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Big shoutout to all the blogs that participated. I will be doing this on a weekly basis to highlight more and more amazing blogs here on Tumblr!!


Blog Spotlight:

I just found the coolest blog ever, and I can’t get enough of it. varvhenesansolasan is someone who responds to posts about Solas AS Solas, and they’re doing a very good job at it. Every post and response I see by them is written so perfectly, you could almost believe you’re actually conversing with the Dread Wolf himself. 

So I suggest you all go check this blog out if you’re a fan of Solas. I need to do some research and see if there are blogs like this of other characters (I would love to see one for Varric or Dorian). 

Oh yes, and the Dread Wolf is as knowledgeable and sassy as ever. I love it.

Blog Spotlight #5: TF2 Positivity Project

Hi guys! Livvy here. I am incredibly happy to announce this week’s particularly lovely featured blog: The TF2 Postivity Project!

Described on the home page as “a place to share heart warming and loving moments that this game and it’s fandom has brought you”, this blog is about spreading the love and reminding us all why we love the zany, bizarre game that is Team Fortress 2 and the wonderfully talented section of the internet that is the TF2 fandom.

Devoid of drama, tf2positivityproject is a blog that allows people to submit, anonymously or otherwise, compliments and positive comments about the TF2 fandom and the people in it. The content can be about the game itself:

the fandom in general:

or even specific people:

This range of content brings the positivity to every corner of TF2, and the mod’s commitment to frequent updates makes the young blog a very promising one.

As is custom in the land of TumFort, we interviewed the mod:

Q: Tell everyone a little about yourself.

A: I am just a little insect and you are a big beautiful garden. If it’s not already obvious to everyone, I love to see people smile and I love tf2. Like I adore tf2. And I adore you.

Q: Tell us a little about your blog.

A: I actually only started tf2pp a couple of days ago! I had seen the One Piece pp blog and the SNK pp blog and honestly just got inspired by them. I love tf2 and it’s fandom has been rather split and negative lately. I didn’t expect to get such support and so quickly. To see the sudden influx of happiness and support after a lot of negative and sad posts was really bolstering. It’s a happy-place blog that isn’t afraid to get sappy and intimate about how great this game and it’s fandom is, and doesn’t discuss or touch on arguments happening elsewhere. It is the most pacifist blog you can get basically, which works because fighting and drama stresses me the hell out.

That’s not at all to say that problems with the game or the fandom don’t exist, but frankly, this blog just isn’t the place for it. I wanted to create a safe space that everyone could feel welcome in. That’s my ultimate goal.

Q: How did you get into TF2?

A: It was the art direction that did it! I remember peeking over a friend’s shoulder wayyy back in 2007 and fell in love with the character designs and aesthetic. I was so desperate to play it, but I had recently lost all of my things in an apartment flooding. Our xbox survived, and I bought the Orange Box and spent hours and hours losing myself in the shitty beta version. Not to say I was any good, of course!

When it became free to play in 2011 I finally bit the bullet and got steam and the online version. I haven’t looked back since.

Q: What’s your favorite class/character?

A: It honestly depends! If we’re talking about personality there’s no way to choose, it is literally impossible. But if we’re talking about literal gameplay, it depends on the map. I feel most comfortable rolling Scout,Medic,or Engineer.

Overall, this blog is one of those rare few that exists for no other reason than to make people happy. Personally, i think its one of the most wonderful things I’ve run across in my time on Tumblr, an I highly encourage you all to go follow tf2positivityproject.

                                               Weekly Spotlight!

This week we’re spotlighting: @littletinygems

Little Tiny Gems is a talented seamstress who has made some gorgeous dresses, like the one pictured above! The blog is listed under general BJD as well as our Seamstress tag!

LTG keeps project journals going on the dresses they craft so you can follow the amazing progression of theses elaborate creations!

Blog Spotlight

Just the other week I met up with avid traveler and blogger Jackie. 

Her website and blog, Parks and Pearlsis a lifestyle blog about her travels and how to fit in your wanderlust while working. Next month, she will be making a four month trek across the United States to visit numerous national parks.

