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Welcome to Studyblr: a beautiful, stressful wonderland
The pros and cons of learning how to study from your friends on Tumblr
By Kaitlyn Tiffany

A matcha latte, a pink MacBook Air, the word “tuberculosis” scrolled in gel pen cursive. This is what studying looks like if you’re part of an ever-growing group of young women who run “studyblrs” — a portmanteau of study and Tumblr.

Is your coordinated washi tape functional, or just a highly aesthetic form of procrastination? @theverge answers your most pointed #studyblr questions.

Some silence please

I’m very tired but, instead of sleep, here’s a quick thing of Graves featuring loud subordinates and a certain face from this interview?
Art blog: questionartbox


4CC Special Sports News in HEROS: (interview in Gangneung, Korea)

Translation of Yuzuru’s comments only:

1) (0’00” to 1’25”) Well, I am filled with frustrating feelings. But I think I was able to execute the FP performance relatively well, so I think I made some achievement. (As regards your earlier phrase of ‘real quads era’) Yes, both Nathan who was first and Uno who was third jumped a wide variety of quads and they both bravely challenged 3As, too. So I do feel that we have entered into a difficult era which demands difficult kinds of quads to be executed with a high quality. (It is a challenging era) but I am enjoying it :)

2) (6’40” to 7’05”) (At the K&C to Brian), yay, I managed to land 4 quads and two 3As!! (At the green room, Shoma said to Yuzuru that it was awesome and he was surprised.)  Yeah, I did them for the first time; I had never done that even during practice, hee, hee!

3) (8’05” – 8’35”) (at the green room, after Nathan’s FP) Ahhh, I might not be able to beat that. Oh this makes me feel so nervous; the colour of the medal will change. I want gold, a gold medal, give me gold! (After Nathan was announced to be the winner) AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! (Walking towards backstage) it’s because of the popped salchow, popped salchow!!!

4) (8’55” – 13’26”) Yes, I do feel frustrated, but I have managed to execute two 4Ts in the second half for the first time as I attempted, which is an achievement. Also, I managed to keep my calmness at the same time of performing in line with the music, so I think that was a big achievement for me. (When did you think of changing the elements?) Well, so first, 4S (in the second half) became 2S. After doing a half-loop, I thought of challenging 4S (as a third jump of the combination) but I thought it’s a bit too difficult, so I didn’t. (The interviewer confirming what he said) Yes, indeed I did think of doing 4S (as the third jump), because I was able to do it during practice, so I was about to do it, but I didn’t. After that, I concentrated on the next 4T, then at (the next element which was) 3A+3T (though originally 2T), I was doing a practice to replace this (combination) with 4S, so it came to my mind if I should do it, but I didn’t. And after that, as for 4T+2T (which replaced the originally planned 3A+1L+3S), I found that I had some energy left, so I thought ‘oh let’s do 4T + 2T!’ and I did it. (So, you were thinking and changing right before jumping at one time) Yes, indeed, I felt several conundrum and wondered at each situation, and I had lots of reflection. I had to think of lots of things including the number of combinations or repetitions according to the rules, so it (changing so many elements during the performance) was the first trial for me, so I was skating with lots of thoughts. (At the end, you did 3A) yes, I was going to do 3Lz, but I noticed that I could jump 3A, so I did it as it seemed possible. Yes, so I was thinking one by one, while feeling the music, too, so I didn’t feel much difficulty and I think my breathing was stable during skating. (As for 4Lo), especially this time, I was able to land clean 4Lo both in SP and FP with high GOEs, so in this sense, it was such a big achievement. In addition, especially this time as well as the last time (probably GPF?), I think I was able to concentrate on every jump after executing the first 4Lo, especially in the FP. So the remaining task is for me to learn from every mistake I made during this SP and FP.  (About 4S), Well, my condition for 4S is not bad; (but) this time at the competitions, I couldn’t land two 4Ss, so to be honest, I was about to lose my confidence (in 4S), and it made me wonder a bit. But I am able to execute it properly during practice, and my real ability has already mastered how to jump 4S. So, I think I should work harder towards the World while confirming (checking and working on each of his mistakes and problems) one by one. (About your PCS at 94.34), well, I think I could have done better. Because of the failure of 4S, my performance got ruptured, which I have to improve. That (4S) is one of the elements I could aim higher in terms of TES, too. (As for your rivals) Well, especially the multiplicity of quads and 3A of Nathan is a big thing. I myself have two 3As in the second half, but Nathan was not originally good at 3A, so in that sense, I am amazed with and admire his mental strength. (Finally as for the Worlds) I have already achieved a complete form of performances during practice, so I would like to increase the probability of executing such complete performances, so that I can execute perfect performances at the Worlds. (nodding :) )

