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Light Blue Short Sleeve Twopiece

*Im so in love with this! I am even wearing it @ this moment because Im gonna go to celebrate my friend’s big day. This is awesome & I really feel so cool in this outfit! comfy & trendy look! <3 



how do you feel about popular blogs that get sponsored? does it matter who the sponsor is? there’s so many that tied up in that diet pill scam stuff, blogs have been deleted for it as well. we live in such a capitalist hell of striving to survive that anything we do feels pushed into monetization. filming yourself taking a shit can get you paid if you’re popular enough.

there’s the arguments like it’s people’s money and they choose what they do with it etc. and yeah, it’s their blogs so unfollow if you don’t want to view but how do you feel about companies pushing their way into sponsoring everyday life? does it matter to you?

⚠️ PSA ⚠️

Hey guys, I have noticed that there is a blog for the “ring movie” (you know, that horror movie) and because it is a sponsored blog, some of its posts will be transferred into your likes.

So if you’re going through your likes, be careful as there might be (body-)horror gifs from that blog which you never liked in the first place.

Guys - tumblr as a default allows on-blog advertising; this includes sponsored posts appearing in your blog’s feed in the same way as the main dash. I noticed this in the morning when browsing some of your blogs and was surprised to see that my own settings needed an update too.

I feel quite naive for having not noticed this previously and I highly recommend going to your settings and checking your own on-blog advertisement status using the option highlighted above. 

Thanks @inrumford for the heads up!


Amino Communities is an app where you can join communities based on your favorite things. They have communities dedicated to book series, TV shows, movies series, celebrities, music, art, baking, photography, fanfiction, etc. All types of fandoms.

You can follow me on Otome Amino, where the conversation includes Voltage games and Mystic Messenger, my username is Ota’s Babe. Hope to see you there! Message me and let me know you’re from tumblr!

(Btw, this blog is not sponsored.)

sheronm replied to your post “Does anyone else occasionally find themselves following tumblrs that…”

Do you actually have it in your list of people you follow, or is it just an account that shows up on your dashboard that you cannot block? I have several accounts like that which just show up and even if I block the person still show on my dashboard. And the posts are all promotions for something, which makes me think it’s tumblr being sneaky about advertising.

No, this is just blogs that show up on the dash like normal blogs you follow, and can be unfollowed like normal, as if I had clicked follow except I DON’T REMEMBER DOING SO. I think the “accidentally clicked it on mobile” explanation is very likely, though.

I don’t see sponsored blogs at all; adblock seems to get rid of them. In general the only content on my dash is stuff I want there.

…. for the most part. While I’m complaining anyway, I do wish that Tumblr had an equivalent of that thing on Facebook where you can hide certain posts without unfollowing someone. There are times when people reblog things that I really don’t want to see, but I don’t want to unfollow the person entirely; I just don’t want a picture of, like, rimming fanart for a pairing I don’t ship in the middle of my feed. XD

Harry Potter Characters on Social Media

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy on Facebook and making loads of sassy aimed posts

Luna Lovegood on Tumblr and making her own wacky themes and talking about Wrackspurts

Ginny Potter having a Twitter account with thousands of followers and doing #AskThePotters and subtweeting Pansy Parkinson

Luna Lovegood on Pinterest pinning all the creative things Muggles have come up with and adding magical touches to them

Neville Longbottom being the absolute worst for typos on Twitter and getting excited over new plants he’s discovered

Dennis Creevey having a photography blog sponsored by the Daily Prophet and writing lots of news stories about Dumbledore’s Army

Ron Weasley being bullied by Hermione into making a Facebook and barely going on it until he found out that Rose Weasley was friends with Scorpius Malfoy

I understand the disdain some people on this site have for companies that try, clumsily, to harness memes for advertising purposes

but on the other hand there is no way that the Tumblr Meme Hipster Authority will ever concede that Corporate Tumblr is Doing Memes Right

which means that as the sponsored blogs get more adept at meme use the shitposters will perpetually develop more convoluted and surreal standards of meme and I just don’t know how sustainable that sort of arms race really is

I am frightened