About Posifish

Posifish is a positive, calm, and anxiety-free corner of the fish and fishblr communities. It features curated posts and images of well-cared for fish without the stress of venturing into the fishblr tag.

This blog will feature:

  • reblogged posts of healthy fish and other aquatic creatures (including but not limited to shrimp, snails, plants)
  • aquascapes
  • the occasional fun fact about fish

Posts that will not appear here:

  • passive-aggressive posts
  • callout posts
  • poor husbandry practices

With that, the blog is officially open and ready for business.

Disaster Struck…

A Ray of Hope…

The Aftermath…

Second Chances…

Fateful Encounter…

Like a meteor crashing upon earth, the most life changing events happen when you least expect them. An unsatisfied victory. A life flickering. An uncertain future. A never-ending search for purpose. As threads of fate they all twine amongst each other…and so this is how it begins.

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Is this thing on?

[Adams is fiddling with his computer]

There we go! I know I made a few posts earlier, but here’s my official self-introduction. My name’s Adams, all you need to know about where I live is that it’s cold and lonely and it’s just me and my dog Blue, and I’ll be taking any questions and interactions I can get. 

So do a guy a solid and try to make conversation? I promise I’m not that bad to talk to. 

[Adams is waiting patiently]