5) (14’15” – 14’ 45”) (At the earlier press conference at the venue), I think I am getting better every year, and what I do has been getting harder and harder. I very much like this feeling that I am challenging my own limits. I think this silver medal is the one I have most enjoyed (as far as silver medals at 4CC are concerned). From now on, we have no idea who will challenge jumping 4Lz or 4F, and there is a possibility that someone will challenge 4A. So, I find the (current development of) the figure-skating so exciting, and I am looking forward to practicing even more.

6) (15’50” – 17’25”) (Do you have anything you have found as a pre-Olympic?) Yes, I do. It (the rink) was easy for me to jump, at a comfortable temperature, and the sound acoustic was quite good. So I feel it is a very good rink for me. (Are you even more excited?) Yes, I do have a strong desire that I would like to come back and skate here, by all means. (About yourself in 1 year’s time) I would like to become even stronger. Not only executing jumps, but also I would like to elevate the quality of 3A and quads. While doing so, I should do more performance, become more expressive, and improve the quality of each element. All these things. So, all in all, this competition has stimulated my desire to improve myself even more, in a good sense. (I feel your frustration as well as passion from you now) Yes, indeed, I am burning inside me :) (In terms of rivals) Of course, the existence of rivals counts, but I have frustrating feelings that my own performance was quite pathetic. So I would like to clear one (problem) at each time.

7) (30’55” – 31’45” ) (After his EX performance)  It was such an awful exhibition performance. I did practise it, I was doing practice properly. Well, it’s a little hard (because of so many events with short intervals in a day). Now I realise that triple toeloop [he intentionally said slowly] is a difficult jump. I should have done 3F, which I did practice. OMG, this is awful, it haunts me a lot. My frustration with FP is gone.  No, it’s OK; there is one more time, one more time, one more time; there is the Finale.  (footage of gala: he did a 3T during gala finale)

8) (33’10” - end ) (Message to all fans) Thank you so much for all your cheers for me during this competition as well. From all of you who came to the venue, those cheering for me in front of the TV as well as those watching on internet, I received lots of lots of power. In terms of the final result, it ended up with being 2nd, but I feel that the reason why my FP was first is because of all your encouragement. I will continue to elevate my level and do my best from now on, so please keep cheering for me!


Translation by Sophie Moroi in YHIFG  (thanks to Sophie for her permission to post this in my blog)

Viktuuri Fanfiction Writers (@viktuurificwriters) is a blog dedicated in getting to know the YOI fandom’s beloved Viktuuri fanfic writers. Yes, the writers, not just their works…

1. How is this different from fanfiction recommendation blogs?

Fanfiction recommendation blogs showcase the works, the fanfiction, while this blog showcase the writers, the people behind the words. Simple as that.

We all get to talk about the latest and popular fics, but we rarely bother about the person who writes those fics, especially if it’s one of those lesser known authors.

How many times have you bookmarked or gave kudos to a work without bothering to check out the author’s profile? I know not every author writes something on their profile, but here’s where this blog comes in. This blog will conduct interviews with writers, write biographies about them, and give the writers a chance to show who they are in ways other than writing fanfiction.

