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Indefinite Hiatus

I’m not entirely sure if I should call this a hiatus or a semi-hiatus, but it’s basically what the title says.

For the past week, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Both things that concern me IRL as well as things mentally. It’s nothing negative or something to worry about, but to put it more simple: I need a break. Like right now.

I recently graduated from my school and I’ve been accepted into my next school of choice with grades among one of the best in all the new entries. I’m really proud of myself for getting this far, and as much as having free time and things to reward myself with, I feel like taking a break from this place is something that just needs to happen for me to do that.

I’m going on a vacation in around a week and a half, and after that I’ll make sure I use my summer in a way that’s both satisfying for me but also doesn’t feel wasted. What that means? I’m not entirely sure yet.

As for snk. I really love this manga. I do. I love making YouTube videos even though it takes a long time. But recently, I feel like my interest in the series has taken another direction. I don’t mean I lost it, or started to dislike the series, but it’s more or less different in feeling if you compare it to stuff before Chapter 91. I might be a whole year late, seeing as how Chapter 84 was almost a year ago at the time I’m writing this, but I’m glad I stuck with this series all this time.

No need to worry though, I still am. I just won’t be actively blogging or talking about it. YouTube videos may or may not continue for the time being, and if they do, the time gap in-between is going to heavily depend on my schedule and mood, as it always has.

As for the fandom itself, I feel like this is one of the reasons why I’m making this decision. Somehow I feel like everything slowly started to die off after Season 2 ended. And, to be completely fair, the majority of things I see on my dashboard are all the same. GIFs/graphics of the exact same scenes, ship hate, and hate in general. I’m not saying it’s like this everywhere, and I’m not “quitting” because I got anon hate or something. This is my own personal decision, but I feel like after a little over 3 years in the fandom I begin to start seeing the cancer that is hate. Even if it’s not directed towards me, it’s disgusting and makes every aspect of being here less enjoyable simply by knowing shitheads like this exist. No one deserves it. You have no right to attack anyone just because your opinion is different. 

It doesn’t matter.

Just shut the fuck up and enjoy this awesome manga.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about now. Asks, submissions and stuff are closed. I may check on some things regularly, but don’t expect me to reply or blog actively. I’m still over at @a-dank-on-titan, though. We’re keeping the blog going (still, no regular posting schedules) and it’s something I still find enjoyment in.

And if you didn’t catch it already… No, I’m NOT dropping snk lmfao. I’ll still keep up with it and may drop a few cents each chapter.. either that or just reblog, but being this community seems to feel like a chore now and honestly, it’s honestly not that enjoyable as a whole. Maybe I just need a break, like I already said. I may still reblog stuff from time to time so it’s not as if I’m deactivating or leaving… so yeah, I guess this is more of a semi-hiatus, but overall, you get the point.

Thanks to everyone who follows me and helps me have a good time around here. Stay extra dancc.

(I’ve been inactive, again, for so long, im so sorry !!! 

I need so much time to finish a page of my webcomic that i couldnt find time to draw answers, i did not expect it to be so difficult D:

I hope i can get my schedule in order and answer asks again, because i really love this blog, but i might have to reduce the time i spend on each ask :/

And huge thanks to the lovely people who still send me asks, i’ve read and appreciate every single one !! )


Since we are getting all of these ‘It’s Back!’ stories all links to the spin offs have been turned off.

I know that this can be frustrating, but this is to respect Shall We Date and while we’re getting old stories.  Since there is no evidence of any new material and unclear how many of the old spin offs will be made available in the meantime to promote the support for the company I have disabled their accessibility, for now. 

Thank you so much for your understanding!  

I will still be posting funny moments from the game as well as headcanons/reactions, fanfictions, and matchups (at least try on this last one, haven’t done them before).   

Love you all!  Please take care and enjoy the old content made available!

(Also thank you to @cinnamonteaandbiscuits for making my announcement picture!)

blog update

[Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to organize things and while I still owe a starter, a couple of replies and some asks, I’m trying to track all my active threads and verses as well. I’ll be adding the missing ones soon, I hope.

