list of tags and verses

Tags overall:

out to roam: ooc tag
musings: any and all things that remind me of my muse(s)
♌: the lion’s woes: musings tag specifically for things relating to Miston
mun has lyrical feels again: anything song related
it’s vine time: vine tag, kind of self-explanatory 
the northern queue: queue tag

Animal/scenery tags:

Animal things are usually tagged with the animal name ie: deer, butterfly
animals after Miston’s heart: big cats (usually lions)
little lions: domestic cats
birb/birbs: Birds.


mountain sights: Mountains
the sound of my city: Waterfalls
what I call home: Forest

Character specific tags:

deerprince of the lion’s meadow: Legolas things
elkking: Thranduil things
first cousin twice removed: Finrod things
forbidden flame: Maedhros things
the one I’d call Lord: Elrond things

family of the sixpointed star: Miston and his siblings
Miston’s family: other relatives or siblings on their own, accompanied by tags such as sister mine, father/mother/uncle mine, sister’s son and brother in law
waterjewel: Nengelon things
tha’s th’ highland way: Braigon, Faerveren and Nengelon things
smol ball of elven rage: Nethel things

Ship tags:
otp: prince and lionheart: ship with @elfeyedlegolas
otp: hoofsteps and pawprints: ship with @igotofiindthesun
otp: amoroso: ship with @harperofimladris
otp: forbidden flame: ship with @maedhroswhy
otp: sunshine on a rainy day: ship with @lacrimosa-magnolia
between Kaziel and Nethel
ot3: between stars and clouds: OT3 ship with @elfeyedlegolas@mischiefsonlydaughter
otp: at the post: ship with @mischiefsonlydaughter
between Calithilon and Sleipnir

modern: seflexplanatory, goes for everything in a modern setting, usually highschool or college aged
mafia au: selfexplanatory verse tag that I need a better name for.
didn’t leave yet: threads taking place in Rivendell when Miston is still Malenor
not quite the elf you’re looking for: threads with Miston’s femself Mydia
kittycat: threads in which Miston is a blond ragdoll cat
little Miston: threads in which Miston is an elfling
back where I began: threads in which Miston has gone back to Rivendell and has readopted his old name
flowers and tattoos: specific modern verse threads in which Miston is a tattoo artist
femme fatale: a sub au to the mafia verse where Nethel is the daughter of a mobboss dealing with @lacrimosa-magnolia‘s Kaziel who’s a cop.

Sorry for the lack of updates these few days… I was busy on Friday and don’t feel well today so I mostly just sleeping and/or laying down on my bed bemoaning my whole existence. I promise I’ll be back to regular daily updates as I soon as I am back to normal condition!

Blog maintenance is officially done, and here are the end results!

  • Updated current muses page!
  • Updated rules (since it hasn’t been edited in over two years)
  • Brushed up the tags to match updated muses page!
  • Moved Hamuko muse to a solo blog, so if you’d like to interact with her there… please feel free to follow and pester that nerd!
  • Changed mun face claim to the darling Kashima, and cleared out unnecessary ooc posts since they were cluttering the place up!

to do list →

replies →

  • izzy → jordan (starter)
  • adrian → selena
  • taecyeon → jinah
  • dana → sungah
  • noah → alyssa 

blog maintenance →

  • re-do and update muse page
  • consider doing individual about pages for each muse

rph type things →

  • gif pack and gif icon pack of cierra ramirez
  • gif icons and icons of song jieun

indie blog →

  • finish backstories, add males 
  • finish making resources for fcs
  • actually finish that shit? 

other things →

  • catch up on b99 and jtv
  • finish 130 hw
  • attempt math hw
  • find out who to get 170 notes from
  • ask virginia for math notes 
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