To get a taste of what she is so passionate about, we took a hike around Highland Recreational Area. This was a beautiful place with diverse terrain. Our quest was to find this beautiful outlook to a vast lake. While we hiked around the winding trails, we discussed her plans on preparing for her trip. There are so many things to get ready before such an expansive trip. Her list included car maintenance and the arduous task of healthy eating while on the road.

Her precise checklist can be found on her blog.

We finally discovered the hidden gem of the park. We walked around for a while only to discover that it was towards the entrance where we started!

Jackie is a beautiful person inside and out and on top of that, she is a very dedicated individual. She has the motivation to not only travel for months but to do it alone, despite the backlash for being a single female traveling alone, is an incredible feat. 

After tromping through the snow and mud, we ended our hike as the sun was setting. Please check out Jackie’s wonderfully made website or her Facebook page here.

Please also check out White Butterfly Studio’s Website and Facebook page  to see even more photos of Jackie and many others.

And as always, 

Keep Wandering this Wondrous World.

Interested in working with White Butterfly? Contact us!

Blog Spotlight #1: TF2 GIFS

All right guys, I’m super stoked to announce our first-ever featured blog:

tf2gifs is a wonderful blog that collects Team Fortress 2 gifs. Its run by the talented gallafranackus who creates some of the gifs on the blog, and who was nice enough to do a short interview with TumFort:

Q: Tell everyone a little about yourself.

A: Well, I’m one of the most clumsy people I know, I’m a junior in highschool, I love to act and dance and sing but the consensus on whether or not I’m any good is still undecided. I have the attention span of a small goldfish and whenever I’m excited I revert to my seven year old self.

Q: Tell us a little about your blog.

A: Well, I started it in either late August or early September of 2012, in like the first year or year and a half I was often a complete dick to people for virtually no reason on this blog, thankfully several strong-minded people who called me out on my BS and didn’t back down helped me curb those bad habits. This blog used to be all about posting gifs I make and I like to think it still is partially but as school demanded more and more focus the blog has become more of a reblog blog for tf2 gifs. I try to get exposure on people who post a lot of tf2 gifs themselves now I guess. 

Q: How did you get into TF2?

A: Actually the way I got into team fortress 2 was through Ross Scott’s Freeman’s Mind  which I’ve been following since episode 15 which was released in 2009. Before then I had pretty much only played runescape, battlefront 2, the first three harry potter games, and neopets. I wanted to know where that game was from, and found out about the beautiful half-life, and by extent Valve itself. I got a steam account, played the half-life 2 beta for a few months and eventually persuaded my parents to buy the Orange box because of it’s complete set of the Half-Life 2 games. At that time I knew virtually nothing about tf2 other than what was on the box and what I had seen in the animated pre-sfm tf2 videos like Kootra’s Payload series. I played through the half life games and just to check it out I installed tf2 on my computer as well. At the time I had a Windows Vista Laptop that ran tf2 at one frame a second if it was a good day, so I had to play it on our windows 7 family desktop, which I still use(and am currently typing on) whenever I drop my laptop and have to perform surgery on it. Once I got into tf2 though I was hooked, I loved and still love it today, and through a series of events even more tedious to explain than that story I started this blog.

Q: What’s your favorite class/character?

A: Class-wise I usually just play whatever class our team doesn’t have any of, but if asked to answer at gun point I’d probably say soldier. My favorite character is with out a doubt scout, and(hate to self-promote) I even started a scout blog called dailypicturesofscout because I realized I was uploading pretty much scout gifs exclusively at one point.

Some of the cool gifs? Well, if you like mustaches (and who doesn’t?) there’s this fantastic creation. Looking for something more serious? Here’s a gif based on Meet the Spy- and it’s wallpaper-size! Both of those were made by gallafranackus.

All in all, tf2gifs is an awesome blog. You want reaction gifs? They’re there. You want gif sets from the Meet the ___________ videos? Yup, they’re there too. You want Scout? There’s a sideblog devoted to that lil shit. Basically, if you want it, even if you don’t know you want it, it’s there.

