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Hey! I’m the one who submitted the ‘Black Tentacles’ submission and I wanted to clarify that everything discussed was completely consensual!! No one was uncomfortable, and the DM was just continuing a joke that we were all partaking in! I can see by how the submission was phrased that could make it seem uncool, but no worries, it was completely voluntary. Sorry if that made anybody uncomfortable.

Thanks for clarifying! Everyone draws their own boundaries in different places, and the nature of Tumblr being what it is, people with different boundaries see and respond to the same post in different ways. We wouldn’t have posted the submission if we thought it wasn’t consensual, but it’s good to clarify nonetheless!

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Since there’s going to be a push from the aro community to move away from the ableism of using the -phobia suffix, here is a list of alternative ways to say things for people who might not know what else to use:

Aromisia , acemisia, aspecmisia

Queermisia, homomisia, bimisia, panmisia, transmisia, enbymisia

Other terms like alloromanticism, allosexism, heteronormativity, monosexism, allonormativity, exorsexism, binarism, cisexism, are all still useable since they are not using the phobia terminology.

NHLers who have spoken out against the violence in Charlottesville

Because everything sucks, and it’s good to know that at least a few of them have cleared this incredibly low bar.  This may not be everyone who tweeted about this, and I didn’t check other social media at all, so please tell me if you know of anyone else!

Detroit Red Wings: condemned use of their logo by fascists/neo-Nazis

Paul Bissonnette: retweeted Red Wings statement
Brian Boyle: retweeted a video about Sir Nicholas Winton with the caption “On the same night that racists are carrying torches in Charlottesville I see this tweet. Choose well what kind of human you’re going to be”
JT Brown: quote-tweeted the Red Wings statement, statement from Bill Clinton
Max Domi: quote-tweeted the Sir Nicholas Winton video (but he’s also supported Trump in the past, so take this with at least one grain of salt)
Andrew Ference: [”This is what “making America great again” looks like?” with link to video], retweeted [As #Charlottsville churns with hate & racism, I am grateful for (Canadian flag emoji) inclusion. But make no mistake: the same hate festers here and must end.]
Blake Geoffrion: retweeted Sir Nicholas Winston video
Brooks Laich: [ I hope for a world where diversity is not hated, not merely accepted - but celebrated! That must be our future! #prayforCharlottesville]
Mike Modano: retweeted Red Wings statement
Matt Stajan: retweeted video about Sir Nicholas Winton
Aaron Ward: retweeted [I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I’ll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no place in this country.]  

Jakob Chychrun: hasn’t posted publicly, but has liked a bunch of good stuff
Matt Dumba: retweeted [I signed up to fight Nazis 73 years ago and I’ll do it again if I have to. Hatred, bigotry, & fascism should have no place in this country.]   
Ben Scrivens: probably already your unproblematic fave as he should be, but retweeted a bunch of really good stuff including an article about dealing with Canada’s right wing extremism


Eventually, we will create a proper tag page so that everything’s organized much better than it is now! For now, everything is in alphabetical order.

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Angst With a Happy Ending


Animal AU

Actor AU

Autistic Keith

Arranged Marriage







Bath Sharing





Captive Keith


Childhood Friends

Character Death







Enemies to Friends to Lovers

Exes Still in Love



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Forbidden Love

Fuck or Die



Getting Back Together

Getting Together

Harry Potter AU

Hurt Shiro

Happy Ending

Highschool AU







Kuron Aftermath


Keith Returning to Voltron

Long Distance


Limb Loss




Masochist Keith


Memory Loss

Mind Control

Mind Reader



Model AU



Nearly Died

Outside POV



Protective Shiro

Protective Keith



Phantom Limb Pain


Platonic Kidge

Platonic Klance



Quintessence Rift






Size Difference

Size Kink

Serial Killer

Shape Shifting


Shiro POV

Sick Keith


Star-crossed Lovers






Sugar Daddy AU

Super long





Witch AU




Youtuber AU


"what if I can’t find a rabbi”

Probably 80% of the asks I receive are from people who are in remote locations/ don’t have access to a community with a rabbi. I think this is one of those things that has always plagued potential converts and it certainly plagues diasporic Jewish folks, and I think it’s been amplified by living in the digital age; now anyone can access information on Judaism and digital Jewish communities, but the synagogue/rabbinic system still relies on the presence of physical communities and teachers for conversion. 

The reason I’m not answering these posts is because any answers I could provide are seriously based on that individual’s needs and specific situation. I can’t do much with “I don’t have access to a rabbi HELP” except for assure you that you’re not the only one in that position–far from it–and that there are still options. 

For those of you who have sent in these kinds of asks (again–about 80% of my inbox right now), I’ve received your questions and I see you, but I think I’m going to work toward creating a masterpost with a list of resources/options/strategies rather than try to respond to each and every individual and be in the position of constantly pinging followers for additional feedback.