2. What exactly will this blog do?

  • Chooses writers to interview and specially feature in this blog.
  • Supports all types of viktuuri fic authors, especially the lesser known authors, by giving them a place to promote themselves.  If you’re a new writer, then this blog will be the best place to introduce yourself.
  • Promotes lesser known authors that deserve more love by giving them a short feature and “special awards.”
  • Promote writers, of course! readers can submit their own post featuring their favorite writers and why they like him/her/they.
  • Make weekly author features. Every week, this blog will choose one author to feature.
  • Features writers/readers who are open to beta reading. Tumblr users can submit a post saying they want to beta read. This will make it easier for writers to find beta readers.

What is aforementioned above will only be some of the things I plan to do for this blog. More things will be added to them:D

3. What is the purpose of this blog?

This blogs aim to create a friendly community for writers and readers alike. Readers can get to know more about the minds behind the masterpieces they love and writers can get in touch with readers.

As of now, this blog is new and has no posts yet, but soon I hope to fill it in with your help. Follow this blog if you’re interested and help spread the word by reblogging this post.

Thank you and I look forward to getting to know our writers :)

5 Questions to ask your Interviewer

If the interviewer does not ask you if you have any questions, you need to ask them if you could ask a few questions! When you ask well thought out questions, it impresses the interviewer and helps you ace out your competition for the job.

anonymous asked:

Who would you say is the most iconic/important director (obvs female) and why?

This is such an interesting question. What is iconic, what counts as important? To me it would be someone who’s shown longevity in their career, someone who is critically well-regarded but has also had some measure of commercial success, someone with a distinct visual style and someone who has been influential to other filmmakers.

Off the top of my head I can think of maybe 10 women who would easily deserve that title.

If someone put a theoretical gun to my head right now and made me pick one I’d probably say Jane Campion. People maybe not have watched her movies but they usually know her name or if you mention The Piano they’ve heard of it even if they haven’t seen it. People also think she was the first woman to be nominated for Best Director at the Oscars (she wasn’t, it was Lina Wertmüller a woman with a distinctive incredible style who is one of my favourite filmmakers but one whose work has faded into obscurity). The Women and Hollywood blog does mini-interviews with every female director at every major festival and one of the questions they ask everyone is what their favourite film directed by a woman is and films by Campion routinely turn up (she’s probably one of the most cited directors).  

However even though she’s young and I still think has a long career ahead of her, I feel Sofia Coppola coming up fast. Coppola is another one of those few female film directors you can mention that everyone knows. Her earliest films are almost at their 20 year anniversaries and they have endured and are remembered. She’s won a slew of awards, her style is distinct to the point where it can be parodied. People like to mock her for her tumblrcore style but her movies predate tumblr by nearly a decade. Also as someone who watches a lot of no/low budget movies just because they’re directed by women her style is imitated a LOT. I admit that I used to take her talent for granted, but after watching the umpteenth movie about a teenage white girl having existential ennui while staring out a window I started appreciating Coppola as a filmmaker. She knows what she’s doing in a way people trying to imitate her just don’t.

Bigelow is another one I feel strongly about. I think she is super under appreciated as a filmmaker, even with the Oscar. I spent a few years watching all of her films and she’s so distinct, even her action movies are carefully crafted. The only thing with Bigelow is that despite her age she peaked rather late (after Coppola despite being twenty years older) and I still feel like her best work is ahead of her so it’s hard to say what her longevity as a filmmaker and her influence will be. Point Break and Strange Days have held up well, but I also want to know what the legacy of her late career work will be.

