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NICEY IMPOSTOR! SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE TO NICEY’S FRIENDS, VIEWERS, AND ANYONE ELSE! PROOF GIVEN BY THE REAL NICEY! is NOT Nicey. She isn’t back yet, and you have proof right above. This.. “Nicey”.. is an impostor.

They sent death threats, hate, and just clearly aren’t Nicey herself. I called them out, and before I could send the screenshot proof by NICEY HERSELF to the impostor, I have realized they blocked me because I know they aren’t her.

THIS IS IMPORTANT. As you see, the real Nicey verified this is an impostor.

Send this to those who know Nicey! Do not follow or give praise to them, THIS IS NOT NICEY! Block and report them, and reblog the HELL out of this! Be sure to tag people who know Nicey! Imma tag a few friends to start off!

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Now lets get that impostor taken DOWN!

Hey look, it’s something that’s not a shitty doodle and actually drawn with consideration-

JK guys, but thank you SOOOO much for all the support you’ve guys have been giving me!!!! I really appreciate it -3-

SO- as a thank you- I drew @blog-sockydraw !

I REALLY liked how this turned out ^u^

Hope ya enjoy the gift, and if people want me to keep making works like this, let me know!



I just had to draw some of mah girls because theyre all precious and deserve love (the ones i havent drawn will be getting some later, but my wrist is hurting so whatever).

So @blog-sockydraw, @theniceprincess-tnp-revived, @reborn-nerd, @ihaileysenpai and @pony-broni! I love all of you and you’re all my inspiration; keep being amazing!

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ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This is the Amazing Person Award Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and outside!!


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Without you guys I just don’t know how I’d keep going on with Tumblr, keep striving for the stars above and when you think you won’t reach them let your friends become your wings and fly for your goals

Shoutouts to them(GO FOLLOW THEM!)

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There’s too much for me to put in a single thing…but these people are all awesome and deserves a lot more followers!


Oh lookie here! @chicamania28 is back and hating on my gal, @blog-sockydraw

Hey Chicamania, good job with hiding behind the anonymous option, which you claimed to have got rid of.

But here’s the thing, you disappointed me, you said that you would be back and I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you would get some common sense and be a better person.

You have failed to do so, and now you are one of the few people that I am not fond of and very much dislike.

People can ask anonymously on their own blog, so this could very much be you answering questions that you sent yourself.

No longer come to my blog for attention, I blocked your IP address in anonymous mode, so do not even try to seek sympathy from me or my buds. I don’t want to expose them to anymore of your attention seeking games.

Buds, please be aware that this person is unkind and exposing toxic qualities. So please do not give them the attention they seek, even if it’s bad. Just block her and stop her.

Another thank you...

To @thebbros, @theinkybros, @bendybabies, @ihaileysenpai, @theniceprincess-tnp, @blog-sockydraw, @ask-the-hunter-cartoon-crew, @thecupkingdom, M.S, and my followers. All I want to say is Thank you, Thank you for making my life happy again. You see about a year ago, my life wasn’t how I expect it, you can say it like I was in a deep dark hole with chains and can’t escape. My family got into a lot of fights, I lost all my friends, and I was always scared of my family (because I thought if I make a mistake it will start a fight). I stopped being me, I didn’t smile or laugh anymore, I stopped spending time with my family, and I was alone. Until I got Tumblr and met you guys. You were the keys to set me free from my black hole to the light. Your guys art is amazing and it inspired me to make a blog and try more harder on my drawing. @ihaileysenpai and @theniceprincess-tnp, your videos are amazing and made me laugh and smile again. And the others, you made me smile all the time when I see your art. And @thebbros, to be honest she was the one to inspire me to be on tumblr, draw, and more importantly met you guys. If she is reading this, I’m sorry for my past mistake, and I promise it won’t happen again and bother you anymore. The reason I did it is because I wanted you to see my oc and perhaps add her/them to your amazing story, that’s all I’m wanting (four pictures not one). But, I will be patient to see what you say. Again thank you all, I am grateful that God created you all. 😊

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This needs to be said for the AMAZING artist I’ve met (Sorry if I forget a couple)

@inkdice-101 @imfandomtrashokay @that-inky-demon @watermelonpita @rainbow-blossom247 @thebbros @yeagart @i-draw-andstuff @pishposh-habberdash @phoenixmeeka @askfriskandcompany @scisetdiary @amarisdemon @crazyandcuteartist @kitty-chan17985 @bonnie-bombay @blog-sockydraw @azuly123toon @blogoftheholycoffeegoddess @xx-angiegirl-xx @zeminizippy @zeldrith @very-kawaii @stressaurus @nvart1 @nastyathecutecat3 @mim-101 @melodystarluvsmusic @trojixlegion @beta10 @atoy1234ihrs @lunadulceneko @inudathefox @mythical-things @kekedevil25 @kittykat-draws-stuff @askthepets14 @askthebaileysibs

You guys are AMAZING keep up the good work