In general, though, I think we need to de-emphasize the state of being “fully converted” and focus more on the process of Jewish becoming. It’s okay if it takes time. I understand the desire to be out in the world proclaiming ourselves as Jewish and I know it’s difficult to be in the liminal space of no longer quite a goy but also not yet a Jew. But the point of conversion is not to earn the ability to just call yourself Jewish, the point is to be Jewish in a deeply committed, deeply felt sense. The waiting is not only worth it, for many of us (me included), it is part of the process. If you need a Torah example, remember that Yisrael lingered on the edge of Canaan for forty years developing a sense of peoplehood before they could actually enter. Waiting, being displaced, being in the wilderness, being in between, are inherently Jewish states. I think we do a disservice to the people and tradition we are trying to join when we let ourselves think of this as a race to the finish line and not as a process that requires our sincerest patience and careful thought and intentional labor.

Just a PSA to my followers: The Bold Type is the best fandom I’ve ever been in. People are happy and celebrate this show. They genuinely love the show and we support and build each other up while we geek out together. This is also the first time many many people in this fandom have EVER felt represented on television. EVER. If you even remotely try to take that happiness away from them with your nastiness just unfollow me now. I will block anyone I see being rude or hateful.

If you’d like to be put on my tag list for Cockles content reblog or like this post. Even if you think that I already know that you would like to be on it because my memory is a funny thing. 

I won’t tag all the time (not for every gifset or something) but, for example, when I write a long post about polyamory or a meta about body language or see an especially hilarious piece of crack or egregious thing that Jensen does.

Welcome to the dumpster mansion! Please stay a while!

Hello, lovely followers! 

You might have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet lately, and that’s because real life is not being very nice to me at the moment. (Don’t worry. I’m not being very nice to it either. (ง'̀-‘́)ง)

I feel terrible that people are messaging me and not getting responses! I hate doing this, but I have temporarily turned off Asks and Messaging until I can get caught up. I have around 80 messages right now. I’ll do my best to respond soon!

I miss you guys. I miss Victuuri.


Hullo my dears! I have a very exciting thing to share with all of our delightful followers! This blog has had such a delightfully enthusiastic reception, and so I decided to use that as an excuse to commission one of my favorite fandom artists for a special profile art. 

So, I asked the ever-lovely @crimson-chains, and yesterday she sent me this perfect Boy! He is gorgeous, and I love him! 

Look at how gorgeous he is??? 

Anyway, enjoy! 

~The Fic Rec Fairy~ 🧚‍♀️

(( welll, uh. chapter 170 happened…
I originally wanted to keep this blog canon compliant so guess its my fault for sticking myself into something that was coming up in canon, but damnit i couldn’t wait for Horikoshi to give us more Eri.

so here’s what going to happen -
i’m going to do a full AU split from this point on 

This way i can partly keep the personality I wrote for her and the storyline I planned with Aizawa very obviously adopting her. Stuff from canon will still happen but the timeline will be fudged to make room for slice of life

Stick around I swear I can be a storyteller too  <(´△` )>

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Out of curiosity, if your queue is five months long, why haven't you increased the number of posts per day for a while to get that number down? It only seems logical that a large number of incoming things should mean more comes out, instead of a bottleneck that will only make the problem worse as time goes on.

There’s a couple of reasons. One, general reader feedback is that twenty posts a day is the right number to avoid overloading any of our followers’ dashboards. Every time someone asks this question, we get about an equal amount of “I’d be fine with more!” and “please no more, you’ll flood my dash :( “ responses. 

Two, we mods are only human, and adding twenty posts per day to the queue is the max we can handle. We’ve considered adding mods, but even if that were feasible (which it’s not for a variety of reasons that mostly have to do with Tumblr’s crappy handling of multiple mods), we’d still be up against the limit of posts per day our followers are comfortable with. 

So: yes, it’s frustrating to have to wait five months to see your submission finally get posted, but barring multiple improvements in Tumblr’s overall UI, there’s nothing we can do about it. We are very grateful for the patience of all our submitters and readers - you guys rock! :D

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Looking for Pacific Rim Blogs!

I am looking to add more Pacific Rim, especially Newmann content, to my dash. Whether you are a creator or just a reblogger, if you are active in the fandom reblog this or otherwise let me know and I would love to follow you! I’m also working on some newmann fics currently so would especially love to connect to any other authors :) If you are more a Charlie Day or Burn Gorman blog I’d still be interested as well!

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Quick question. What do you feel about people who use your snippets as part of their own stories??

Do not use my snippets as part of your own stories. It is my writing.  It is not for other people’s use. 

This is in my FAQ, regarding the guidelines for using and crediting my prompts, if by snippets you mean those. 

This is in my description, regarding my current work and snippets.

Roll call! 

Dearest fellow inhabitants of the Cockles dumpster-mansion,

In anticipation of Jibcon, aka Cockles Christmas, I’m just checking out my tags list. I asked you guys to like or reblog this post if you wanted to be on it and if you’re tagged below you did just that! If you added yourself in a fever dream or mistake, comment here and let me know. If you didn’t add yourself but would like to also comment (or reblog with a comment) to let me know. 

It’s nearly time, my friends! Let’s hope we survive…

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To the anon who sent me several hate asks about Kadena:

1. If you even remotely think I will publish an ask in which you send me racial and islamaphobic slurs towards Kat and Adena and make other people read those words… jokes on you.

2. You might think it’s clever to say these other white wlw ships are better to start drama, but I know you aren’t representative of those fandoms. So think again.

3. ”my gay ass” feels fucking great about watching the bold type thanks for asking!!! I still love Kadena and will ship them through the fiery pits of hell and don’t regret or take back anything I’ve said about this show!