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also the scene where cassian was out in the rain having an existential crisis over whether or not he could kill galen even though he had the perfect shot because he knew it was what he needed to do as a soldier but he had already started caring about jyn and in the end he chose to be a friend and a partner instead of the soldier when he spared galen for jyn’s sake

don’t worry - i promise i haven’t forgotten ro!

You can choose to keep your abusers name

You are absolutely entitled to choose to keep your biological family name if your parents abused you. Whether you still consider them family or not you could have any number of reasons to keep their surname, and as a victim that is your choice.

But Sanji has not made that choice. Sanji has called himself just “Sanji” for 13 years. Sanji has always introduced himself as Sanji. The only time he has ever called himself a Vinsmoke is when lying, canonically lying, about wanting to marry Pudding and be a prince and not caring about the crew. Sanji does not consider himself a Vinsmoke. He may not have outright said this yet but he has made it abundantly clear that he has no intention of identifying with that name and only “chose” to when one of the most important people in his life was being held hostage and he wanted to persuade his friends to not get involved, thus lied and pretended to be everything that he isn’t to try to turn them away.

This is not interpretation. This is not a headcanon. Sanji canonly hates the Vinsmokes. Sanji canonly has never referred to himself as a Vinsmoke apart from when choosing to give up on all his freedom and pretend to be a cruel nasty prince, which he canonly isn’t, when given no other choice other than to let his loved ones die.

Sanji does not identify in any way with the name Vinsmoke.

Sanji is not a Vinsmoke.

This is canon.

“Sanji doesn’t mind the name, it'a just a name to him he’s alright with being called it” is not a ~valid interpretation~

Stop calling him a fucking Vinsmoke

right now the impression rogue one gave me is that it was a more “realistic story” if something like this is possible in a universe with space monks and laser swords. it’s clear intention is to show a different side of the rebellion, a more rough and tough side, cause of course it’s a war. don’t let the cool jedi characters or aliens or jokes fool you into thinking people aren’t out there literally giving their lives for a cause, for hope they won’t have to live in a fascist government, and their children too. rogue one is brutal, it doesn’t get any soft for your confort; the characters have their flaws and their stories - so different yet they converge into something good: the rogue one team. they’re there because that’s the only thing they have, because they want to help, because they want to have a second chance, because they believe in something with such faith that they’re willing to risk their lives for it. everytime they did a reference to something i jumped outta my seat of excitement, it felt so good to feel like i’m in the star wars universe again (not that TFA didnt do it, its cuz its been a long time) and i loved the characters and got attached to them and got so fucking sad everytime someone died. yet, i couldn’t help but to feel proud of  them. they helped save, everyone in their own way, millions and millions of lives. they’re the biggest mf heroes i’ve seen this year. rogue one is a reminder that war demands sacrifice, that isn’t something 100% always right, that we don’t need to go that far to see something like this - we live in a planet where there’s war in a lot of places. even tho i’m devastated they died, i feel warm inside somehow. anyways this movie got me fuckin emotional and i’m back in star wars hell