Fanfics Update!

Alright, alright, alright.

I’ll be correcting/rewriting the fics I’ve posted so far, including the “King and Lionheart” one, as I’m planning on posting them on Ao3.
King and Lionheart” will also continue, I’m planning on new chapters already. And, of course, First Age verse fics will come as well.

Not that people really care about this, but just a tiny update on my writings. :P
[ ‘KaL’ can be found here, as well as my garage can be found here. ]

[[BLOG MAINTENANCE UPDATE; verses page is finally up! Also, going through and deleting old munspeak posts to clear up space, something I’ll be doing weekly. 

[[Also also, gonna add a tag to all general rp posts (v; general) so they’ll be easier to find.

[[And lastly, since I brainstormed this to Jenn and it hurt her deep in the heartmeat; Thanos reanimates/pulls Yondu back from the lands of the dead to use as an unwilling thrall/puppet against the Guardians.]]

[[ @rependere (or in the case of Thanos seeking redemption, an ill-fated attempt at a gesture of peace to said Guardians) @nihilisticmadtitan ]]