So, if you like what you see (and how could you not?), go give tf2gifs a follow!

Kristen Euretig

Have you ever been young? How about broke? Awesome? Well, that’s a given. Now, what about all three at the same time? We’ve been there and chances are you have, too. Whether you’re still young, broke, and awesome, or are climbing your way back to financial freedom, Kristen Euretig can relate. She’s a Certified Financial Planner™ who runs youngbrokeawesome, which is powered by our Single A theme.

Who is Kristen Euretig (give us your elevator pitch)?

I am a financial educator and advisor. A lot of times people think they can’t get finance, but I just think no one has ever presented it in a way that is engaging accessible, and maybe, just maybe, even a little bit fun. I understand finance and have a background in education, so I know how to slow down and talk in a way that people will understand. I’m passionate about empowering people to manage their finances so that they can ultimately reach their goals and dreams. I’m also a dancer, Spanish speaker and world traveler.

Why the name “young, broke & AWESOME!”?

Well those are my people. I looked around me and saw how clueless all my AWESOME! friends were about finance. I really started blogging by imagining I was talking to my friends and got ideas for posts from questions or problems they had. A lot of financial blogs and sites are for this kind of generic non-person or a wealthier crowd and I wanted to start a blog that would reach a hipper, broker crowd who have no idea or interest in this stuff and get them interested in it. Because at the end of the day, I find this stuff fascinating and think other people would too if it were presented differently. Finance isn’t just for rich people!

What made you decide to become a financial advisor?

I started my career teaching in public schools and saw how confused teachers were by all the options for retirement and other benefits. I saw a lot of colleagues missing out on money that was just within their reach if they just knew what form to fill out or which account to open. I found it sad and frustrating that there were so few reliable, objective voices in the finance industry, so I set out to become an advisor, got work experience and became a Certified Financial Planner™.

What’s the best/worst part of being a financial advisor?

I love the steps to creating a plan, crunching the numbers and coming up with creative solutions, but the best part is that it’s going to really help someone lead a more fulfilling life. It’s the best feeling when a client shares how much better off they are now that they have a plan.

The worst part of being a financial advisor? Annual membership dues to the CFP® board!

What is the most asked question you get as a financial advisor?

I get a lot of questions about credit cards - which one to choose, miles, rewards, etc. I get really basic questions about bank accounts and which ones are best, where to save, how many of them people should have. Lots of couples have questions around combining their finances and getting on the same page. I think a lot of financial advisors overlook that people have a lot of basic questions about their day-to-day transactions and account management.  Most people aren’t asking me about rebalancing their portfolios.

Changing subjects, why did you choose Tumblr to power your blog?

I chose Tumblr, because it’s the coolest blog platform out there. Where else are the young, broke & AWESOME! going to be? I like to post different types of content and silliness I come across online or in person that makes light of finance. I like that it’s easy to post different kinds of content - video, photo, text, etc. It’s like blogging for dummies.

Lastly, what made you choose our Single A theme?

I chose the theme because I liked that I could have all the pages I want to appear on the right side and people can easily navigate my posts by their tag topic: student loans, wedding planning, credit cards, etc. Most themes don’t allow for that. I also like the overall look and how it links to my other social media sites. It was really easy to set up, and as a prudent financial advisor, the price was right. :)


Check out Kristen’s blog here.

Check out a demo of our Single A theme here.

Blog Spotlight #2: The Daily Pyro

Hello everybody, and welcome to TumFort’s weekly blog spotlight! This week’s blog? thedailypyro! The name pretty much says it all. Run by the talented phillip-banks, The Daily Pyro is a wonderful compendium of drawings of Pyro being Pyro. Seriously, look at this little shit:

How can you not love that adorable motherfucker? And speaking of adorable, let’s talk about Phillip’s art. It’s whimsical and fun to look at…

…but can also be funny as hell:

We did a brief interview with Phillip, who also gave us this cute-as-fuck drawing to post:

Q:Tell everyone a little about yourself.