Of course, women didn’t just start directing in the 90s. There are many women who directed before then who put out iconic movies that are well regarded, but these women aren’t known at all to mainstream audiences, even if they are beloved by cinephiles. Alice Guy Blaché was the first woman to direct narrative films, but few people outside of film students want to watch shorts that are over a century old. Leni Reifenstahl pioneered several film techniques but her legacy is tainted by her associated with Hitler and the fact that her most innovative films are literal Nazi propaganda. Agnès Varda has a career that spans over 60 years, but until recently people didn’t take her seriously as a filmmaker and most of her films were unavailable outside of France. Chantal Akerman is a legend and so many filmmakers were inspired by her and borrowed from her, but her movies made little money, were not widely seen and are not well known to mainstream audiences.

And of course it wouldn’t be right to mention how many women of colour had their careers completely decimated literally for just being who they were and wanting to tell stories about people who looked like them. If there aren’t women of colour who fit my criteria of iconic/important it’s because they were never able to build up the body of work to be so. White women in western countries don’t necessarily have it easy (even someone as privileged as Coppola has faced rampant sexism, including accusations that she doesn’t direct her own films), but they do have more opportunities than other women.

Recently their has been a small resurgence of the work of black American female filmmakers getting released or re-released. I finally got to watch the work of Kathleen Collins and Julie Dash and you know what? These women had genuine talent, they were truly gifted, and they were never given the opportunities to create more than one feature film. That’s why I try to stress to people that it’s important to go to the theatre and buy tickets for movies made by women, especially women of colour, and to appreciate them in the now. Because if  you don’t support them they won’t be able to make more films and not everyone hits it out of the park their first time. Bigelow won an Oscar for her 8th film. So many women directors don’t even get to make a second.

Occupations Masterlist:

The Music Industry~

OKAY, so under this cut you’ll find a list of #55 jobs your characters can hold in the music industry aside from classic band members/solo artists. I know for bandom RP especially it can be hard to come up with unique jobs for OCs that still enable them to create connections. I’ve organized everything into categories for easy searching and defined even the most intuitive titles, so hopefully this helps!

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anonymous asked:

don't you think Liam talking about Cheryl and Bear in every interview is a part of his promo marketing plan?? I mean- when Louis was asked about Freddo in every interview blogs were like "Louis is so much more than a dad, all they ask him is about Freddie- they diminish him down to just a father, why don't they ask him about other things than Freddo" yet when Liam is asked about Bear in every interview people just compare it to babygate 1.0 ....Liam is much more than Cheryl's fake bf and a 'dad'

Yes, I agree. And yes, it’s being used for promo. People should indeed focus more on his work, but yikes personal life sells a lot (fake or not). And well, we can’t help not to compare when there’s such a stark contrast

question @ antis that ive been wondering about since i made this blog.

before any interviews came out (including the military college interview and sdcc video amongst others) why DID you headcanon hunk, keith, and lance as minors?

because like, i think we can all agree that its obvious af from episode one that they are in fact in the military. and they are not merely in some training academy, but enlisted at a garrison. so they MUST be at least 17 (18 in keiths case cause of enlistment regulations concerning parental consent for those that are still only 17) and as told in canon theyve already been enlisted for at least a year (they all had a class together previously, and keith only got the boot after shiro went missing a year ago so…actually maybe even more than a year). so that would put them at 18/19 at the ABSOLUTE youngest.

UNLESS child soldiers are a thing in you voltron hc.

like, thats literally the only explanation for them being minors (aside from pidge who HAD to have hacked her way in). its a canon fact that keith is enlisted (says so on the official vld website) and that they are at a GARRISON (as said by many many characters) so canonically they are enlisted in the military.

so my question(s) is like…why headcanon them as minors and therefore child soldiers? or even worse, why assume the ages you headcanon them as are actually canon which would mean the creators put child soldiers into the canon of the show? and how do you think that is anywhere near okay? how do you think “they may be child soldiers in my headcanon but at least im not a pedo!” is somehow a logical defense, as if sending children to their deaths is any better than sexually assaulting them? how is it that you think two wrongs make a right?

not shipping “pedo” ships (psa, they arent pedo ships so long as theyre hc’d as adults but thats not what this post is rlly about) doesnt automatically make you morally pure. you dont get to claim youre morally superior when your headcanons also promote the harm of innocent children. you dont get to tell us that headcanoning them as adults and shipping them w each other as CONSENTING ADULTS is somehow harmful, when you literally hc them as child soldiers and somehow think that is anywhere near okay.

