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don’t worry - i promise i haven’t forgotten ro!

also the scene where cassian was out in the rain having an existential crisis over whether or not he could kill galen even though he had the perfect shot because he knew it was what he needed to do as a soldier but he had already started caring about jyn and in the end he chose to be a friend and a partner instead of the soldier when he spared galen for jyn’s sake


Faerie Godmother

I was on Godmother duties today. I picked my little Haley up (thanks for letting me have her, @adoremissyro) and a day filled with fun, laughter, and adventure commenced. 

Little Hales - which is what I’ve started calling her - was the sweetest little thing ever; though she did do a lot of high pitched screaming/yelling/squealing. I’ll chalk it up to her having so much fun with me. 

We went bike riding (no she did not stay in the basket the entire time), played in the bedroom I’ve started decorating just for her, went outside (again) for a surprise scooter ride, ate tons of food and watched movies (not depicted), and lastly, when she was finally tuckered out - laid her down for bed. I enjoyed myself… and I only hope she did, too. 

Faerie Godmother Nique-Nique at your services! 

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Imagine: Sam telling you his nicknames for everybody on the team.

“Wait, hold up, you have a nickname for everybody on the team?” you asked slightly shocked to Sam, he nodded as you both sat drinking coffee in the bases kitchen, he chuckled lightly at your face “why?” you asked with a frown.

“Well, because you have Captain Small Ass” you burst out laughing “cause I am Falcon Big Butt, of course,” you continued to laugh at him “Vision is; That Guy Should Never Wear a Sweater” that made you laugh harder.  

“Tony; Little Man, Big Attitude” you could feel tears pricking at your eyes “Natasha; She Could Kill Me. Clint; Only Runs On Coffee And Determination” you snorted as Sam remained composed “together they are; Best Friends Who Kill Together, Will Probably Kill You Together

“Scott; forever Tic-Tac, he won’t ever get away from that” you nodded, still laughing at him “T’Challa; Crazy Cat Lady and Peter; Bug Spray” Sam knew how to make you laugh till you couldn’t breathe.

“Wanda: Cute Can Kill Now, Rhodey; Tony’s Impulse Control” you were gone, laughing too hard to pay attention to him, he smiled and chuckled also.

“What about Bucky?” you asked

Sam was silent for a moment “Steve’s Crazy Ex-Boyfriend” and with that, you fell out of your chair, crying with laughter.

(Hope you’re enjoying everything that is going up on the 28th & 29th so far, happy one year to the blog :D - Ro)

before i step back into hiatus world, i’d like to say one more thing, rasha zuabi is the most powerful character to ever exist within the degrassi franchise and i worry that we might not get to have time/even see the character grow into it’s full potential and it haunts me, good night