky Kurakushon! 

Together with Jurina-san and Mei-san!

We spent some time in TSUTAYA to promote Jurina-san’s new photobook (^^) (Jurina with her 2 TO as bodyguards XD) 

Moreover! A staff member there gave me a copy of it (though I had already bought one with my own money!) and she signed it for me!!!!!

I’m going to read every crook and cranny of it once I get home!

So excited to find out what she wrote


After everything was over, I told her “I had so much fun” for which she told me “Let’s perform again another time okay!” (´;ω;`)

I also took some photos, though I couldn’t be seen clearly in them so she told me “(We’ll take more) the next time! When we perform together!”. She was okay with solo pictures too so I do have Jurina-san’s solo pictures!

But I won’t let you see them! *laugh* (Selfish little girl :’D) 


I had a blast~!!!!

It felt like a dream!

I’ll write another report another time (^^)



Thank you all very much for your support!

4 performances left.

Good evening.

Day 2 of the Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu Tokyo return performances has ended peacefully.

The visitors we received, everyone who continues to support us, thank you so much !

We were able to finish today’s performances without accidents or any big injuries.

Performance after performance, all members put an incredible amount of concentration into acting out and playing the matches without anyone getting injured throughout, even with a lot of concentration and some pain, we haven’t had any major injuries now and I think it’s because God is protecting us with all their power.

Until the very last moment, I hope that all members will be safe and able to see the scenery at the top
For these last 4 performances, everyone please lend us your strength !

We’re in your care ! !

Today’s temperature was beyond warm, it was hot ^^;

I was worried about my body being able to keep up with the changes in temperature, everyone please also take care of yourself and make sure not to catch any colds.

I was running 10 minutes late for my date with Hatakeyama Ryouko-chan

I’m sorry I kept you waiting
Oh! it’s cold, isn’t it ?

Take half of my scarf (^^)


It was a wonderful birthday ☆

Someya Toshiyuki Blog Post 18.12.2015:

Good evening ☆(*^ω^*)  

Thank you very much everyone for all your congratulatory comments! XD

I was able to have a wonderful birthday ✨

I received congratulations from many of my fellow actors as well. It reminded me once more how blessed I am with the people that are around me :3

Hakuouki SSL day 6 ☆
Has ended successfully!!

Thank you very much to everyone who came to see the performance ☆-( ^-゚)v

I am so glad that I got to perform on my birthday and spend the day with everyone ✨

Thank you so much ☆

Please continue to support me at 28 years old, even though I’m like this I will make rapid progress ;)

I got to celebrate at the curtain call too, I felt incredibly happy (●♡∀♡)

I’ll do my best to give it my all in the remaining 6 performances ♪(*^-^)b

Everyone ✨

Please continue to support me until the end ♪ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Well then ✨

Since I’m 28, I have the sex appeal of an adult, huh ;)

See you tomorrow ~♪ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Happy 28th Birthday Someya! ❤

Beginning of set 3 ! !

At last, today, the curtains raised on the Miyagi performances !
2 of the 4 performances are already finished, but the large flower blooms for everyone in Haikyuu’s holy ground ! !

Jas-kun and Kazuma-kun coordinated, for some reason I’m in between lol

Awkward lol

The entire Haikyuu cast was taken out for yakiniku !

Wow - - - ! Getting to eat it was delicious ^ ^ thank you so much !

From when stomachs were hungry

To full stomachs lol

And in the hotel

Young men with glasses.
The “I don’t own Mon-Hun” group lol

Silly conversations were too loud lol

Tomorrow also ganbanzoi ! !

Okay, goodnight !


Because it's not one person.

Good evening.

Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu Tokyo return performances day 3 has ended.

To our guests and everyone supporting us, thank you very much !

This morning, while I was walking on my way to the theater, I thought back on the time that I went towards the theater at the beginning of practice for this play.  

At the beginning I really didn’t understand the basics and rules of volleyball, and everyone was really clumsy during our sessions, but actually getting to use the ball to practice volleyball from the start was fun to experience.

We were being taught by someone experienced in coaching, and little by little we succeeded in having longer passes back and forth with the ball.

All kinds of memories came back to me.

I’m still immersed in those memories, it’s fast isn’t it? (lol)

Volleyball is a ‘connect’ sport

But you’ll never be able to connect with just one player

In volleyball and Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu, there are teams

Because it’s not one person, but a group, and because we believe in each other we’re able to fl

It feels lonely knowing there are 2 performances tomorrow and then it will end,  the group will be there and everyone will be there too

For the last two performances, I feel like I want to hold onto my self-confidence and soar !

Tomorrow, no matter what injuries, as long as the ball is there in front of my eyes I will fly


So, everyone, however you can, please lend us your strength until the end, please support Hyper Projection Theater Haikyuu until the very last moment ! !

I’m taking great care in spending time and being with everyone, together
We’ll have fun tomorrow.