A Maze of Choices...

I didn’t attend the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Actually, I have never attended a comic con before and I know very little about them other than what I have read and experienced through my cosplay son. So, you can say, that I lived the con through the many who posted pictures and wrote of their personal experiences on social media. Also included in that information is the multitude of professional photographs and celebrity interviews and a lot of articles written and published by other “news” organizations. Some of the later are pretty shady which is why I used the quotation marks - these often called “click bait”. So… I had a ton of sources from which I could gain the knowledge of a comic con and what part Outlander played in it all. And, unless you attended it yourself, this speaks of your experience too.
I am not interested in the con info unless it related to Outlander and especially, Sam and Cait. So, I started sifting through the maze of pictures; interviews; blogs; and articles, hoping to see a true picture of Sam and Cait’s time at comic con.
Well, it reminded me quickly, of googling a name on the Internet, and trying to decide what was true and what wasn’t. It became a huge endeavor and I had to soon, make a decision. I had to formulate in my own mind what was important, true, and believable. To do that, I stopped reading and looking.
I have been in this fandom now for about two years, not long, but long enough to know what speaks truly of Sam and Cait and those a part of the world of Outlander. And if you haven’t had enough yourself, here is what I came up with.

1. Like I had already determined, Sam and Cait are embroiled in, what I see, as a no win situation. A shadow game of disguising what is true about their personal relationship overseen by at least two men who know nothing of what true love is all about. We will never know why this game is being played and who actually started it. What we do know and understand is that real love will not exist this way for long. I believe that S&C were blindsided with the return of a girl that could never be of interest to Sam (in comparison to the person that is Cait) and it greatly effected Cait this time (referenced by the pictures of Cait on the red carpet). This was “obvious”.
2. Already determined, Cait and Sam talk in innuendo and clue. Their responses in interviews and the consequent reactions of fellow cast members tell a very different story than what is being told. All you have to do is watch and you can see it. They were separated from sitting next to each other last weekend because the private bubble that being close creates, is contrary to the current narrative. Even in a large group, Sam and Cait can create an island of their own in which they are the only inhabitants. Every answer they gave on a personal nature was spiked with words and body language that was cryptic and told a different story. Body language alone does not lie. Especially when it comes to Mr. Heughan. He wears his heart on his sleeve and his facial expression cannot tell a lie. Look at the wringing of his hands, holding them in tight fists, his constant rubbing his ring finger. He doesn’t like the position he is in. And for the first time, the stoic and ever confident Cait, couldn’t pretend either.
3. There are a couple of interviewers who should not be allowed to interview the cast of Outlander anymore. They embarrass themselves, the cast, and play against the best thing about the show - it’s fans. I was mad about the letter and I tagged Sam a couple of times about it. I am hoping that he finally says enough. I was also smoked about showing the entire first episode at comic con. All I could think of was fans posting spoilers and I was mad. Come to find out, the fans were awesome about that - a certain interviewer was not. She needs to take a seat and give up this job.
4. My last thought is this dear ones. Take what you know and what you see and count on that. Remember that we know this couple through others who truly know them as people and that is what we should fall back on. We see them in their charity work and how important that involvement is to each of them. And most importantly, we see them together, and who they are in each other’s company. That is something that cannot be faked, no matter how good an actor you are. Their smiles reach their eyes and no other can do that for them. They are so comfortable with each other and when they are together, there’s no one else in the room. Be happy for that. When they are side by side, there is no question that these are two people who worship the other more than anything. You may see them next to others, but they really start living when together. Be your own eyes and ears, and yes, there will always be pictures that disturb and articles that say different, it’s inevitable. But we know, don’t we? They are the fairy tale.