So, a few things have changed but nothing major. In brief:

  • I no longer have issues with duplicates; I avoided other Araneas for some time to prevent accidental headcanon influences, but now I’m comfortable enough with the muse and everything I want to write about her. So come to me and let’s cause all sorts of chaos and mayhem, sisters!
  • Default icon changed to Charlize Theron, who has been my official faceclaim for Aranea for sometime. I’m just unhappy with anything else I found so hopefully I won’t be changing this icon anytime soon.
  • Plotted threads are reserved for mutuals only, but crack/short interactions are still welcomed and encouraged (as well as asks / submits!).
  • All AU verses moved from official verse page to another one specific for AUs. You may find them all over here.

That’s it - thank you all for your time!]


Thank you so much for 5.000 followers!

I am so happy I get to make this post, and very thankful to all of you for following me! A couple of days ago I reached this milestone, and now that I finally had the time, I decided to make this post to show my appreciation.

I am overwhelmed with all the support I’ve received since I created this blog, and really surprised by how fast it’s grown. It’s been less than three months since the blog was opened, and there’s already so many of you!

And today I am double celebrating, because the blog that runs parallel to this one, @ereri-x, has also just reached 4.000 followers!

Again, thank you so much to all of you for your trust and support. I will do my best to keep spreading the love for Eren and Levi for a long time ♡.

Beside the obvious name change from “Shit Rich College Kids Say” to “Just Some Antifas,” I would like to point out a couple new changes and some things we’d like your help on:

We’ve added a search bar to make it easier to look under certain tags. I’ve also updated our “trigger warnings” list to show all the things we tag - again to make it easier to find stuff or avoid stuff on our blog. It’s still a work in progress and if you need anything else tagged under the list and in the future let us know.

I added a link solely for “What the Fuck is Going On” News. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on it and I want to make it easier for people to go to our blog and stay updated if they want.

“What is Antifa?” is the next thing we’re going to be working on. Currently it’s just filled with placeholders and we’d like your help as we start adding info to it:

We’re going to be adding some basic information and how to get involved but we really want to collect a massive list of antifa collectives in your area with their basic information. We also want to gather a good list of antifa books and if you do zines on the subject matter we’d also like to list those and ways for people to buy your zines as well. So this is where we mainly need your help, if you have any resources that you want listed please do. Our ask box is open as well as our submit box, if you need to add more information. 

Ereri is now open!

Welcome to ereri, a blog dedicated to the Ereri & Rivaere ships, Eren and Levi individually, and the Ereri fandom in general. 

Blog Information:

  • On this blog you will find all kinds of content related to Ereri, both official (news, merchandise, translations…) and fan created (fanart, fanfiction, edits…). 
  • This is a hate-free blog: no ship hate or character hate will be allowed here, even if the hate is not against Eren, Levi, or the Ereri & Rivaere ships. This is intended to be a positive place for all Ereri shippers and supporters.
  • This blog will post and reblog only authorized content. This means only content shared directly by the creators, or posted with proper permission.
  • Although the blog’s name is Ereri, this blog supports both Ereri and Rivaere, and will post about both.
  • This blog is safe for work, but a not safe for work version has been also created and opens at the same time: it’s @ereri-x.

For more information, you can visit the blog’s info page

I hope you like the blog! (⺣◡⺣)♡.

I know a lot of you are waiting eagerly for some of my projects to complete, especially ones that I plan to sell!

To help me keep organized, I made a quick project spreadsheet that anyone can go too and see what my project workload is (the link can be found on my blog page as well)! I plan to keep it updated in real time on what I am currently working on and will list my commission workload as well!

Thank you guys for being patient with me!

We are recruiting new admins/mods to work on PhandomTwitterUpdates!

Here on PhandomTwitterUpdates, our blog has continued to grow and our current admins can no longer keep up with all of the tweets that we need to post. So if you are interested in helping us to update the phandom on all of Dan and Phil’s tweets, here is your chance!

We are looking to add 3 scheduled/normal admins and 3-6 substitute admins. The amount we need may fluctuate depending on how many good candidates we find. Before signing up, please make sure that you know about and are capable of what your preferred job will entail!

What is the difference between a scheduled admin and a substitute admin?

Scheduled Admins - are assigned one day of the week to post on, they will post on that day every week. They will post all of Dan and Phil’s tweets, twitter replies, and retweets from their assigned day of the week, on that day of the week.

Substitute Admins - are not assigned a specific day of the week. Instead, they fill in for weekly admins when they are unable to post.

All admins must be reliable, must communicate with the rest of the admins, must commit time to posting every week, and must be quick to post and communicate with the rest of the team.

What are the benefits of working on PhandomTwitterUpdates?

