In a world where Pokemon can be useless shits, yet evolve; You get the NEETvees. Ask these losers some questions, and their more successful “friends”. Ask anything. They have low standers.

The blog is officially opened. Come ask us some questions. Take a look at our page if you want to know more about us~

OKAY I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I CAN’T WAIT! Not at 3000 followers but have at it…

Spike the Dog’s ask blog is now officially open to the public! This blog will coincide completely with the @scisetdaily universe. It will be low-effort work as running a daily blog is kind of already a lot, but…

Ever wonder what a dog does when his owners are too busy to be around all the time?

( name 100% inspired by @pasu-chan )

Dr. Black: Hello c-comrades!!! Thank goodness this is g-getting good reception..!

Dr. Black: M-My name is Jefecito Black-Hat but formally I-I’m known as Dr. Black for short but at this p-point I don’t think it matters since they c-call me nerd hat or one-eye a-anyway…..

Dr. Black: ANYWAYS- I thought I-I would make myself known and m-maybe have some e-entertainment while my boss is out doing his…. W-Work of sorts….?

Dr. Black: N-Nonetheless! I do hope you a-all could k-keep me company…. It gets p-pretty tiring being a-alone in a lab all day haha…..

Dr. Black: A-AH— C-C-Coming sir..!!!!


This blog is officially open for business!!!

Disaster Struck…

A Ray of Hope…

The Aftermath…

Second Chances…

Fateful Encounter…

Like a meteor crashing upon earth, the most life changing events happen when you least expect them. An unsatisfied victory. A life flickering. An uncertain future. A never-ending search for purpose. As threads of fate they all twine amongst each other…and so this is how it begins.

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About Posifish

Posifish is a positive, calm, and anxiety-free corner of the fish and fishblr communities. It features curated posts and images of well-cared for fish without the stress of venturing into the fishblr tag.

This blog will feature:

  • reblogged posts of healthy fish and other aquatic creatures (including but not limited to shrimp, snails, plants)
  • aquascapes
  • the occasional fun fact about fish

Posts that will not appear here:

  • passive-aggressive posts
  • callout posts
  • poor husbandry practices

With that, the blog is officially open and ready for business.

Greetings and welcome to our Dead By Daylight Askblog.

I, The Trapper am the host but you can direct your asks to any person on this list:

Meg Thomas

Claudette Morel

Jake Park

Dwight Fairfield

Nea Karlsson

Laurie Strode

Ace Visconti

William “Bill” Overbeck

凤敏 Feng Min 

David King 

Quentin Smith 

Philip Ojomo “The Wraith”

“The Hillbilly”

Sally Smithson “The Nurse”

Michael Myers “The Shape”

Lisa Sherwood “The Hag”

Herman Carter “The Doctor”

Anna “The Huntress” 

Leatherface “The Cannibal”

Freddy Krueger 

and of course last but not least

myself, Evan MacMillan “The Trapper”.

((Heya, mun here! ~ ^w^b

I always wanted to create an ask blog again so I thought why not make one for all of the Dead by Daylight characters as I don’t think that one like this exists already. (:

Time will decide if I will draw pictures as answers or just use text but I will try to draw!! ~ 

I’m currently working on a group picture of all killers and survivors as a starter! :)

So without further ado: This ask blog is now officially open so ask away! 

I promise that ̶m̶̶o̶̶s̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶o̶̶f̶ the killers wont bite! ~))