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Blog PSA: About Christmas

Christmas is getting nearer, only one more week until December! I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, and not everyone celebrates Christmas as a religious holiday. And there are also people who don’t like Christmas - for many different reasons.

But me? I LOVE Christmas. A lot. And I celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.

So what does that mean? For all of Christmas season - aka from the 1st of advent (November 29th) until the Baptism of the Lord (January 10th) I will blog about Christmas, about Christmas traditions in Austria, about the Theology and the history behind some of these traditions, also about Christmas music, cookies, kitsch, and other Christmas-y things!

This blog will not be exclusively about Christmas, but there will be Christmas posts. But, like I said, I’m aware not everyone celebrates Christmas or wants to read about it. Thus, I will tag all these posts with “Lizz talks about Christmas”, making it easier for you to block them.

You are also more than welcome to ask questions, I do have a university degree in Theology, so I know my way around difficult questions. Don’t be afraid to ask if something seems strange to you ;)

Look, if you’re gonna dis FinnRey because you ship StormPilot and try to make a metaphor on how Finn loves the Resistance and how the Resistance is actually Poe and how StormPilot is ~so canon~ and FinnRey is not, and how a romance with Poe is what Finn needs to defeat the Resistance and not Rey, don’t. Don’t do that.

I don’t care if you mention how Rey and Finn are still friends or they care for each other, you are clearly trying to start a shipping war and as a multi shipper, I do not appreciate it.

I will not reblog any posts like that.


Toru blog update:

Tour finish!
We safely won over 47 prefectures (° _ °)
More than anything, thank you to everyone who has always cheered for us

Because of everyone, it became possible to visit places all over the country
The force of everyone on our sixth side was seriously great 😮

Everyone, thank you very much for Da-iCE’s nationwide PHASE 4 🙇

Yesterday we made the release announcement of our 8th single  😦
At the same time, we announced a DVD release of our celebrated tour

This year there will be a hall tour,
Next year the Budokan

It’s because of the power of everyone representing our sixth side
We will once again thank you in the future

In Okinawa yesterday, Naoya-kun came to play with us

We were happy to see him!

I also appeared on the radio show of my friend Tatsuro from college!

Tatsuro, THANK YOU ( ‘▽ `)ノ

The feeling of Okinawa…


Last week, I hit a new tumblr milestone: 4,000 followers! I am continually stunned by the overwhelming support I receive from our wonderful fandom. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who follows me and makes my experience on this site grand.

Listed here are all the incredible blogs I follow. Each of these people is kind, talented, and very dear to me! Lots of love to you all!

Thanks to my amazing friend, Joanie, for making the stunning banners above!

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Hello AAFamily, it’s been some time I haven’t made a post over here (sorry for the absence I got a FT job now and it took me away a lot of spare time). Anyway, this year is a great one for me and I hope you guys some great memories in the past months too! The AAFamily has been stronger than ever and I’m very grateful to be part of it. 2016 is gonna be our year with the new album the boys had put lots of hard work on it and of course the tour as well! I’m looking forward to the excitements and I’m sure you’re feeling the same.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, AAFamily. Have a wonderful time and thanks for following us for another great year, cheers everyone :) - Larisa

Comic Post Update

Due to being overworked this week at my day job, along with other projects, I am going to push Friday’s comic to Saturday morning. I think that’ll suit me better since i’ve been getting very tired lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of winter or, due to me being overworked. ^^” I’ll pick the latter. 

Expect a new comic this Saturday morning, 10 am eastern standard time! 

Sota blog update:

Heya~~! !

Yesterday was the tour final in Okinawa! ! ! ! !

Ten years ago, when I was 15-years-old I had the opportunity to sing in front of everyone in my school year on a school trip in this area, and I wanted to be a singer at that time.

And yesterday, I went up to the stage and stood tall with a proud feeling in my chest when thinking of that time.

It was really fun.
The 59 performances, it was all really fun.

In the lyrics of “Every Season”

“Even when there are conditions that aren’t always good..”

As the lyrics say, there are of course both bad things and good things.
But when there are hard times prior to going on stage, it will be forgotten on the stage .
It’s a happy time to enjoy together where you don’t have to think of those things.

The next tour is a hall tour.
It will be different from our Live House Tour, and we’ll be happy if you come watch Da-iCE evolve in July! ! ! ! ! !

And Nippon Budokan next year.
I will do my best to stand proudly! ! !

[Photo caption] I’m not MURATA

The staff made me this! ! ! wahaha
Actually I;m kind of happy. wahaha

Sorry I haven’t been posting for or two? But I bought a new computer. My SAI palette and brush settings all gone haha. Things will look a bit different and wonky as I get used to drawing here so please bear with me *bows*

Ahh…I don’t think you should let Daryun close to a computer, Arslan. Not saying it’s because his VA is Hosoyan but just…I can’t see Daryun as being good with computers (he’d probably still use windows XP in 2015)

I’ve been on tumblr going on almost 6 years now and this is my first follow forever. There’s a lot of you on this list, more than I ever expected. Some of you I’ve been following for years and the majority only for the last year. Whatever the case, if we talk every week or every once and a while or haven’t spoken more than once in the last 5 years, know this: I remember each of you. I see you every day on my dash and in my notes and I smile knowing you are still here with me.

Mutuals (In no particular order!):

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I’m not really following the “rules” of a follow forever, but who cares?Here’s a short list of non-mutuals. Some that I follow but who don’t follow me, and some that I don’t follow (for one minor reason or another) but who still follow me.I’ve never actually spoken to most of you but we all share some of the same friends, gone to the same schools, and I see you in fandom and in my notifications. Some of you have gone through several changes of interest and stages of personal growth and I’m grateful to have been around to see you all grow. You’re all amazing!

Non-Mutuals(again, no order!):

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**Sorry if you got left out on the mutuals list! It’s probably because of a URL change, me falsely believing you’ve gone inactive, or the fact that it’s 4 a.m. as I make this. Please let me know!
about & F.A.Q
Hi, welcome to the “official” underswap au blog, this is where we reblog everything underswap and try to answer any au related questions as best we can. ✘ what’s underswap? It’s an alternate universe...

Hey everyone! we now have an about and f.a.q page for all the info about the au. Will be updated in the future as we figure out more details! Thanks for sticking with us!


Thank you so much for all the supportive messages in the asks and IMs that you sent me. It really made me happy to read them and I felt like I was lovingly scolded by those who really care. It really means a lot to me. I’m also keeping a screencap of them to remind myself to stop being an idiot and worry too much. Thank you for taking the time to write it <3

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I almost never get personal, but you should all be aware that I’m probably going to be somewhat quiet this week because David Bowie has passed away. That, to me, is as devastating as a death can get outside of someone from my immediate family dying. I was very close to getting compassionate leave from work, and I’m - suffice to say - emotionally compromised. I need time to collect myself. The blog isn’t going anywhere and should be back to business as usual soon, but I just wanted to explain any temporary slow down so you’re not left wondering what’s happened to me.

Stay sparkly, guys.