The perks to working on this blog include:

• Getting to work with our current admins and surely making some new friends 
• Getting to update and help the people of the phandom
• Meeting new people
• Gaining a sense of purpose and importance in the phandom
• Getting to work on one of the largest blogs in the phandom


• Your number of followers, age, timezone, and type of blog have no affect on your chances of being selected
• Your work ethic, days you can work on, availability, and overall enthusiasm are what we will be considering in our decision

How to apply:
• Reblog this post
• Turn on notifications for this blog (so you will see any updates)
Fill out this form to apply!

The deadline is April 26th

✿ EDIT: The deadline is April 28th!!!! (Friday, 4/28/17, 9pm EDT)

After the deadline we will narrow down the applicants and begin the interview process. If you are chosen, one of us will contact you via tumblr and set up a time to interview you. Interviews will be done via skype messenger (it will all be done using text/messages. No video call)

Feel free to send us an ask with any questions, comments or concerns!

We can’t wait to get to know you and we look forward to working with you!

- the admins


Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything. I know it was really crappy of me to go MIA for so long without an explanation to you guys, especially when some of you were counting on me to post on a particular day. I know I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for it, but that’s okay because I probably deserve it for disappearing without so much as a warning. But honestly, I wasn’t expecting to disappear either. Nothing horrible has happened to me - I promise that I’m okay. I think what happened was that I honestly just got really overwhelmed by work, by my home life, and by this blog.

Don’t get me wrong - you guys are all SO wonderful and supportive. I can’t believe how amazing you are to me. Which kind of makes me feel worse, because I do appreciate everything you guys have done for me. The pictures you’ve drawn, the kind and loving messages you’ve sent, all of the help I’ve gotten with the Pride Month stuff - it’s all been incredible. But I think I started to put too much pressure on myself - telling myself I absolutely had to post every video possible and if I didn’t I was somehow letting somebody down. I drove myself crazy and didn’t realize what a toll it was taking on me. And then I would get all of these beautiful messages thanking me for what I was doing, which would cause me to put even more pressure on myself and I would go into these frenzies of posting video after video. I essentially bullied myself into biting off more than I could chew because I felt like you guys were so wonderful to me and I wasn’t enough for you. I think eventually I got to a point where all of it - even the amazing support I got from you - was too much for me to handle, and I shut down. I happened to deleted the Tumblr app from my phone to make some room and have more available storage (because my phone is awful and has hardly any storage), and I suddenly felt really peaceful. All of the notifications stopped, and I felt like I could breathe. I didn’t re download the app and I didn’t check Tumblr from my desktop.

And although I do feel so guilty for shutting down and not warning anyone about it (even though I didn’t expect for it to happen either), I do think I needed (and still do need) to continue to give myself some breathing room. I’m going to resume posting things, but I’m going to go at a slow pace and not pressure myself into going on posting frenzies to try and please everyone (even though I know most of you tell me not to, I tend to be my biggest bully and make myself feel obligated to go above and beyond even when my mental health suffers because of it).

Thank you to everyone who has checked in on me in my absence and who has shown me kindness despite the fact that I dropped the ball. I really just dug myself into a hole that I’m slowly trying to climb out of. I know I’m probably being over dramatic about this, and I know a lot of you will be really kind towards me regardless, but I still feel incredibly guilty and really just wanted to give you all some kind of explanation and update about things. Once again, I’m really sorry. I have to get better about being kinder to myself, not just for my sake but for yours as well, so that way I don’t shut down like this again.

I love you all, take care ❤️

Updated my downloads page

I just noticed that I have 15 pages of downloads that people would have to go through so I did this for convenience. I know I wouldn’t sift through all those pages xD.

Check it out here and let me know if there are any problems.

New theme!  And new amazing header too <3

I loved how this theme looked on my main after all the modifications I made to it so I decided to put it here too. I find it to be much more easier to navigate and to look at. 

I hope you guys like it! I will update @ereri-x​ later as well (*^∀゚)ъ.

New Icon / Simself

This is a more accurate version of me, here is the old one that I made 2 years ago!

Between then and now- I’m 19, going in my third year of college and managed to lose 40 lbs. which I’m really proud of myself for since I failed to do it in high school.

Random fact, I dyed my hair for the first time white last Christmas but shortly shaved it all off because my hair grows fast and it’s sooo tedious to keep it from going yellow xD.