Why people actually go out of their way to hate someone who is living their dream, I will never know.

Your time is precious, use it! Go out & donate blood or buy a pizza for a homeless person. There is literally a billion and one better things you could be doing with your life than giving 4 young men a hard time cause you don’t think they’re “punk rock” wHEN YOU’RE GOING AROUND ALL FUCKIN BUTTHURT CAUSE THEY’RE IN A MAGAZINE THAT YOUR FAVOURITE BAND IS IN.

Who is anyone to judge what’s “punk” or “rock”? Music is literally a process of evolution, it always fucking changes.

But if you waste any of your time sending hate or just generally voicing an incredibly hateful opinion,


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Cause it’s an absolute fucking joke.



I haven’t drawn… in months. Oops.

I was trying out Clip Studio and this is the first thing I’ve actually finished with it. This is actually for my new Marco ask blog! It’s not officially open yet, but feel free to send in questions anyways!

Also, this is the first time I’ve drawn Marco in over a year. A year. Let’s blame Sabo for that.

Can be bought as a print and other stuff on my redbubble


Looking for a date for Homestuck Prom 2014? Need someone to relish in babedom with on the 24th? Want to try your luck at being voted “Cutest Quadrant”? Just looking for a new platonic palhoncho to spend the night with? If the answer to any of these very important questions is yes, you’re in the right place. The Homestuck Prom date blog is now officially open for the 2014 season! 

Submit date pleas and companionship requests here by letting us know:
-Who are you? Introduce yourself! Pictures help! Make sure to include your name, age, and URL in your submission.
-Who’ll you be? (Cosplaying? Who’re you planning on going as? )
-Water you looking for? (A new homie to call your own? A specific character to go with?) 

Need inspiration for your submission? Here are a bunch of good examples from last year~

Get your scope on and browse through pages upon pages of eligible singlestucks. Looking for a date? Check out the Master Tag List
Because we love you, we’ve added shiny new “seeking:” tags this year~ Going as Meenah, and need an Aranea by your side? Tag “seeking:aranea” in your submission. Going as Dave and trying to find a date with strider-fever? Head over to “tagged/seeking:dave~ Pretty simple, right? 

Once you’ve got a potential hottie in your sights, channel your inner high-schooler (or current, external high-schooler if, you know, that’s the life you’re livin’) by hitting people up in their askboxes and asking them to Prom~ Just, remember to let us know when you’ve gotten a date so we can cross you off the list!

Get —EXCIT—ED, kids~ Happy hunting!