A: I’m Phillip, I play video games and draw stupid faces.

Q: Tell us a little about your blog.

A: A blog dedicated about original pictures of Pyro. I’m the main artist, but I always love to get submissions of other peoples art. Updates maybe.

Q: How did you get into TF2?

A: When I first started using Steam ways back, I remember seeing the meet the teams videos, and we’ve been strong ever since I was interested in the thought of a silly fps.

Q: What’s your favorite class/character and why?

A: Soldier/Demo for gameplay, they’re a blast. Aesthetically, Pyro.

If you’re a Pyro fan, or just want some awesome art on your dash, go give thedailypyro a follow!

100 Followers Blog Spotlight!

So for every 100 + followers that follow me, I will do a Blog Spotlight!

Top Blog will recieve reblog spotlight attention throughout the week as well as a link on my page to check out the Top Blog on my sidebar. This includes a snapshot picture in the spotlight.

Five Blogs will also be reblogged as a spotlight twice a day throughout the week as well.

Rules are pretty simple: just make sure you are following me and reblog. (likes won’t count). You must also be 90% horse blog, because majority of my followers are going to be 90% horse blog as well.

Blog Spotlight #3: TF2 Memes

Time for another blog spotlight! Brace yourselves, because this one’s a doozy- we’re featuring a blog with quite a bit to showcase and three lovely people to interview.

Most people on the internet seem to have a love-hate relationship with memes. Fortunately, tf2memes is here to remind us all that memes are more than an endless stream of dogeshit. In fact, the memes on this blog are all funny, original, and inspired by Team Fortress Two moments that everyone can connect to. For example:

If you’ve played Medic, you’ve experienced this

Some of my personal favorites from their blog? First, Angry Medic, seen above. Then there’s TF2 Physics and Troll Spy, as well as the easy-to-relate-to Hardworking Engineer:

Possibly the coolest thing about this blog is that its incredibly easy to submit your own memes!

We got to interview the three folks currently running TF2Memes:

Q: Tell everyone a little about yourself.


My name is Sethycakes! I used to be known as Seth7575 for several years (and you can still find me as Seth7575 on a few websites), but so far I’ve done a pretty good job of changing my usernames to Sethycakes. I am a webmaster of many websites! As a matter of fact, Zenami hired me due to my skills as an administrator of several blogs and websites. You can check out my personal website (currently undergoing a redesign) here at I have kind of a weird history involving hospitals and medical conditions, but none of that’s really relevant to TF2 and TF2Memes. Of course, if anyone wanted to know about it then I’d gladly share it anyway. I am a very stubborn person, and I do whatever it takes to get the job done, which can be a bad thing sometimes! That’s alright though, I like my stubbornness. I really enjoy playing multiplayer games (who doesn’t, really?) and I used to be a console peasant, but for the past 7 years I’ve been a happy member of the PC master race. Oh, and I like wearing silly hats. Not in TF2 though, I’d rather have new weapons than new hats in TF2.

Doctor Ando:

I’m Doctor Hunter Ando; or Ando for short. I recently turned 20; I’m a bit of a Valve geek, and a huge Nintendork. I’m currently enrolled in college for a Simulation and Game Design degree (most likely in art) and hope to immediately sign on with a developer as soon as I finish my degree.

I’m a creative person; but I get easily distracted and forget my ideas if I don’t write them down. I used to create a lot of board games out of whatever was handy; none of them I got to try with a large group of people though. I’m currently planning to try and run my first RPG with some friends once class lets out and I can have time to create the world and possible scenarios.

I play a lot of more casual (but not TOO casual) and portable games these days due to a strain on free time. Some of my favorite games are TF2; To the Moon; Super Smash Bros Brawl; Cave Story; Earthbound/Mother, Metroid, Star Fox, and Zelda games. I also recently got into the “Zero Escape” Visual Novel/Puzzle series.

I like music; video game and otherwise. Without trying to sound like a hipster; my favorite bands are a bit obscure and I don’t think you’ve heard of them, with maybe the exception of Five Iron Frenzy. (Eleventyseven, Capital Lights, Relient K, Savatage)


My name is James. I’m 20 years old, from Manila, Philippines.

I’m currently in my final year of architecture college. I have a part-time job in a construction company as a CAD draftsman, 3D modeler and renderer.

I’ve never owned a game console, so I’ve been a PC gamer all my life. Some of the games I regularly play include: TF2, Dota 2, AirMech, Battlefield 4, Kerbal Space Program and XCOM: Enemy Within.

Aside from video games, I have other interests as well. I listen to music (mostly classic rock & alternative rock), play guitar, sing, browse architecture magazines and websites, browse internet articles, write poetry (when I’m inspired), travel, among some others. I don’t really like TV; most of the local channels here are pretty bad. That’s why I just download or stream my favorite TV series on the internet.

Q: Tell us a little about your blog.


Do you mean TF2Memes, or my actual Tumblr blog? If you mean my actual Tumblr blog, then there isn’t really much there. You’re welcome to look, though! Anyway, I discovered TF2Memes from a friend named Darkness1000 and became an avid follower since. When Zenami posted an admin application, I decided to give it a shot! As you can see, I was chosen as an admin and today I work behind the scenes and fixing stuff up. I’d say that Doctor Hunter Ando is the face of TF2Memes, and I’m the backbone. I don’t want to exclude SynthMinus from this “body of TF2Memes”, but I’m actually not too sure what he does. Maybe he’s the one who does most of the queuing? Whatever the case, I’m sure he’s something important in that body.

Doctor Ando:

Well, it’s not really MY blog. Zenami was the one who created it and decided to hand it off to the 3 of us while she pursues more important things. Simply put; “I take care of the place while The Master is away.” (kudos if you catch the reference) 

Approving memes can be frustrating; although not always. A lot of people make obvious spelling or grammar mistakes; using the wrong fonts, or just subitting absolute nonsense. Some people who submit a lot of these memes don’t even have tumblr, so I can’t even tell them what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it without adding their email to my address book (I’m wary about who I trust with personal info.) Still; there’s quite a few memes I see in the inbox that make me just smile. Or in some other cases push to the top of the queue because its so awesome (but don’t tell anybody—oh wait. It’s a bit late for that isn’t it?)


Exactly what it says on the tin - it’s about TF2 memes! Mostly though, they’re Advice Animal spinoffs, but for TF2. Currently, there are 29 Advice Animal characters that have their own tag, and we still have ideas for some more.

I don’t really know who started the blog, but Zenami (Adminicorn) was the sole admin when I first found out about it. When the blog needed new admins, I submitted my application and was immediately accepted for being one of the top submitters.

As an admin, I’m the one who does most of the editing and publishing of submissions in the queue, and I also purge the ones that aren’t really frontpage-worthy (bad font, low-quality, etc.).

Q: How did you get into TF2?


Well that Darkness1000 guy I mentioned earlier introduced me to TF2 when I was 12 or something, and after a while I finally decided to get it just so I could play with him. However, only after I bought it was I notified that his Mac couldn’t actually run TF2 and we couldn’t play together. That’s okay though, fast forward a year or two later and he finally got a computer he could use to play TF2 with me!

Doctor Ando:

A couple years back; My older brothers were playing it at the time and I had been wanting to  play a good FPS in a while (my first FPS was Star Wars Battlefront) so I got the game just before Pyromania hit and we’ve been friends ever since.

I managed to uncrate an unusual within my first year even; but I long since traded it away for other similar-values items. it was a Conquistador with massed flies. I named it “Lord of the Flies” after the famous short novel. having the hat encouraged me to play soldier more and actually learn how to rocket jump properly; so I’m glad I had that particular hat instead of a more valuable unusual in a different class. I kind of miss it from time to time; especially during full moons and Halloween.


I first knew about TF2 when I stumbled across GMod machinimas while I was watching gaming videos on YouTube. I thought, “What game is this from? This looks funny.” But unfortunately, I didn’t have a credit card at that time, so I couldn’t buy the game.

When I heard that TF2 became Free-to-Play, I was hyped. I immediately installed Steam so I can download the game. Months after, I bought Premium as soon as I got my first debit card. It was originally for buying books from Amazon that I couldn’t find in stores around here, but I also bought my first Mann Co. Keys on the side.

Q: What’s your favorite class/character?


I love playing Pyro in TF2, although I will always choose Scout in MVM solely for the reason that nobody else seems to get the cash as well as I do

Doctor Ando:

Hmmm. it’s a tough choice. I used to be really good as Medic; but now I’m more of a Demo/Sniper/Spy person. I like the Demo’s versatility in combat roles; from heavy defense to a hit-and-run offense.

As sniper; I’m almost never seen with a proper sniper rifle. Any headshot I try to execute almost always fails; and by extension; nearly every headshot is by accident. I main with a huntsman (I like how I can see everything around me) and occasionally go with the Sydney Sleeper because COVER THE ENEMY IN PISS. fun fact: My Strange Jarate has more drenched victims than any one of my stranges have kills.

Spy is fun because his playstyle has a great risk/reward challenge. Cloak and Dagger is one of my more favored watches; although I do have a strange Invis watch and Dead ringer.


Medic and Demoman; it has to be a tie. I play both about equally.

In multiplayer games I’ve always gravitated towards Support roles, and that’s why Medic is one of my top-played classes. I also like the spammy area-denial playstyle of Demoman.

I also play a lot of Soldier, and about half of the time I use the Beggar’s Bazooka.

All in all, tf2memes is well-run and entertaining, and a wonderful blog to follow if you’re looking for something to chuckle at on your dash.

Carleen Gordon

Carleen Gordon is a London-based makeup artist. If she gets her hands on you, she’ll make you look good! Heck, she could probably even make us look presentable. Despite her busy schedule, carleengordon managed to take some time to do a Q&A with us about life as a makeup artist and how she uses her Tumblr, which uses our Mallow theme.

Your bio says you’re London-based, so does that mean you get to travel a lot?

I travel around the UK, however currently I don’t travel for work outside of the UK… as yet! I’d like to think in years to come my work takes me abroad more often though.

When did you know that you wanted to be a makeup artist?

I never had that light-bulb moment per se, I’ve always had a huge passion for makeup. As a child I was in complete awe of my mother and aunt and their skill of applying makeup and seeing how their confidence grew post-application. I also use to sneak their makeup out the house and wear it to school and recall a time when a friend asked if I was wearing the right colour as I had applied red blusher all over my face! Ha, I’ve worn some terrible makeup in the past but you know what? I never cared. I still felt beautiful. That process of applying it on myself or applying it to others and seeing how they look or feel is a wonderful feeling. As I grew older, I was always asked to do other people’s makeup and I think I have naturally fallen into developing my skills until l have reached to the point where l am now.

Is there a particular project that you’re especially proud of? If so, why?

I have to say, I’ve continuously learned and drawn so much from different experiences and met so many incredible individuals on this journey. I’ve loved different projects for different reasons. Oh dear, l sound rather political but it’s true!

If you could give one piece of makeup advice to the world, what would it be?

Treat your face as a blank canvas and have fun with makeup. It’s an art, a form of creativity and expressing yourself. Yes, there are rules such as don’t wear strong lips and eye makeup but I’m sorry, hands up, I’m a rule breaker. I’m the naughty girl who wears red lips and smokey eyes together. Look at Siouxsie from Siouxsie and the Banshees, that woman broke boundaries and started a makeup revolution. To this day, makeup artists still look to her for inspiration!

What is a typical day like for a makeup artist?

I can’t speak for anyone else but before a shoot or event I double-check the brief or moodboard and then recheck my kit. On my way, I’m usually scrolling through my phone, most likely Tumblr or some other form of social media for inspiration for other shoots. Once I meet the client/s, we go over the brief again and then speak with any other creatives involved.

We all have to work together to achieve the aim of the brief. The hair, nails, makeup, wardrobe styling, etc, it all matters! If we don’t communicate, that may be um…. slightly disastrous! After makeup has been applied and I’m happy and the client is happy, the rest of the shoot will be spent with touch ups or make up changes, whichever applies. Post shoot tends to be a dreaded makeup brush cleaning session, l will not bore you with that.

What made you choose Tumblr to power your fabulous blog?

Awww, thank you so much! It was suggested to me by my friends and my husband. They always kept suggesting I should start a Tumblr and I’m quite fortunate that writing comes quite easily to me and I wanted a forum where people could see into my mind if they wanted to. Tumblr is the ultimate avenue for me to get inspired, share knowledge and express myself at the same time.

Why did you choose our Mallow theme?

Well, I saw your theme on another artist’s Tumblr (I can’t remember who, terribly sorry) and I checked out more about Storyware. It looked and is so ridiculously easy to use. I always thought l wouldn’t have time to do posts but the Mallow theme is quick and has everything I need to customise it to my own needs. Plus, the theme looks quite professional and is exactly my taste, that’s my opinion anyway.


Check out Carleen’s blog here.

Our demo blog for Mallow is available here.

Blog Spotlight #4: TF2 Deathcam

Aaaannnndd we’re back with Bog Spotlight Number 4! This week, we’re featuring:

Team Fortress Two is a hilarious game- that’s why we love it! One of the aspects with the most potential for hilarity lies in the loved-and-hated-in-equal-measure deathcam, which shows you your murderer for a few frustration-filled moments. Given the degree of ridiculousness the game encompasses, however, the deathcam often ends up capturing more than the fucking Sniper who just fucking headshot you through the fucking wall.


Anyway, tf2deathcam is a blog that showcases some of the funner deathcams people have been exposed to. The content ranges from amusing:

to bootylicious:

But it’s not just the images that make this blog comedy gold. David, who runs the blog, adds his own commentary to a lot of the deathcams.

Panic strikes the Demoman as he realises that his hand isn’t carrying a bottle of whiskey.

As per usual, we interviewed David:

Q:Tell everyone a little about yourself.

My name’s David and I’m from the UK.

Q:Tell us a little about your blog.

I started the deathcam blog about two years ago as a way to just post silly things I saved from the game, a majority of the images I took myself and eventually the blog started getting more and more followers. My favourite deathcam images are usually the ones with silly rag dolls, suggestive poses or showing something that is just about to happen, frozen in time.

It’s hard to think of TF2 as a serious game any more, the community has changed it into something amazing, a place where we can eat sandwiches, trade hats, spy-crab or demopan. I love it. For me the blog tries to reflect that by capturing the moments frozen in time.

Q:How did you get into TF2?

I got TF2 about 3 years ago, it was just before it went free to play. For months I enjoyed the crazy Garry’s Mod videos that my friends were showing me and eventually I caved and bought the Orange Box. Initially I didn’t really like the game that much, but my friends helped me out and I got into the game soon enough. For me, the reason I keep playing TF2 and still find it enjoying is because the game has this sense of freedom and humour. I can join a random server and play seriously or I can find a prop-hunt server and just enjoy it. The community, whilst annoying at times is the best gaming community I have ever seen. I remember one time I was playing the game with a friend and there was a heavy on our team with a homeless heavy loadout, the beard and everything. We changed our loadouts to copy him the best we could and eventually we had 5 or 6 homeless heavies on our team, plus a few on the other. We would run around the map as a pack constantly spamming with the frying pan, we died many times, but it was awesome to be part of that moment. 

Q:What’s your favorite class/character?

It’s hard to say what my favourite class is, I love playing as the Medic because It makes me feel like a good person, helping out those in need. I also like playing as the Heavy, I don’t really help the team I just run around giving people sandwiches and trying to get taunt kills with the Holiday Punch. When I play serious I’m usually the demo, soldier or medic. When I’m having some fun usually I’ll be heavy, demopan or sniper.

tf2deathcam is a great reminder of the silliness we all love in TF2. It’s lighthearted and fun, and a fantastic blog to follow.